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Uncanny Sword
Demon Blade - (7)
Name Uncanny Sword
Alternate Title(s) Enchanted Blade (Funimation Dub) Cursed Blade
Demon Weapon Data
Form Katana
User(s) Black☆Star
Ryōku (Possessed)
Human Form Masamune Nakatsukasa
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 10
Series Appearance Appears in - Soul Eater

  The Uncanny Sword (Enchanted Blade in English dub) is a powerful demon weapon used by the Nakatsukasa clan. It was inherited by Masamune Nakatsukasa, while the bulk of the family transformations were inherited by Tsubaki, although the latter believed that he deserved it more as he was the older child.[1] After defeating Masamune, Tsubaki acquired the Uncanny Sword transformation, thereby obtaining all the abilities that come with it.

Tsubaki is wary in employing the Uncanny Sword mode for Black☆Star, since its demon blade nature could lead to devourment of his own soul if it were to be overused. Only a few limited uses of the form demonstrated just how BBB the strain that it places upon his body is, especially on his heart, causing Black☆Star to grasp his chest and nearly collapse after only moments of use.


When Masamune had the transformation, the Uncanny Sword was known for it's ability to possess the souls of others and take control of the possessee's body and, later, eat the soul. However, once Tsubaki gained its transformation, she chooses not to utilize this ability, The sword also houses an entity called The Will of Nakatsukasa.


The Uncanny Sword takes the form of a katana with a black blade and a bandage-wrapped hilt.

Tsubaki suggested at one point that it looked more vibrant earlier on in her life.[2]


  • It was initially speculated that the presence within the sword belonged to Masamune, Tsubaki's brother but later chapters have suggested otherwise. Firstly, Masamune appears with the darkened faces of the others that have been consumed, seemingly making him just another victim of the sword. Also; the entity refers to itself as "we", suggesting it is composed of all the souls it has collected since its creation, rather than having just a single identity.
  • It is unknown at this point if this entity is similar to the Little Ogre, located within Soul's soul.
  • The name "Uncanny Sword" may stem from the concept of the "Uncanny Valley" wherein a person's acceptance of something drops if it looks vaguely but not quite human. Since this is a dangerous mode that changes Black☆Star's face and makes him more demon-like, it is possible the name derives from the concept.


  1. Soul Eater Volume 3, Chapter 8, Yen Press translation. "We inherit all of the abilities of our ancestors. Shuriken, smoke bomb, transformation, ninja the first child, I should have inherited all of that." (Masamune)
  2. Soul Eater Volume 3, Chapter 7, Yen Press translation. "So that's the Uncanny Sword...It used to be so beautiful...I can't believe how drab it is now."

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