Witches' Realm
Witches' Realm
Anime  Manga
Witch's Realm (Anime)
Name Witches' Realm
Alternate title(s) Realm of the Witches
Organization Data
Location Earth
Controlled by Witch Order icon Witch Order
Debut Data
Manga Debut Chapter 9
Anime Debut Episode 12

The Realm of the Witches is a dimension separate from the main world by Maba's Spatial Magic. The majority of the witches have chosen to reside here. Only a witch can open a portal to this world.[1]


The Witches' Realm appears to have a dark and somewhat glum atmosphere, being covered in various buildings in disrepair, though it follows various witch themes. In the background, a large castle can be seen. It also appears that, in the dimension, it is frequently in the night.

Key Locations

Dark Forest

Witch Realm Dark Forest

The Dark Forest

The Witches' Realm seems to be surrounded by a forest. The trees within the forest are dead and it keeps true to the glum atmosphere seen in the dimension. It also seems to be covered in snow. Whether or not this is because the realm also had its own seasons is unknown.

Witch Jail

Main Article: Witch Jail
Crop2 (2)

Witch Prison cells

Located within a deep, dark forest somewhere in the Witch's Realm is where the Witch Prison resides in. Those who have broken laws made in the Witch's Realm are sent here to serve their sentence.

Witch Courtroom

Soul Eater Chapter 98 - Witch Courtroom

Kid and witches held for trial

Witch trials are held inside an undisclosed courtroom within the Witch's Realm. The ceiling appears to be based upon spider webs, with various animals, caged or not, inside the room as well. Being a court, there are seating on both sides and a judge's panel in front. Maba, when participating in a trial, takes a seat on the judge's right side. However, it is seen that the back part of the courtroom has no roof, with the walls in serious disrepair.


  • The 'butt writing' required to open the portal to the realm requires the youngest witch to use her hips to write 'Majo' (まじょ), or 'witch', in hiragana with her hips.


  1. Soul Eater Manga; Chapter 99

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