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Tsugumi Harudori has wide range of relationships branching even toward characters from the original Soul Eater. Tsugumi has very quiet and gentle nature while at the same time being envious of other characters' courage or bravery. With her awkward likability, she has formed connections with even rivals and has a strong bond with her two best friends, Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane.


  • Tsugumi's family and dog Pochi
  • Tsugumi plays baseball with her older brother

Less is known about Tsugumi's family compared to her relationships with other characters in Soul Eater NOT!. Tsugumi's family consists of an older brother, mother, and father who she lived with in, Japan along with a family dog. Even though she does not mention her family so often throughout the series, evidence suggests she has a warm, loving relationship with all of them. She even gets homesick after spending a couple of weeks at the DWMA.

With her brother, Tsugumi often would play baseball, learning the rules and strategies of the game to the point that she approaches a game with Anya and Meme as important.

Her family's dog, Pochi, is beloved by Tsugumi, although she worries that her weapon abilities are what make the dog seem to dislike her. Photographs in the series and Tsugumi's own memories suggest that the two had at least a sufficiently peaceful and loving relationship. Tsugumi's love for her dog is demonstrated when, before the Halloween Death Festival, Tsugumi receives a letter from her parents informing her that Pochi was injured and will likely be put down. This news devastates Tsugumi, making her inconsolable and leading her to lash out against Meme for her short-term memory problems. This sadness for Pochi persists after Meme's defection from the DWMA, and it is assumed that Tsugumi still worries about and misses her beloved pet.

Weapon PartnersEdit

Meme TataneEdit

Meme was the first friend Tsugumi met on her first day at the Academy, which may reflect just how well the two are in tune with each other. While Anya's cold demeanor and Tsugumi's hesitance can lead to awkward experiences between those two, Meme and Tsugumi share more relaxed and warm feelings that initially make the two seem like an ideal partnership, especially when circumstances tend to pair the two in initial classes with Sid Barrett.

Meme and Tsugumi's interactions with each other tend to be intimate in both conversation and in physical interaction: Meme is known to hold Tsugumi in a tight embrace, tickling and stroking her body, as well as complimenting Tsugumi's skills at cooking, gardening, and housework that she claims would make Tsugumi an ideal wife for her. Hence many of Tsugumi and Meme's interactions are like that of a romantic couple.

Tsugumi finds it challenging dealing with Meme's short-term memory problems, initially being patient with her friend. Upon receiving news of her dog's fatal injuries, however, Tsugumi lashes out at Meme for forgetting the fact that Tsugumi just received this news, shouting at Meme that she is so forgetful that she will likely forget their friendship as well. As Meme herself has long worried about such a problem, she cries and grows distant that evening from Tsugumi, prompting the already mourning weapon to feel worse for hurting her friend. This guilt is exacerbated upon learning that Meme's memory loss owes to her possession by the witch Shaula Gorgon, along with Tsugumi's self-directed anger that she could not save Meme from being kidnapped by Shaula after the murder of Sid Barrett.

Despite her momentary frustrations with Meme, however, Tsugumi is loyal to her meister: with Anya, Tsugumi locates Meme. To administer the antidote to Shaula's venom received from Franken Stein, Tsugumi must fight with both hands, hence she holds the antidote in her mouth to administer to Meme through a kiss. The antidote is slow to work, however, with Meme still under the sway of Shaula's instructions to kill Tsugumi. Tsugumi demonstrates her loyalty to her friend when she stands before Meme, begging her to shake off Shaula's possession. Even when the possessed Meme stabs at Tsugumi—tears in her eyes, as she tries to resist Shaula's possession—Tsugumi does not back down from helping her friend through Soul Resonance to remove the remnants of possession. Upon rescuing Meme from Shaula's possession, the two reconcile and resume the intimate relationship that they had previously. Following the defeat of Shaula, Meme seemingly regains her short-term memory abilities and resumes her partnership with Tsugumi, still as close as ever.

