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Uncanny Sword Arc
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The Uncanny Sword Arc is the fourth major story arc in Soul Eater. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is tasked with hunting down the "Uncanny Sword", an infamous Dark Weapon revealed to be her older brother. Meanwhile, Medusa shows interest in a certain inmate at the Witch Prison.


Part 1Edit

Main article: Chapter 7 Death talks with Tsubaki in the Death Room. He asks if she is actually ready to fight the Uncanny Sword, as the fight will be difficult. She says that it is her duty as her sister to stop his acts. When Death asks after Black☆Star's opinion, Tsubaki claims that he stated "I'll take care of his soul."[1] The shinigami compliments Black☆Star as a good partner, to which Tsubaki agrees on.

Stein, however, questions Death's decision to let her go. He says that Masamune is the seed of a Kishin, and that a fight against such a powerful being will be nothing like the fight that the pair had against him. He thinks that Death should have let him go instead. The latter counters this by claiming that the Uncanny Sword is more than just an enemy of Shibusen, but also Tsubaki's older brother, therefore it is her responsibility. He goes on to say that Tsubaki does not act on impulse and that she is willing to even risk her life, implying that he fully supports the girl's decision.
Soul Eater Chapter 7 - Image Shot 2

Black☆Star is confronted by Ryōku and chased away with Tsubaki.

The pair arrive at Shin. Black☆Star is standing on the village's deity statue, proclaiming that the villagers should be grateful that he came to their remote home. When he asks as to why Masamune would come after the village, Tsubaki replies that the villagers have good souls. An eldery villager appears and damns Black☆Star for his antics, causing the boy to immediately accuse him of being the Uncanny Sword. Tsubaki claims that her big brother is not so old, which offends the man, who proceeds to thrust his hips back and forth. At this point, a villager boy named Ryōku turns up and asks if the old man has visitors. Black☆Star instantly accuses him and a middle-aged woman who shows up shortly afterwards of being their opponent. Ryōku notices the star tattoo on Black☆Star's shoulder as Tsubaki hushes her meister abruptly. Enraged, he asks what a Star Clan member would want from the village, and if the assassain had come back to kill them. The elderly man joins in with his questioning. Ryōku throws a coin at him, telling him to get out. Despite Tsubaki's confusion, Black☆Star simply mutters "This village too, huh...?".[1] The two are violently ejected from the village by a group of angry villagers, who throw various objects at them.

Black☆Star and Tsubaki are in the treetops of a nearby forest. To the former's dismay, it begins to rain. The assassain complains that he cannot use Soul Perception like Maka Albarn and has to rely on his five senses, which are dulled by the rain, to find the Uncanny Sword. Tsubaki joins him. The two sit in silence. Black☆Star eventually asks her if she is curious as to what happened in the village. She isn't. When her Meister claims that he doesn't like long, boring, old stories, she says that she will try not to look interested. Black☆Star gives in, although claiming that the 'voices of the audience' are telling him otherwise. Thus, he explains his clan; they were a group of assassains who would do anything for money. The Star Clan fought a lot of people, presumably including those from Shin. Tsubaki asks as to what happened to them. Black☆Star reveals that they were all slaughtered by DWMA thirteen years beforehand and that he was just a baby, so he was taken in. Tsubaki is shocked by this and asks if he has a grudge against Shibusen for what they did, to which Black☆Star denies; he claims that his mother and father were bad, thus deserving their deaths. His Weapon is still upset by the prejudice towards him, although Black☆Star exclaims that it gives him a lot of attention. Despite laughing along, Tsubaki knows that her Meister would not want attention from being hated.

As the rain comes down harder, Masamune wanders into the village. After a brief explanation as to his abilities via Stein at the academy, Masamune writes down a haiku that he had been planning upon his entrance. Although he is satisfied with it, it is drenched by the rain.

Ryōku is preparing for a fight againt Black☆Star in a nearby barn. He clutches a sickle nervously; he knows that he may have talked with courage and authority, but he could not fight the assassain with merely a sickle. Masamune appears behind him, shocking the boy. The Uncanny Sword mysteriously observes that Ryōku appears to be troubled by some great fear. Upon the latter's denial, Masamune asks in an even more enigmatic fashion if he wants the power that he could grant him to overcome his fear.

A scream from the village alerts Tsubaki and Black☆Star to the Dark Weapon's presence. They rush to the scene to find Ryōku about to attack the elderly man from earlier. The boy claims that he is the Uncanny Sword and must eat, before Black☆Star delivers a kick to his head. The meister identifies him as 'that little piece of shit from before'[1], prompting Tsubaki to explain Masamune's Soul Possession; instead of matching wavelengths with a Meister, the Uncanny Sword takes over his Meister and controls them, ultimately eating their soul. She internally comments on how drab the blade has become.

