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Crona's loyalties are torn as Medusa regroups and plots to beat both DWMA and her sister, Arachne, in the arms race for Eibon's demon tools. As the madness of the Kishin continues to spread, Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid begin even more rigorous training to master their weapons and work together as a team. Will they be ready to face Arachnophobia in time for their next mission? Or will internal strife tear them apart?!

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  • Logos of Death and Arachnophobia against each other, with "vs" between them to signify "DWMA vs Arachnophobia."


Chapter 32: The Corner of the Room

Main article: Chapter 32

Bonus Chapter: Legend of the Holy Sword

Main article: Chapter 32.5

Chapter 33: Retaliation Class

Main article: Chapter 33

Chapter 34: "BREW" - The Tempest (Part 1)

Main article: Chapter 34

Chapter 35: "BREW" - The Tempest (Part 2)

Main article: Chapter 35


Main article: GAIDEN 9



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