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Witch-Hunt Slash
Image | Animation
Stein and Spirit Witch Hunt
Name Witch-Hunt Slash
Witch Hunter (Funimation)
Technique Data
Type Soul Resonance
Class Melee
User(s) Maka Albarn + Soul Evans
Franken Stein + Spirit Albarn
Maka's Mother + Spirit Albarn
Death + Spirit Albarn (presumably)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 4

Witch-Hunt Slash (魔女狩り, majogari; FUNimation "Witch Hunter"), also known as Witch-Hunt, is a traditional Soul Resonance attack used by scythe meisters. It is the first of the Hunt-Slash series, effective in purifying and/or killing a Witch.


The move turns the head of the scythe into a crescent moon shape. Normally the Witch Hunt is used to send a single wave attack along the ground towards the enemy but there are other variations of the move.

It is shown that the appearance of Witch Hunt depends on the pairing of meister and weapon, confirmed when Maka and Spirit preformed it. Spirit's version spawns gigantic arrow-head shaped blades on both sides. The Witch Hunt has a purifying effect to it, this aspect of the attack makes it an effective move to use even against immortal opponents.


  • Number Six Hunt Slash (6文字狩り, Rokumonjigari; Fansub "Attack of the Six"; Literally meaning "Letter Six Hunt"): A rotating slash with a six-shaped after-image. Known as "Figure 6 Hunter" in the English Dub.
  • Letter "U" Hunt Slash (U字狩り, Yūjigari; Fansub "Attack of the U"; Literally meaning "Letter U Hunt"): A crescent slash brought from below where the blade is dragged upward in the shape of a U. Known as "Letter U Hunter" in the English Dub.
  • Kamaitachi (鎌威断ち): When using this attack, Soul collects the soul wavelength around him and redirects it back from where it came. The downside of this attack is that it is indiscriminate and unselective, being unable to distinguish between either enemy or ally. As a result, the technique cannot be used in team missions. There is a further disadvantage present due to the rotation the user must undergo to preform the attack, which results in disorientation for a few moments after completion.

Character Versions


  • When Maka first demonstrated Witch-Hunt Slash, there was a section of the blade with a gap present resembling a mouth (incidentally causing the blade to slightly echo the Moon found within the series), however, later when it's used in her second battle against Crona it seems to vanish, the reason for this is unknown. It is however present for a moment in the first battle with Stein, when he was thought to be evil.
  • Maka and Soul's attack kamaitachi is spelled with the kanji that translates to "Scythe-Threat Cut," but it shares the name of the kamaitachi ("scythe-weasel," "demon weasel"), a mythological Japanese weasel-shaped monster with scythe-like claws.[1]


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