Ryōku charges after a comment from the sword - "Well, well...look who's here..."[1] - and the students agree that Black☆Star should detatch Masamune from Ryōku by chanelling his Soul Wavelength into them. Tsubaki then claims that she will handle the rest and changes into Chain Scythe form. Black☆Star dodges the other pair's slash. His Weapon reveals that she entered the DWMA to track down her brother and that she feels as if she has her Meister caught in a fight between siblings. She also fears that she may just have been using him. Black☆Star, unfazed, says that she can rely on him all she wants, as that is what a Meister/Weapon partnership is about. Masamune claims that the two will not interfere with his meal and that the world is about the survival of the fittest. After a brief bit of close combat, his Puppet Shadow wounds his opponent and forces him to briefly retreat. Black☆Star then decides to use speed, and thus Speed☆Star. He slips and hits his crotch on the side of a building. Tsubaki reminds him that the forecast for tomorrow is also rain and to be careful. Their opponents almost land a blow on her partner, but he scuttles away and tries to think of a different tactic.

Ryōku uses Puppet Thrust, which Black☆Star narrowly avoids. However, the shadow branches out and hits him anyway. After some more physical trauma and Tsubaki's transformation into a Chain Scythe, the assassain positions himself on top of the deity statue again. As Tsubaki expects, Masamune and Ryōku leap towards them immediately, prompting the two to use their Soul Resonance: Shield☆Star. Black☆Star leaps from his perch and uses Black☆Star: Big Wave on Ryōku, hurting Masamune. Tsubaki then takes the Uncanny Sword as it falls, her brother having detached himself from it. Masamune comments on how things are getting interesting and how she is about to get into him as his sister promises Black☆Star that she will return. She screams briefly after she lands and becomes unconscious, having entered the blade.
Soul Eater Chapter 7 - Image Shot 6

Tsubaki and Masamune inside the Uncanny Sword.

Inside the Uncanny Sword, Tsubaki is surprised at the fact that Masamune had not tried to possess her soul. However, a voice comes from nearby, claiming that he is going to eat it instead. Masamune is sat on some Shadow Puppets. He mentions that he is disturbed by two siblings trying to take each other's souls as he reveals his face. The two ready their weapons, preparing to fight.

Part 2Edit

Main article: Chapter 8

Black☆Star looks over Tsubaki, concerned. While he asks himself if she went into the Uncanny Sword, a crowd of villagers begin to gather around him. This because Ryōku is lying unconscious on the ground. The people blame Black☆Star for this, thus a younger boy begins to attack him with a stick. The Meister ignores this, instead cheerfully telling Tsubaki that she had better return.

Meanwhile, inside the Uncanny Sword, the Nakatsukasa siblings are battling. Masamune gains the advantage quickly. He overpowers Tsubaki and mocks her affiliation with the tsubaki flower, before injuring her severely. He believes that she would have died if it were the outside world. However, Tsubaki looks at him intently, leading her brother to flinch and claim that her eyes led him to walking the path of the Uncanny Sword.

Black☆Star is still enduring a beating from the villagers in the other reality. Death, the Thompson Sisters, and Death the Kid are observing the battle in the Death Room. Upon Kid's curiosity as to Tsubaki's unconscious state, his father questions Stein, who is eating his lunch. The scientist explains that Masamune and Tsubaki are trying to absorb the same parts of each other's souls. He goes on to say that the chances of Tsubaki winning are incredibly low. Liz complains that siblings trying to kill one another is unfathomable; she cannot imagine a life without Patty. After a brief display of sisterly affection, Stein questions as to why Masamune decided to try to achieve the status of a Kishin.

The siblings continue to battle, with the elder listing all of his sister's transformations. He asks why she is only using a chain scythe, before getting the upper hand. He then goes on to ask if it is due to pity. Masamune has Tsubaki lying on the ground as he begins to absorb more of her soul. It is then that he reveals that the Nakatsukasa Clan is an ancient special Weapons clan. He continues to say that the children inherit the abilities of their ancestors. As the first child of his generation, Masamune believes that he should have inherited all of his sister's abilities. He calls himself useless and claims that he was raised with more care than anyone else because of it. When Tsubaki looks at him with pity, he claims that he cannot stand the way that she was careful not to hurt his feelings. Masamune then goes on to say that he will kill his sister, become a Kishin, and master the Martial Way. He then impales her through with Puppet Rain, absorbing more of her soul. Tsubaki weakly whispers her partner's name.

Outside, Black☆Star is still being beaten by the villagers. He then asks her if she remembers the 'show' that he performed at the DWMA entrance ceremony.

