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White☆Star (ホワイト☆スター, Howaito☆Sutā) was an assassin of the infamous Star Clan and is also known as the father of Black☆Star. Along with the rest of the Star Clan, he broke the rules established by the DWMA. As a result, along with his clan, he was killed by the DWMA's forces.[1][2]


As a member of the Star Clan, he was known as a ruthless and sinister individual who was reputed to do anything for money.[3] He had a lust for power, even taking the Path of the Demon to attain that power.[4]


White☆Star has white hair in the same spiked fashion as Black☆Star. However, it isn't very star-shaped and appears not to have a recurring pattern in its style. White☆Star has green eyes as well, which contain the Star Clan's star pupils.In addition to how these stars sometimes grow in size, White☆Star's eyes also sometimes glow a bright red, ultimately making the pupils disappear as a whole. White☆Star's teeth are sharp and has a slightly more muscular build than Black☆Star. White☆Star's right arm exibits the Star Clan's clan tattoo of a star on his shoulder. White☆Star's outfit is also almost exactly the same as his son's, except his sleeveless ninja shirt and shoes are white instead of black, and he wears a long white scarf that covers his whole face up to his eyes. Lastly, White☆Star wears a bandana equipped with a metal forehead protector that contains a trident-like marking each side of the plate.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Assassination: White☆Star was known to be a renown assassin in the Star Clan, his fame along with the clan rose into a level of consideration to the point the DWMA was required to exterminate the clan.[5]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He is presumably skilled in various martial arts, with the Star Clan originating from the Hoshi Family. How skilled he is is unknown. All that was known is that he was still defeated by unknown DWMA forces.[3]

  • Old Ways (古武術, Ko Bujutsu; FUNimation "Ancient Martial Arts"): White☆Star is assumed to be skilled with the Hoshi Family's martial art style, which teaches the old ways of fighting, including lethal tactics.[6]


Ninja Sword (忍者刀, Ninjatō): White☆Star's preferred weapon is a ninja sword, a small blade capable of cutting human flesh./


White☆Star was a member of the notorious Star Clan, a clan of assassins infamous in account that they would do anything for money. During his reign of terror alongside his fellow clan mates, they would terrorize a number of villages including the Village of Shin. At some point in his life, he had a son whose name was Black☆Star with an unnamed woman. A year after his birth, having broken the rules established by the DWMA, he along with his clan members was killed by their forces as a result.[5][7]


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