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Witch/Human Hybrid


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Debut Data
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A Witch/Human Hybrid is an unnamed term that describes a human being who's own ancestry and heritage includes blood from that of a Witch. The only known, confirmed hybrid is Crona.[1]


Not much is known about the nature of a hybrid of this case. The only known fact about a Witch/Human hybrid is that they're functionally human.[2] Their soul can be in a light blue hue color or even a darker purple color more closely affiliated with that of a Witch's general soul color.[3][4]


As mentioned prior, hybrids of Human and Witch descent seem to be functionally humane and possess no more special abilities originating from their Witch descent. However, a hybrid may develop their own sort of special powers independent from Magic, but may follow a certain theme of their parent (i.e Crona's Thorn).[5]


  • It's possible that the male Guards present around the Witches' Realm fall under this category due to the Witch Order's rules against humans in the Witches' Realm as well as their inability to utilize Magic.[6]
  • It seems despite their heritage, they're still aren't consider Witches by the Witch Order and are seen as outsiders.[7]


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