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Name Witch
Romanji Majo
Katakana 魔女
Alternate Sorceress
Fifth Power[1]
Debut Data
Manga Debut Chapter 0.1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Game Debut

A Witch (魔女, Majo) is a powerful, humanoid female being who is a powerful manipulator of magic.[2]



The appearance of a witch varies, though they generally look human-like and are female.[3] However, some witches can have an appearance based on distinct, animal-like qualities of their known animal theme.[4] The soul of a witch is ordinarily colored with a purple hue.[5] However, witches like Shaula Gorgon may show that this isn't always the case.[6] The Soul Wavelength of a witch is also distinguishable, though this cannot be physically seen.[4]


To make use of certain spells, most commonly when they are initially demonstrated within the series, numerous witches (and other beings capable of using magic) perform a specific mantra or chant preceding the statement of the desired ability. Each witch has their own unique phrasing that often pertains exclusively to their respective animal theme; for example Medusa Gorgon's mantra comprises entirely of words relating to her theme of snakes, being "Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobabara". However, despite the various instances that follow this magic casting system, it is apparently not a requirement for all witches as both Arachne and Mizune are notable for the absence of any such statement, even though both have used magic multiple times throughout the series.[7]

Pull of Magic

Main article: Pull of Magic


The Witches' control spread further in the past. However, the DWMA's efforts have caused the Witches to later lose the upper-hand for a long time and as a result, have made them shunned and resorted to being trapped in an isolated space: the Witches' Realm.[8]

To Witches

It seems that the general population of people and even general members of the DWMA hold a Witch to a low opinion, with young witches such as Kim Diehl fearing her status as a witch would cause her to be hunted by the DWMA.[9] In addition, it was shown that even a DWMA security guard is uncomfortable with Kim, despite her status of being a student of the academy.[9] Even Death Gods, like Death the Kid, recognize them as DWMA's eternal enemies[10] and Death is not completely trusting of them.[11]

However, despite this discrimination, higher-ups and high-ranking members in the DWMA are willing to look past this.[9] In addition, even Death himself admitted that the creation of the Demon Weapons was inhumane for the Witches and actually didn't want to perform the experiment to create them, which requires the sacrifice of Witches.[12] After the battle on the Moon, Death the Kid sought to improve relation between Witches and Humans alike.[13]

From Witches

However, it's not to say the Witches aren't discriminatory themselves. Although the general witch seemingly is afraid of a God of Death due to their power,[14] the Witch Judge and the assembly consider the being of a Death God to be a crime and outrageously even convicted Death the Kid a sentencing of "one million" for simply being one. They also consider befriending a Death Scythe to be a crime punishable by death.[15]

However, this sort of discrimination comes from the older generation of witches, with Eruka Frog stating that she doesn't think younger witches are ruled by the "clinging web of hatred".[8]

Witch Hunts

Chapter 62 - Soul Evans eating Arachne's soul

Arachne's soul eaten by Soul Eater.

Occasionally, the souls of Witches are hunted. This is a requirement to create a Death Scythe due to the fact that Demon Weapons are in an "incomplete" form without the witch souls and because of that, it is needed for them to become "true demon weapons".[16] Although Witches can be hunted for this reason, Witches can also be hunted for causing trouble.[17]

However, Witches who cause trouble to DWMA or are authorized by Death to receive an Execution Order are officially authorized to be hunted after,[17] such as the Gorgon Sisters, all three of whom had attracted the attention of the DWMA and for one member, even the DWMA CIA.

Types of Witches

In addition to this, there's a classification which classifies a type of Witch and their capability:

  • Tankui Witch (タヌキの魔女, Tanuki no Majo): Tanuki Witches are Witches who's themes are that of a tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog. Tanuki are known to be "Masters of Regeneration" and as such, Tanuki Witches are users of Regeneration Magic. These Witches are looked down upon by the Witch Order due to the lacking of Pull of Magic. Kimial Diehl is the only known Tanuki Witch.[18]
  • Necromancer (死霊使い, Nekuromansā): A Witch who specializes in reviving the dead as Mummies. Only Samantha is a known Necromancer.[19]
  • Short-Range Witch (近距離型魔女, Kinkyori-Gata Majo): A short-range witch is the type of Witch whose spells and specialty revolves around the usage of close combat and are known to be formidable. Only Medusa Gorgon is a known, confirmed Short-Range Witch.[20]


Soul Eater Episode 3 HD - Samantha prepares necromancy

A Witch performing Magic.

Witches have the normal ability to manipulate supernatural forces, utilize magic and cast spells. Many of their spells depend on their animal theme, personality, and traits, though some magic can be learned.Witches also appear to have incredibly long life spans.[21] In addition, although it is unlikely for a witch to partner with a weapon due to strife between them and the DWMA, it is feasible for a witch to use a weapon. Kimial Diehl, for example, is a Lamp Meister. However, it seems that witches are unable to possess certain meister abilities like Soul Perception.[22]


Techniques originating from the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister such as the Witch-Hunt are moves tailored to kill Witches, especially those evil.[23] When captured, Witches are also gagged to prevent the usage of spells especially those who require chants or are already under Soul Protect.[24] When forcing Witches to cooperate, the DWMA also employs the usage of a special Collar in which is set to explode and kill the wearer should they try anything against the DWMA's wishes.[25]

List of Witches


  • In the Yen Press English translation, Tezca Tlipoca refers to a "Fifth Power," later revealed to be the witches.[1] A fifth power, or "quintessence," may refer to the Fifth Element or the Aether, an element beyond the conventional four: air, fire, earth, and water. The quintessence also may refer to a hypothetical form of dark energy.[26] Based on witches' closeness to dark magic and their operation outside of a normal world, Tezca's potentially unintentional comparison of witches to the Aether and Dark Energy is apt.


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