Soul Eater Chapter 113 - A new world

The World of Soul Eater is an expansive universe boarding on the surreal and abstract or the mild and normal. Multiple countries appear on what is presumed to be planet Earth as the backdrops for a magnitude of events in the franchise. Realistic fictional locations are also embedded with the World such as the the DWMA, or completely fictitious realms like that of the Witches' Realm.

North AmericaEdit

This continent is supervised by the Death Scythe Spirit Albarn on behalf of the DWMA.

Death City: Located in Nevada, United States, this location is the primary setting for Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! Founded by Death 800 years ago when he trapped Asura underground and rooted his soul permanently to prevent this Kishin's escape, the city receives funding from around the world to fund the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where meisters and weapons learn how to control their abilities to live in the average world and to maintain the balance between good and evil. From the Academy, Death monitors global affairs from the Death Room.

Maka Albarn and most of the main characters attend classes in Class Crescent Moon. The main characters of both Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! live here, with Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters living in Gallows Mansion. Franken Stein administers medical aid at the Academy as well as from his home at Tsugihagi Research Laboratory. The local cemetery is Hook Cemetery.

Other notable locations include Chupa♡Cabra's, a cabaret managed by the witches Taruho Firefly and Tabasa Butterfly and frequented by the Death Scythe Spirit Albarn, and Deathbucks Café, where many N.O.T. students work and relax. In the anime, Death City is also home to Joe Buttataki's favorite café, Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee.

Lost Island: Located in Alaska, this island was a facility for the sorcerer Eibon's research until an explosion 800 years ago created a magnetic vortex, whose proximity to any living entities could tear their bodies apart. 800 years ago this island housed Eibon's facility for researching demon tools, culminating with the creation of Brew and the plans for combining a witch's soul with a human and a weapon to form Demon Weapons. When both witches and Death learned of Brew's volatility, the witches escaped, with Arachne stealing Eibon's blueprints, and Brew seemingly lost in the explosion. However, Arachne had actually hidden Brew within Lost Island, knowing that powerful demon tool would survive the explosion. When Arachne resurrected, she pursued Lost Island for Brew, and the DWMA sent its soldiers to oppose her organization Arachnophobia's attempt to capture the demon tool. However, both parties lost Brew to Medusa, who sent Eruka and Mizune to swap the demon tool with a fake that was retrieved by Mosquito.

New York: This city is home to Brooklyn, where Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson led a life of crime as the "Brooklyn Devils." On the path to becoming Kishins, the Thompsons were arrested by Death the Kid, who put the two on probation in Death City until becoming their meister. In the anime, Excalibur claims to have spent time in this city. The docks in Excalibur's story resemble those during Black☆Star's mission to assassinate Al Caponein the anime, suggesting Capone may be based from New York as well.

California: Excalibur is known to sing praise of this part of the United States, where in the anime he accompanied his lost love Catharine to Mulholland Drive.

South AmericaEdit

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Monitored by the Death Scythe Tezca Tlipoca and his meister Enrique on behalf of the DWMA, South America is home to numerous opponents against the DWMA and important battles in the manga and the anime.

Amazon basin: This tropical rain forest hides many dangers, including Arachnophobia and the mutated plants and animals it spawned from the witch Arachne's magical pollution, such as the Squid(?). In the anime, it is in the Amazon where the Death City Robot fights the Baba Yaga Castle Robot, and Maka Albarn defeats Asura.

Baba Yaga Castle: Hidden in a ravine underneath the Amazon basin, this castle is the headquarters for Arachne's organization Arachnophobia. It housed numerous demon tools and experiments, as well as members of Arachnophobia including Mosquito, Giriko, Mifune, Angela Leon, and Noah. Once the DWMA defeated Arachnophobia, the castle was deserted.


Western Europe was supervised by the Death Scythe Justin Law on behalf of the DWMA before his defection to Asura, and Eastern Europe was supervised by the Death Scythe Tsar Pushka and his meister Feodor before they were reduced to their souls within Black Blood orbs.

Italy: The church Santa Maria Novella Basilica in Florence was the location where Maka Albarn and Soul Eater first encountered Crona, whose attack would infect Soul with the Black Blood. After Crona became a Kishin, Maka tracked them back to Santa Maria before Crona escaped for the Moon. In the anime, Excalibur claims he accompanied Arthur to Rome in the twelfth century to do battle.

