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Maka (Weapon Form) is the form Maka took during her battle with Asura in the Anime.


Maka Albarn is a rare case, as she is a person with weapon and keister blood. This is most likely due to the combination of her parents, as where her father Spirit is a weapon, her mother is a meister. It is also possible that because of the Black Blood transferred between Soul Eater Evans and her may cause her to have this ability. These theories are supported by the markings on the scythes having a striking resemblance to Soul's Scythe form and the color of the scythes having a striking resemblance to Spirit's Scythe form. Her abilities only surfaced when she was unconscious in the battle with Asura.

Maka has only displayed this ability in the anime series.


While her weapon blood remains dormant most of the time, she can make use of her powers in rare cases while unconscious. When she was facing Asura she was most likely to use her power in this event. While unconscious, she has the ability to control her scythe blood to produce blades from numerous point on her limbs but the parts of her weapon form will disappear when woken up. More specifically, her weapons are shattered upon becoming conscious. While she is unconsciously fighting she is relentless towards her target and can make use of her form in various ways like an autonomous weapon and can be considered comparably better than her own partner Soul when compared in the ability to fight without a partner. When using this ability, Maka fights on a similar level of strength as the Kishin and Shinigami, forcing Asura onto the defensive during their fight. In the anime only, in the last episode, the Kishin inferred that Maka actually has weapon blood, due to her father, but chose to be a Meister. It should be noted that, despite Maka not being a Death Scythe, she never replaces any part of her body with the blades like a normal weapon. This may be due to the fact that she is a meister, or because her father is a Death Scythe.

It's also unknown if Maka is aware of her sleeping powers, since she happened to be unconscious the entire period that she used her powers.

While using her scythe blood, Maka can utilize scythes in various ways all over her body.



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