Demon Weapon Transformation

Tsugumi's Weapon form -1

Tsugumi's Weapon Form

Although being a Demon Weapon, Tsugumi has trouble transforming into a full weapon, that is until she is encouraged by Sid's visualization advice, which allows her to transform successfully for the first time. Her Halberd weapon form has not been used much in serious combat as of yet, and she has difficulty transforming completely as seen by her blunt edge, however Anya and Meme have shown her weapon form is quite effective as a melee weapon even without a sharp edge. She also possess the ability to partially transform her body in the weapon parts like other weapons, but she still is unable to produce a sharp edge, as a result Sid dubs her "No Edge".

Though at the end of the anime  and manga she was able to produce a sharp edge cause she has finally chosen her weapon partners Anya and Meme and is also capable of use in serious combat which is seen when the girls defeating the witch Shaula Gorgon.

Autonomous Combatant

It is shown in the anime she can fight on her own by partially transforming her body parts into a weapon, She is shown to be able to turn her feet into a spear or a axe with a curved blade on it, And she seen turning her hand into a spear. Although her skills were good enough to fight a possessed Meme with a stinger and a chainsaw, It can be seen she isn't really a expert when it comes to fighting on her own.

Grigori Soul

Main Article: Grigori Soul

In the anime, she has shown the ability to have herself in weapon form fly. This is most likely due to the result of possessing a Grigori Soul.[1]

Anti-Demon Wavelength

Main Article: Anti-Demon Wavelength

In the manga during her fight with Shaula transformed and used by Anya Hepburn, the end of her blade's pressure was pushing Shaula away and Anya noted that as long as she had a blade she could "repel darkness".[2] This may hint that Tsugumi possesses an Anti-Demon Wavelength.


Spring Bird Attack - (6)

Spring Bird Attack

  • Flight Form: After Tsugumi and Anya's Soul Resonance for the first time, she gain ability to fly in her weapon form, but the wings are small butterfly-like wings, and has hard time balancing, but it's average speed.
Soul Resonance with Anya & Meme
  • Spring Bird Attack: A triple soul Resonance technique in which Anya and Meme raise raise Tsugumi's energy to to their max, causing all three of them to be engulfed in the weapon's aura. The resulting energy crashes into it's target destroying the opponent in the process. This attack is unnamed in the manga.


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