The Eternal Cave: Located in the United Kingdom, this cavern is hidden among rocky flats and waterfalls, although the anime shows it once had meadows surrounding it. The cavern is home to Excalibur, whose annoyance drove away all but one fairy that used to occupy this cavern. The presence of these fairies once caused flowers to bloom in this setting. The Eternal Cave was visited by Arthur, who removed Excalibur from his stone base and used him in battle.

Yngling Residence: Coming from the royal Yngling family, Princess Anastasia Yngling resides here with her parents when not attending classes at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

London: Following Soul Eater's infection with Black Blood and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa gaining the Uncanny Sword mode, they joined Maka Albarn and Black☆Star on London Bridge to fight the recently escaped werewolf Free. Although the battle was made difficult by Black☆Star overwhelmed by the Uncanny Sword and Maka struggling to resonate with Soul, Free's difficulty acclimating himself to his abilities after such a long imprisonment did help the meisters in their battle. In the anime, London was where Excalibur claims he assisted Sherlock Holmes in investigating a murder.

Baltic Sea: Enclosed by Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and the North European plain, this sea is the location where the Flying Dutchman sailed his ghost ship, the Nidhogg, consuming coastal villages whole, gathering villagers' souls to feed to the Kishin. After Crona attacked the Flying Dutchman, consumed all of its bodiless souls, and destroyed the ship, the Flying Dutchman left for Russia.

Czech Republic: This nation is home to Loew Village, where, 800 years ago, the witch Arachne escaped Death, housing her soul within the Oldest Golem and dividing her body in spiders. Loew Village is home to Enchanters including Arachne's assistant Giriko. After Arachne paralyzed Maka Albarn during her mission to investigate madness possessing local golems, Arachne escaped with Giriko, met by Mosquito who took them to Baba Yaga Castle in South America's Amazon basin.

Ukraine: After perfecting the Black Blood into Mad Blood, Crona escapes Moscow for Ukraine, encasing an entire city in an orb of Black Blood. Justin Law and his Clown follow the trail of madness to this location, where they encounter and seem to execute Tezca Tlipoca.


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As a nation crossing Europe and Asia, Russia contains many locations important to the Soul Eater series.

Borscht Seven Factory and its Nidhogg Monster Factory: After the destruction of the ghost ship Nidhogg, the Flying Dutchman established this factory in the abandoned Borscht Seven Factory to make Asura's Madness of Fear incarnate in the form of Clowns. One clown later served as a partner to the defected Death Scythe Justin Law. After Maka Albarn and Soul Eater killed one clown, Blair tricked the Flying Dutchman to press the factory's self-destruct button, destroying the facility.

Moscow: After Crona sealed Tsar Pushka and Feodor into Black Blood orbs, the DWMA members moved these remains to a sealed room while waiting for Maka Albarn and Kim Diehl to reverse the effects of Madness. However, the proximity to the Black Blood influenced the effects of Madness upon Soul Eater, causing him to momentarily lose control and attack his allies.


Africa is supervised by the Death Scythe Dengu Dinga and his meister Alexandre on behalf of the DWMA. This continent is the site of numerous missions by the Thompson Sisters and their meisters Death the Kid and Kilik Rung.

Egypt: In this arid nation, the witch Samantha produced mummies from the dead in the Pyramid Anubis, prompting Death to send Death the Kid to assassinate her. With the Thompson sisters, Kid killed all mummies as well as the Wrath of the Pharaoh but inadvertently destroyed the Pyramid. Egypt is also home to the Sahara Desert, which is serviced by the Runaway Express, a locomotive that runs without tracks along the sky and through the air thanks to Eibon's demon tool the Eternal Spring.

Libya: Medusa Gorgon conducted her research on the Black Blood in a laboratory she housed in an abandoned building in this nation. Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus located the facility and learned of her plans to use the Eve Anniversary Party as a distraction to trap Death and resurrect the Kishin. The laboratory was destroyed, with Sid and Mira inside, due to Tadpole Bombs left by Eruka Frog as a trap. However, Sid and Mira survived and were able to warn Stein and his students to pursue a mission, albeit a failed one, to prevent Medusa from resurrecting the Kishin. As part of the Sahara Desert is in Libya, it is possible that the Runaway Express serves both Egypt and Libya.

