Wrath of the Pharaoh

Pharaoh, Anubis




Gender Sign - MaleMale

Soul Type

Human Soul Human
Kishin Soul Kishin Egg anime-only



Special Abilities
Professional Data



Pyramid of Anubis

Real World Information

Jōji Nakata
Brian MathisEnglish

Manga Debut

"Death the Kid"

Anime Debut

The Perfect Boy. Death the Kid’s Magnificent Mission?

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The Wrath of the Pharaoh (ファラオの怒り, Farao no Ikari) is the evil spirit of an ancient pharaoh inhabiting the Pyramid of Anubis.


Not much is known about the Pharaoh's personality. He did, however, not like it when his subjects were led by others. He also seems to be perverted, as he pulled Liz and Patty's clothes apart and off when he captured them.


The Pharaoh's whole body is mummified, thus covered in bandages. One of his hands is shaped like a hammer. Although he has no legs, he does have a worm-like rear. He sports a golden lower garment with black stripes. He seems to have a separate model head attatched to one side, sporting black hair and red eyes. His face is oval-shaped and has three golden spikes coming off of it. The Pharaoh holds a striped cane-like object in his mouth. He possesses only one eye and on his forehead is a small disc with a smiling face design.  

Powers & Abilities

Bandage Manipulation

Pharaoh has shown the ability to manipulate his bandages into a number of forms to attack or restrain his opponents. His bandages can also absorb powers of weapons, preventing them from assuming their weapon forms for as long as they are in contact with them.

Soul Eater

Prologues Arc

"Death the Kid"

He was resurrected by the necromancer witch Samantha, but devoured her out of anger for trifling with the souls of his people. He captured the weapons Liz and Patty Thompson, who had collected his people's souls in the absence of their meister partner, Death the Kid. When Kid returned, the Pharaoh attacked him from his sarcophagus. Kid did nothing to defend himself, as his obsession with symmetry prevented him from destroying the Pharaoh's perfectly symmetrical coffin. After brutally beating Kid, the Pharaoh emerged from his sarcophagus to finish him off personally, revealing his true, mummified, and horrendously asymmetrical form. Seeing this, Kid immediately recovered and obliterated the Pharaoh, leaving nothing but the decorative circle on his forehead, which was the only symmetrical part of his body.


  • The icon at the center of the Pharaoh's head is actually the emblem for Atsushi Ōkubo's earlier manga series, B. Ichi.
  • The Wrath of the Pharaoh may be a reference to the legendary Curse of the pharaohs, made popular by Tutankhamun.
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