Anya Hepburn:Edit

Anya Hepburn - (1)

"Anya and Tsugumi confront the enemy together."

Tsugumi makes the acquaintance of two girls while at the DWMA who happen to be the same age as her and would later become her best friends, Anya Hepburn was one of them.

Tsugumi admires Anya's strength and confidence especially in the face of adversity. Also, she thinks that Ayna looks cute like a princess upon first meeting her.

Anya's interest in Tsugumi is due in part to her goal of experiencing life outside of royalty and among commoners, seeing Tsugumi as the epitome of a commoner's life. In a way, Tsugumi's mundane self humbles Anya's more prestigious upbringing.

Upon first meeting Tsugumi, Anya could be standoffish, and this abrasiveness persists in their partnership. Sometimes Anya feels left out, jealous of Tsugumi and Meme's close relationship as friends and a potential meister-weapon pair, or when the two of them do not want to treat her the same way given how dignified she behaves and dresses. For example, when they were cleaning the Death City pool, Tsugumi was reluctant to spray Anya with the hose, lest she damage Anya's expensive dress, whereas Tsugumi and Meme were fine doing so to each other earlier. Feeling left out, Anya pouts at Tsugumi.[1]

Nevertheless, Tsugumi sees Anya as a valuable friend, just as much as Meme, and sincerely apologizes even when Anya feels left out most of the time, making her feel almost like a third wheel due to Tsugumi choosing Meme as a practice partner in class during a two-man group assignment. 

Proving their bond even more, Tsugumi gets deeply worried when Anya runs off in jealously and subsequently is attacked and hurt by the Traitor (Prototype 2).

Her friendship with Anya gradually deepens over the course of time, leaving all three unable to be separated for long.

During certain events, Anya and Tsugumi have proven to be a great fighting pair thanks to Anya's techniques and Tsugumi's shy yet strong will. After Pochi dies, Anya became the someone who tries to keep everything together and additionally spends form time with Tsugumi more than Meme for various reasons.

After Meme is missing, Anya and Tsugumi become closer to each other to the point of knowing how the other feels and their thoughts. Anya became Tsugumi's official Meister and the two share a Soul Resonance together, The Flying Kamayari.


Maka AlbarnEdit

Maka Albarn, the protagonist from the intial Soul Eater, was the first Shibusen student Tsugumi has ever seen and despite being younger yet a Senior student at the academy, Maka is the biggest inspiration toward Tsugumi's character. Maka seems to have many influences on her which all started with Tsugumi struggling against the DWMA's legendary staircase. On it, Maka rushed by the staggering Tsugumi and tells her she's almost there and even leaves a present at the top of the stair case when Tsugumi finally arrives, inspiring her even more. Tsugumi looks up to Maka even going so far as to wearing her hair in pigtails just like her. This admiration is one the founding points of who Tsugumi is. She is able to summon courage and power through metaphorically channeling Maka. She admires her confidence and because of this, Tsugumi vows to be more confident in herself and her abilities as well. A example is when she is confronted by Raid and Hao, she walks away from the two boys who happen to be harassing one of her future friends. She remembers Maka and sees that she would not do such of an act as running away, and this gives her the courage to stand up for herself.

She later meets Maka on various occausions for different reasons discovering that she and Maka have a lot in common, Maka even calls them 'kindred spirits'. Both have similar tastes and idealogies when in comes to fashion and even have similiar "builds". Even though Tsugumi is a little shy around her, Tsugumi admires Maka's strength and physical prowess when she demonstrates wielding Soul, another senior, in weapon form. Tsugumi is slightly nervous as to how Maka would react when she tells her she began wearing her hair in pigtails because of her, but ends up blushing furiously with embarrassment when Maka replies that she looks cute with them.

Soul Evans Edit

Tsugumi seems to be surprised that Maka would be paired up with someone like Soul. She seems to think of Soul as somewhat of an oddball, referring him as 'the guy with the strange name.'

