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America (アメリカ, Amerika; also United States of America) is one of the the known countries in the world. Assumed to be controlled by the United State's government, the country also serves as the location of the Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


During one of the United States's election campaign, John F. Kennedy was accused of committing adultery. Despite this, he still won his election campaign although the Mistress became wanted by the DWMA as a result.[2]



It is assumed that America has a federal government split into three branches: the Legislative (makes laws), the Executive (enforces the law), and the Judicial (interprets the law). As well, it is likely that America splits powers between the federal and state governments.

The country also holds elections to elect the President, the head of state and head of the government as well as leader of the Executive Branch and commander-in-chief of America's armed forces. A previous President was Kennedy.[2]


Americans are frequently subject to stereotypes assumed by foreign persons (notably students attending the DWMA), including:

  • The idea that Americans are thuggish. While seen as "cool" by some based on the portrayal of Americans on television and larger popular culture, Tsugumi Harudori (a student from Japan) once referred to Liz and Patty Thompson's weapon form as guns to be " the worse possible way!".[3]


Comprising of 50 states, not including numerous territories, some states include:



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