This girl is a it's something else. She's a meister all right but she also has weapon blood. Why did the weapon within her not awake till now?

Asura during his battle with Maka, Episode 51 (Funimation Dub)

Maka - Weapon - Shoulder and Back
Weapon/Meister Hybrid
Anime Debut

Episode 51

A Weapon/Meister Hybrid is a being in which has the blood of a weapon and meister present in their blood. Under a special circumstance, however, a meister could activate the weapon gene and utilize their weapon blood.[1]


Like that of a Demon Weapon and Human Meister, a Weapon/Meister hybrid appears that of a human.[1] The hybrid, in the case of Maka, has both the blood of a weapon and meister,[1] though the gene in which gives one the ability to transform into the weapon is inactive. Only by a individual being in a unconscious state can utilize their weapon blood.[1]


In a special circumstance should the individual be unconscious, they're able to unlock their ability to transform, though they won't know they're doing it due to being unconsious. When used by Maka, she was able to momentarily fight and hold her own with Asura.[1] However, a major drawback is that once an individual is conscious, they're unable to utilize their transformation.[1]

List of Weapon/Meister HybridsEdit


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