Black☆Star Edit

Tsugumi is rather frightened of Black☆Star, as the first time she runs into him, he is in the middle of beating up a student.

Kim Diehl Edit

Tsugumi thinks that Kim is a rather cute-looking girl, and is surprised when in contrast to her cute appearance, she is rather aggressive and somewhat of a bully. She is frightened of her at first, quickly handing Kim all of her money at one point. However, she still thinks that Kim is a nice person when she leaves Tsugumi enough money to buy herself food for one day, and does not hate her because of how she acted towards her. Although still a little nervous around Kim, she has stopped calling her the 'Witch of the Girl's Dormitory' and has begun calling her 'Kim-senpai' instead.

Ox Ford Edit

Tsugumi first learns about Ox from a discussion with Eternal Feather, who identifies his attraction to Kim and his status as one of the top students in the EAT class. Ox's concern for Kim, as well as his desire to help Tsugumi, seems to have helped convince the NOT student to be kind to Kim and eventually help her partner with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré. As well, based on this introduction by Eternal Feather and her own experiences speaking with him, Tsugumi respects "Ox-senpai" for his hard-working personality.

Ox seems to see Tsugumi as someone deserving help. Partially out of his attraction to Kim and concern that Tsugumi would hate her for bullying her to give up her DWMA allowance, Ox tries to help her and serves as one EAT students whom Tsugumi comes to know while at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. After seeing her working at Deathbucks, Ox recognizes "Tsugumi Harudori-san" by name. Out of his concern for Tsugumi and his desire to his attraction to Kim, he works part-time for a week at Death Shipping to earn back the money to repay Tsugumi on Kim's behalf, asking that Tsugumi forgive Kim because "she's keeping people at a distance on purpose."[2]

For her part, Tsugumi appreciates the assistance Ox provides her, valuing his hard work but reluctant to accept his money. As Anya and Meme convince her not to let his effort go to waste, she decides to spend the money out of appreciation for him, deciding to host at Deathbucks a celebration with her meisters and to let Ox about this party.[3]

Clay Sizemore Edit

As Clay is a boy, Tsugumi can be shown to be slightly nervous around the Demon Weapon. She appreciates his and Akane's kindness towards her and her partners, and always calls him through the polite term 'Clay-san', then 'Clay-kun'.

She sits next to him in a special lesson for Weapons, implying that the two are friendly.[4]

Akane☆Hoshi Edit

Tsugumi is polite and respectful towards Akane just like Clay, and is a little nervous around him as he is a boy. She appreciates his and Clay's kindness towards her and her partners. Although she at first calls him with the polite term, 'Akane-san,' she soon moves on to the more informal 'Akane-kun,' meaning that their relationship is a little more friendly.

Akane will intervene when Tsugumi feels self-doubt, complimenting her efforts and her goals of trying her hardest to be a weapon to Anya and Meme.[5]

Tsugumi soon develops a bit of a crush on Akane, blushing a lot whilst around him, and when the two go out to have a talk about why Meisters go to DWMA, Tsugumi briefly imagines them to appear like a couple, although she thinks that Akane and she are ill-matched. In addition, she is concerned when she notices that he is keeping an eye on Anya, going to the extent to which she asks Clay if he 'likes' the Meister. When Clay makes up a lie about him 'liking' Meme instead, Tsugumi reacts in a shocked manner.[6] Tsugumi also recalls him offering to protect her when she considers joining the EAT program, before becoming visibly embarrassed and fidgiting.[7]

She admires Akane for being able to make firm decisions of his own,[8] and thinks that Akane's eyes, although a little scary with his left eye having a star-shaped pupil, are rather pretty. She is completely lost for words when Akane suddenly asks her to be his partner.

