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Hi there!

I'm Nayayen, a long-time contributor to Wookieepedia having promoted over 20 articles to some form of status. I'm used to the specific policies and community on Wookieepedia, so forgive me if I get it wrong at first or come across as being arrogant, I don't mean it >.< See my user page on there if you want to know more (it also has lots of pretty userboxes that we don't have on here :P). As for Soul Eater, I've been a fan since I watched the anime earlier this year. I now also follow the manga as it comes out here (in the UK) but, editing here, I might not be able to resist the urge to spoil myself and read ahead online :P If you want to know more about what other anime/manga I watch/read, then have a look at my MAL list.

I'm looking to help out here by creating and expanding articles to the level of detail I do on Wookieepedia (including the subsequently ingrained habit of ruthlessly sourcing my articles). I also create vector versions of logos, you can have a look at them with this Google search query. A word of warning, I'm one of those "veteran users" who rarely likes the changes/features Wikia brings out and insists on using the Monobook skin, source view and all, as a result. I've attempted to emulate the theme used on the Wikia skin here in my Monobook CSS file in the hopes that something like it can be applied wiki-wide.

You can find me on IRC on the freenode network as "Nayayen" (with a cloak of @wookieepedia/Nayayen), normally in #wookieepedia.

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