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Vertical Line



Suichoku no Narabi


Horizontal Lineup

Derived Ability

Infinite One-Sword Style





Manga Debut

Chapter 50

Anime Debut

Episode 46

Vertical Line (垂直の並, Suichoku no Narabi) is a long-range offensive technique, used by Mifune as part of his Infinite One-Sword Style and a follow up to Sword Fang.[1]


Immediately following the use of Sword Fang, whilst all three swords remain momentarily suspended in the air, the user proceeds to hit the entirety in quick succession with the blade of the sword he is currently holding. Each sword is struck separately and in such a manner that they are launched directly towards the target along a linear trajectory, with a tremendous amount of force, meaning they act instead like long projectiles. As the user's held sword makes contact with each individual blade, he announces aloud the number of the strike, as follows: "One Sword" (一本, ippon), "Two Swords" (二本, Nihon), "Three Swords" (三本, Sanhon)[2]


  • The '本' used when Mifune announces the number of each strike, is actually a counter for long, somewhat cylindrical objects like pencils and — in this case — swords. So literally, Mifune would be interpreted as saying "one cylindrical object", "two cylindrical objects" and "three cylindrical objects". However, given the context, the translation of 'sword' is used instead.


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  2. Soul Eater Chapter 50, pages 9-10

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