Volume 8
Volume 08
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Volume: 8
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Japanese Release:
English ISBN:
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Chapters: Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Pages: 178

Synopsis Edit

Cover Characters Edit

Title Page CharactersEdit

Author Page ArtworkEdit

An earthworm atop of sand with “Express” on its head, alluding to the Runaway Expres.

Opening CaptionEdit

A heart full
of motion, 
A SOUL full 
of dignity

Table of Contents ArtEdit

A snake decorated with arrows, with other arrows pointing up and down.


Chapter 28: The Bodyguard (Part 2)Edit

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Chapter 29: SnakeEdit

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Chapter 30: The Reunion Express (Part 1)Edit

Main article: Chapter 30

Chapter 31: The Reunion Express (Part 2)Edit

Main article: Chapter 31


Main article: GAIDEN 8



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