The scene shifts to a younger Black☆Star as he stands on one of the spikes on the academy. He shouts that everybody had better remember his speech and goes on to say that he will - or has already begun to - surpass the gods. He claims that a halo of light will shine around him tomorrow. However, the entire courtyard which he had been talking to had emptied. Black☆Star simply guesses that he is too 'ahead of the times' until a single person nervously begins to clap. This is an anxious, young Tsubaki. Black☆Star drops from the spine and approaches her, making her flinch. When he glares at her curiously, she hesitantly states that his performance was great. The boy is happy with this and congratulates her for acknowledging his talent. He says that he will remember her, and asks for her name. The girl tells him that her name is Tsubaki, and that she is a Weapon. Her questioner then introduces himself as Black☆Star, a Meister.

Black☆Star says that Tsubaki watched his show all the way through to the end; as a result, it is his turn to do the same for her. The boy who is beating him is puzzled by Tsubaki's lack of movement, therefore he swings his stick at her. Black☆Star blocks the strike with his hand and snaps the stick. He says that if he were to interrupt Tsubaki's 'show' again, then he would kill him. The assassin then orders the child to retreat and watch from afar.

Back in the Uncanny Sword, Masamune is about to fully absorb his sister. He asks her if she has any last words. She remains silent, prompting her brother to mock her connection to the tsubaki flower once more. Despite this, he claims that he has to discard his feelings to become a Kishin.

Masamune and Tsubaki as kids

Tsubaki and Masamune as children.

Masamune has a flashback about him and Tsubaki as children. They are presumably in their home in Japan. The two ask each other what they would like to play. Masamune says that he would like to play whatever his sister wants to play. Tsubaki tell him that she would like to play with the ball.

In the sword, Masamune further impales Tsubaki, absorbing her soul and claiming it as his own.

Stein says that, despite Tsubaki's Multi-Form Ability, she is up against the wrong opponent and that he should have gone to fight the Uncanny Sword instead. Death counters this by saying that this ability is part of her appeal, but her biggest strength is her soul.

Returning to the flashback, the Nakatsukasa siblings play with the ball. When Masamune asks if Tsubaki enjoys playing with the ball, she says yes. However, she internally claims thats she would have preferred to play house. In addition, she begins to talk about how she is the tsubaki flower. She falls in a hideous manner and has no fragrance. However, she gets steadily more angry at her brother, eventually pulling free from his captivity.

Tsubaki reawakens and stabs her brother with her ninja sword form. She cries that she will not be considerate of him any more and that this is her true form. Masamune replies that she cannot win as a petty flower, to which she replies that even the tsubaki have a fragrance and that she won't allow him to insult her via the flower again. The two scream at each other briefly. There is a reaction within the sword.

In the outside world, Black☆Star sees Tsubaki enter the sword. Shocked, he believes that she may have lost.

Masamune's redemption before death

Masamune dies.

Masamune has his sword in his sister's chest. He realises that she has shown him her feelings and that tsubaki flowers are not flowers without fragrance. In fact, as he fades away, he claims that he touched Tsubaki's soul and it had a wonderful fragrance. The sword transforms into his soul and Tsubaki holds it close.

Black☆Star is still in shock. He snatches his stick from the elderly man and pokes the sword with it repeatedly. He says that Tsubaki's show could not have ended yet and he begs her to come out. Just after he pleads for an encore, Tsubaki appears in a puff of smoke, to Black☆Star's shock. The two briefly converse; Black☆Star asks as to whether Tsubaki is alright, to which she assures him that she is. However, the uncertainty in her eyes tells her Meister that she is lying, so he offers her a hug. The Weapon, who is taken aback by this, begins to cry. She falls to her knees and hugs Black☆Star, worrying about his condition. He asks her not to worry about him.

Ruining the sentimentality of the moment is the villager boy who had repeatedly beaten Black☆Star; he hits him on the head with his stick. The assassin is furious and kicks him away, to Tsubaki's chagrin and shock. His mother runs for her child as Ryōku wakes up. Black☆Star is glad about this. However, the rest of the village are once again enraged with him, causing him to say: "Ahh ... The losers in this village are always gonna talk out of their asses. Shut up, will ya? None of you have any balls...!! I could care less about what happened in your past, all right? I don't worry about the past, I just move forward!!"[2] The village people are less than happy about this and yell at Tsubaki and Black☆Star to get out anyway. The Meister calls back at them, hoping that their village collapses and insulting the remoteness of the location. The Weapon, despite this, apologises for his behaviour and promises them that Black☆Star is actually a good boy. Ryōku watches this and remarks that he would hate the assassin even if he was not a member of the Star Clan.