Despite this respect for Akane, she is not beyond trying to scare him. In the Halloween season, she wears a frightening mask and shouts 'boo' to catch him off guard. When she succeeds, she shows a lot of concern.[9] This joke may have been set up by Clay, but it does mean that Tsugumi would still have to partake willingly.

Eternal Feather (Mai Thi Hoang) Edit

Eternal Feather is a senior student who is very kind towards Tsugumi and her partners, leading to her respecting Eternal Feather greatly. She is also polite towards her, not hesitating to say that Eternal Feather's name is pretty nice, whilst Anya bluntly says it is a rather embarrassing name.

Kana Altair Edit

Tsugumi is surprised to see a girl as young as Kana in the school. She is polite to Kana, despite her younger age, and believes in the little fortune-teller's tarot card readings, causing her to become frightened when Kana predicts that a disaster will be coming in her way.

Misery Edit

At first, Tsugumi thinks that Misery, her dorm superintendent is a nice person, until she realizes that she is very psychotic and she becomes a target of her devout love of her favourite fictional character of her favourite novel series. She is very frightened of Misery, and ends up fainting in a close encounter with her when Misery ties her to her bed and tries to turn her into the fictional character which she admires...with a very big hammer. In addition, Tsugumi reacts with a bit of disgust when Misery compliments her enthusiasm and offers her her hammer when she tries to reunite with Anya.[10]

Death the Kid Edit

Tsugumi first meets Kid at Deathbucks Cafe where he and Liz argue with one another. Tsugumi mentions that she has never seen Death the Kid before, which means that Kid hasn't enrolled into the DWMA yet. Kid spots her and takes her head and looks closely, while the confused Tsugumi is fixated on Kid's golden eyes, making her seem dizzy. She also blushes a lot. When Kid finally lets go, he seemed satisfied since he was actually busy rearranging Tsugumi's pigtails to the same level into perfect symmetry, which the confused halberd thanks him for. Tsugumi thinks that he was the one who captured the Thompson sisters.[11]

Liz and Patty Thompson Edit

Liz and Patty were working at the cafe, and still seemed to be in their 'Brooklyn Devil' states. Tsugumi, Anya and Meme were afraid of them since the time the Thompsons challenged them to a duel, their weapon forms were guns. Tsugumi is still afraid of them, but, upon visiting the cafe to see them, she confesses that she thinks that they are stronger than her, and remarks that they are 'cool' and 'really beautiful'.[12] This throws Liz off, since nobody has ever complimented them. In addition, Tsugumi goes to the girls for help when she wants to visit Anya.[13]

Sid Barrett Edit

Sid is Tsugumi's teacher, thus she respects Sid and listens to what he says and takes them to heart. Sid's encouragement is what gives Tsugumi the confidence to transform into her form for the first time. As with many of Sid's students, Tsugumi is devastated when he is killed by Meme Tatane, who was possessed by Shaula Gorgon.

Franken Stein Edit

Although Stein approaches Tsugumi with the same dark humor he has when teasing students and adults alike, he seems friendly to Tsugumi and her meisters. Because Stein was able to save Eternal Feather's life, Tsugumi seems to respect the mad scientist, although finding his running gags to be annoying, such as fashioning a robotic duplicate of Eternal Feather, complete with a disembodied and running head, and initially and fallaciously referring to the antidote to Shaula Gorgon's possession as fatal. However, Stein trusts Tsugumi with his only vial of the antidote towards rescuing Meme from possession—except he again was toying with the weapon, as he reveals to Mira Naigus that he had many vials left for mass distribution throughout Death City.

Other Edit

Master Edit

Tsugumi thinks that the Master is rather scary-looking, but later realizes that he is a kind man, and is able to be more relaxed around him. She is polite towards him, and realizes his talents in making coffee after drinking his blends. She once manages to pluck up the courage to tell the Master that she thinks that people come to his cafe not to see the DWMA students working here part-time, but to drink his coffee.


Shaula GorgonEdit


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