Werewolf Free
Name Werewolf
Alternate Title(s) Wolves
Romanji Ōkami
Debut Data
Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Episode 13

Werewolves (狼, Ōkami) are creatures notable for their signature ability to transform into large, wolf-like creatures. They are also known for their Immortality.


The werewolves in Soul Eater are much like their real life fictitious counterparts. They are mostly known for their ability to transform between their human appearance and a wolf-like form. However, unlike their real world fictitious counterparts, the ability to transform doesn't revolve around the moon and is able to be done by will. However, in the non-caonical video game Monotone Princess (which follows the anime and the Kishin Egg concept), a werewolf who consumes a pure human soul loses their ability to transform in their human form and even their apparent immortality.[1]


Free's Soul Expanding

Free's soul as it expands from transforming.

The soul of an werewolf seems to be of a green color[2] In addition, their souls are uniquely recognized and classified as humans as well as werewolves, automatically placing them into a Mixed Soul category.[3] The characteristics of their souls seem to take a wolf-like theme.


Werewolves are beings that are able to transform in between their human state and their wolf-like animal state, in which their werewolf form seems to make them exceptionally more powerful as well as boost their overall physical abilities. However, even in their human form, they retain some added ability that separates them from normal humans such as a keen sense of smell and awareness.[3]

Werewolves in Soul EaterEdit


  • It seems general humans in Soul Eater misinterpret werewolves as demons.[4]


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