A fearsome giant that makes his home in the forests (possibly of Africa), the Wrath Giant (ラースジャイアント Raasu Jaianto in Japanese) is renowned for his destructive temper. However, despite this, he is actually not evil, and has shown to be rather friendly towards some humans, making him one of the few non-evil monsters in the Soul Eater series. Kirikou, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, Ox and Harvar choose to go on a mission to stop one of the Wrath Giant's many rampages, but end up befriending him in the end.


A gigantic hulking human with long arms and slightly stubby legs, the Wrath Giant is almost three times bigger than the average human. His strength is emphasised through his large thick muscles. His complexion makes up of a head that is almost as thick as his neck, a stubby nose, glaring eyes and a wide mouth set with square teeth. The only piece of clothing he wears is a loincloth tied up with a patterned strap. The little hair that he has is tied up into a short braided ponytail.


Come on, Giant!! Hit us with all the rage you've got!!

Kirikou Rung, Chapter 44

As its name implies, the Wrath Giant is very angry and short-tempered by nature, and often goes on rampages when something makes him angry, which can be almost anything. His destructiveness is so devastating, that it causes even DWMA to be concerned for people's safety when the Giant is on one of his rampages, sending various students to deal with the problem. He exhibits characteristics of a primal or tribal kind, probably due to him making his home in the wilderness away from civilization.

However, the Giant is not evil, just angry by nature. Apart from that, it can be friendly towards humans. In fact, if he is confronted by people that show great determination and courage in standing up to him, the Giant is impressed by their strength of will and he will calm down and offers them his friendship. This new friendship between the people and the giant is usually signified by them all dancing completely naked around a large bonfire.

The Giant also seems to have an affiliation to music, as Kirikou states that whilst on his mission to stop the Giant, he came across a strange drum that resembled a talking drum, an instrument of African origin.


Strength: Although not demonstrated in the manga, the Wrath Giant's powerful muscles and his large size obviously indicate that he is capable of great acts of strength. The fact that his rampages reach DWMA's concerns is further proof of his capacity to destroy things when in a rage.


Although the Wrath Giant is feared by the victims of its anger, the Giant himself is known to befriend some spirited individuals whose strong-heartedness is enough to impress him.

Kirikou, Ox, Harvar, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder
Kirikou, Ox and their partners decide to all go and confront the Wrath Giant. Although the Giant is hostile and threatening towards them at first, after a stand-off, he recognizes their strength of heart, and befriends them all, and they all end up dancing around a bonfire naked.


The ClownEdit

Whilst choosing a team mission to go on at DWMA, Kirikou is suggested a mission from Soul to 'Silence the raging giant, the Wrath Giant, with your fists.' Seeing Ox's determination even after being recently rejected by Kim again, Kirikou gives Ox an offer to go and take down the Wrath Giant. The two then go and confront the Giant with their partners.


Soul Eater 44 - Ox and Kilik party with the Wrath Giant

The DWMA students party naked with The Wrath Giant.

Maka and Soul, after defeating the Clown, arrive back to DWMA to see Kirikou, Ox and their partners all shirtless. When they ask them on this, Kirikou and Ox explains how they at first, went up to go and 'talk with their fists' with the Giant, whilst Harvar, Fire and Thunder sat and watched. Although there were plenty of determination on both sides, in the end, they all ended up dancing naked around a bonfire. Soul expresses his wishes to have gone with Kirikou instead as their mission sounded a lot more fun than his and Maka's.


  • The Wrath Giant was one of the monsters Atsushi Ohkubo designed in the Square Enix strategy card game, Lord of Vermilion, along with Anubis. The Wrath Giant in the Soul Eater series is probably a reference to that monster.

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