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Soul Eater Chapter 66 - Kilik versus locals
Utility Meister
Debut Data

A Utility Meister (万能職人, Ban'nō Shokunin) is a Meister able to resonate with more then one Weapon.[1]


A Utility Meister is able to resonate with multiple types of Demon Weapon wavelengths, hooking onto the wavelength rhythms of different Weapons and synchronizing with them well enough to wield them.[2] There seems to be two types of Utility Meisters. One type (Type 1) is able to resonate with two Weapons at the same time. A second type (Type 2) is an individual who can resonate with two or more different Weapons. There are even cases where a Meister is both types.

List of Utility MeistersEdit

Name Type Status
DeathType 2Deceased
Franken SteinType 2Active
Maka AlbarnType 2Active
Sid BarrettType 2Active
Kilik RungType 1 & 2Active
Death the KidType 1Active


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