Black☆Star and Tsubaki return to the DWMA. On the path to the Death Room, the former asks his partner if she would still like to be his weapon. Tsubaki says yes, as she wants to move forward with her meister. They find Soul, Maka, Stein, Death, Kid, Liz, and Patty waiting for them, who welcome them back. Tsubaki apologises for worrying them and Black☆Star meekly thanks them. Everyone congratulates them and is generally merry. Stein mentions that he may have underestimated them, to which Death claims that they are all growing. Black☆Star suddenly appears on top of Death's mirror, proclaiming that he gave Tsubaki a new mode. To everyone's surprise, he activates her 'Uncanny Sword mode'. Unfortunately for him, he falls flat on his face after merely seconds. His Weapon is horrified by his 'Soul Wavelength overload', but Death and Stein are impressed that Tsubaki even absorbed her brother's powers. The former remains cheerful because the two had successfully defeated a to-be Kishin, and congratulates them once more.

Persevering SoulEdit

Main article: Chapter 9

At the Witch Mass, led by the Grand Witch Maba, Medusa Gorgon departs, only to be blocked by two angry witches, Eruka Frog and Mizune. After expressing displeasure with Medusa for risking the safety of witches by infiltrating the DWMA and in her attempts to create a Kishin, Eruka reveals that she saw Medusa steal an object from Maba's room and demands to know what she intends to do. After ordering Crona to put a jacket onto her to hide her tattoo-covered arms, Medusa proceeds to attack Eruka and Mizune, shoving her hands into their mouths and threatening to kill her. Instead, she spares them, turning away so she can return to her work at the DWMA on time.

The next day at the Academy, Stein assigns Black Star to improve his resonance with Tsubaki by using the Kyūkon Water. Maka is frustrated to hear that Black Star is already so physically strong and now gets to improve his Soul Wavelength. Stein explains to Maka that every student requires a unique lesson towards getting stronger; once Maka realizes her weakness, he encourages her to see him for advice.

Meanwhile, Medusa, disguised again as the school's physician, completes a medical evaluation on Soul to confirm his full release after being infected by Crona's Black Blood. During this physical, Soul describes nightmares he has had of an ogre in a Black Room, followed by him emerging from Maka's body, killing her. While she realizes these nightmares demonstrate the effectiveness of her Black Blood, Medusa verbally reassures Soul. They are interrupted by Maka, who arrives to see soul without his shirt. Unable to face his scar, Maka simply tells Soul she is returning home to prepare for their party, and she will see him at home.

While Maka hosts a party at her apartment in honor of Soul's recovery and Black Star and Tsubaki's first soul acquisition, Medusa walks alone through an alley in Death City, holding a key that she stole from Maba at the witches' meeting and which she intends to use as part of her "experiment" upon Soul's Black Blood.

However, Medusa discovers that she is cornered by Eruka and Mizune, the two witches still upset by her actions the night before and intending to kill her. Eruka has two options for killing Medusa. First, because the snake witch lacks an animal transformation magic, she will either release her Soul Protect, at which point Eruka and Mizune will transform into a frog and mouse to escape while Medusa will have outed herself as a witch, will be discovered by a meister, and will be assassinated by the DWMA. Second, Medusa will not release her Soul Protect, hence cannot use her magic to shield her against Eruka and Mizune's fatal attacks.

Medusa, however, does neither: she removes her lab coat, revealing that her snake tattoos are gone. With a snap of Medusa's fingers, Mizune explodes. Eruka realizes that, when she shoved her finger into their mouths, Medusa had transferred her tattoos, actually snakes, into their bodies. As Medusa prepares to snap her fingers again to blow her up as well, she is interrupted by the sounds of someone approaching. With Medusa distracted, Eruka transforms into a frog and escapes.

Medusa sees Stein and Maka arrive, as both sensed witches' souls and followed them to this spot. Medusa reassures the two that she is okay. While Maka worries that one of the witches' souls may have belonged to the one with Crona in Italy, Stein suggests instead that the witch who attacked them in Italy did not kill them--and perhaps may be here in Death City, trying to observe student meisters and weapons. As he speaks, Medusa looks suspiciously at Stein.

Maka then hears Soul arrive, as he followed after she departed without explanation from their party. Seeing Soul, Maka realizes her weakness: she has been afraid to face Soul's injuries, and she realizes that to overcome this fear, she has to get stronger. Maka announces to Stein that she is ready for her extracurricular lesson. Seeing her determination, Stein agrees, asking her to bring Soul to the Academy Saturday morning.

Elsewhere, Eruka has leapt away from Death City and thinks she has escaped Medusa--only for the witch to arrive and step on her. Medusa threatens to kill Eruka unless she fulfill her request: use Maba's key to free Prisoner 13. Eruka refuses, saying Maba will kill her--but when Medusa reminds her that she will die either way, Eruka acquiesces.


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