Central Africa: At some point, Medusa Gorgon established at least one laboratory underground in a town, successfully creating the artificial Black Clown to resonate with Crona. The effects of Medusa's research possessed local residents, who attacked the the DWMA meister Kilik Rung during his investigation of Medusa's laboratory.


East Asia is supervised by the Death Scythe Azusa Yumi on behalf of the DWMA, and Western Asia is supervised by the Death Scythe Jinn Galland and his meister Zubaidah.

Village of Shin: Also known as Needle Village, this community puts spikes across its roofs to deter the frequent thieves that venture through the village. As a suspicious community familiar with the Star Clan, they attempt to drive out Black☆Star during his mission to find the Uncanny Sword. However, the fear of theft within the village is what attracts Masamune Nakatsukasa to attempt to eat villagers' souls. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa assassinates her brother, but the villagers drive away she and her meister regardless.

China: This nation is home to the Great Wall Of China (as seen in the anime from Episode 40).

Nationality - Japan

The Symbol of Japan

Japan: The country of Japan is the home of Tsugumi Harudori and clans such as the Nakatsukasa and the Star Clan. Maka Albarn is Japanese as well. After struggling to use the Uncanny Sword, Black☆Star accompanies Tsubaki to her family's residence in Japan.


Monitored by the Death Scythe Marie Mjolnir, then by Azusa Yumi upon Marie's reassignment to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Oceania includes Australia, where Joe Buttataki managed an intelligence agency to remove moles from the DWMA.


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The southernmost continent on Earth, Antarctica seems to lack any Death Scythe in charge of the region. In the anime it serves as one of many locations where Arachnophobia houses its Madness Relay base devices.

Other LocationsEdit

The Moon: This suborbital satellite is within the Earth's atmosphere, clouds passing behind and ahead of the Moon. The Moon is also where Asura hides after his escape from Death City and therefore the site of Asura's war against the DWMA, Noah's party, the witches, and Crona.

The Sun: Like the Moon, this star seems to be within the Earth's atmosphere. While no events take place on the Sun, it acts like a character within Soul Eater, consistently laughing except when it grows tired at sunset or, in the anime, frightened by the return of Medusa Gorgon.

Witch's Realm: This realm is a hidden location where witches hide from attacks by the DWMA. It houses a courtroom to try crimes and cases of treason and a prison for housing criminals such as Free.

Death Room Mirror Realm: Death suggests that the inside of his mirror which he occupies is its own space, although it is still as subject to spatial barrier spells such as the Independent Cube as any physical space.[1]

The Book of Eibon: Within this volume, said to be Eibon himself in terms of his body of knowledge, are seven chapters each representative of one of the Seven Deadly Sins: the genderbending Lust Chapter, the restaurant-filled Gluttony Chapter, the malleable Envy Chapter, the fiery Wrath Chapter, the luxuriant Pride Chapter, the furniture-filled Sloth Chapter, and the money-raining Greed Chapter. The Book also contains a Hidden Section imprisoning the Great Old One of Power. The Table of Contents controls passage between the chapters, and The Table of Contents extends its own influence through various Icons that assume the form of Noah. Entrance into the Book is directed by Noah or attainable through Spatial Magic conducted upon the DWMA's manuscript of the Book.

Demon Cinder Castle: Upon saving the child witch Angela Leon from capture by numerous crime organizations, Mifune hid her at this abandoned castle. After being attacked by Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa,[2] then forcefully recruited into Arachnophobia, Mifune and Angela abandoned the location. It appears to be in a mountainous location.

Noah's Headquarters: The Greed iteration of Noah located himself in an abandoned building with stained glass, looking similar to a church. Tezca Tlipoca tracked Noah's associate Justin Law to this location, where the DWMA killed the Greed version of Noah but could not prevent Gopher from escaping with the Book of Eibon.

Atlantis: This city sunk into the Atlantic Ocean, likely as a result of spreading madness.

Atsushi-Ya: This bar appears in side stories in Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! where an author avatar for series creator Atsushi Ōkubo provides refuge for the insane and disheartened to take a break from it all.

Sarcophagus: This city appears only in the anime as Eibon's location to house himself in the form of a key. Guarded by mechanical Clowns, the city was too dangerous for any humans to enter, the entire population dying out. Death the Kid entered alone so not to risk the lives of Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson, yet the late arrival of the sisters into the city despite the danger saved Kid's life and allowed him to retrieve the key.


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