Usher in a Coat. Usher as he appears in the Soul Eater GAIDEN
Name Usher
Romaji Asshā
Katakana アッシャー
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Race/Species Human/Bird Hybrid
Type of Soul
Status Alive
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Owner of Atsushi-Ya
Affiliation(s) Atsushi-Ya
Place of Origin
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu
Manga Debut(s) GAIDEN #1
Anime Debut(s)
Game Debut(s)

Usher (アッシャー,Asshā) is a character that appears in Soul Eater GAIDEN. He is the eccentric owner and manager of the bar, Atsushi-Ya. He also serves as the voice of the author of Soul Eater, Atsushi Ōkubo.


Usher is a very confident, unconventional man.  When something doesn't go his way, he immediately as well as comedically turns into bird when his glasses are removed. He likes to act cool and tough even though he has a bodyguard, but has also shown to be quite hot-headed like for example to toward Rat.


Usher wears a light colored zipper jacket with a blacked-out Soul Eater icon and a rectangular shape on each side of his jacket. He also wears sun-blocking shades even on the inside of his bar and additionally dark colored or black pants white a pair of bright colored shoes. When he is in bird form, he had a ruffle of hair on top of his head, a jagged or zig-zagged beak which of course goes along with his serrated grin; he also sports a smaller stature in bird form.


  • In Japanese, "Usher" has the same letters as Atsushi-ya.
  • Usher, like other members of Atsushi-Ya, first appeared in the Gaiden from Ohkubo's previous manga, B. Ichi.[1]
  • Atsushi-Ya and its characters, including Usher, Otter, and Waffle, go on to appear at the end of volumes of Fire Force, Ōkubo's subsequent manga after completing Soul Eater NOT![2]


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  2. Fire Force Manga: Volume 1. Kodansha. Kindle/Comixology eBook. Pages 188-189.

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