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Wings of Light
Hiro and Excalibur
Technique Data
English Title Wings of Light
Romaji Hikari no Tsubasa
Katakana 光の翼
Alternate Title(s)
Derived Magic
Class Supplementary
Real World Data
Manga Debut 32.5
Anime Debut Episode 32
If you do not follow the light, no blow you strike will ever touch Hiro the Brave.

Hiro, Episode 32

Wings of Light (光の翼 Hikari no Tsubasa in Japanese), are a pair of bright golden wings given to anyone who is wielding Excalibur. Excalibur is also shown to be able to summon forth wings on his own Weapon form to fly. In the anime, the wings also leave behind feathers whenever they beat the air.

Wielders of Excalibur, once they have been given the Wings of Light, can fly so fast that it seems as if they are teleporting. Hiro uses it in his battle with Kirikou, Kid and Black☆Star by easily avoiding their attacks before taking them down with one hit. In the Book of Eibon, Liz also briefly dons these wings whilst she temporarily wields Excalibur; unlike Hiro, however, she does not use them.


  • The wings bear a striking resemblance to the wings seen on the bird from the Hylian Crest in the Legend of Zelda series. Given that the bird is considered a sacred symbol in that universe, the similarities may have been intentional. These wings also appear in place of the hilt when Hiro uses Hiro the Atomic.

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