Special AbilitiesEdit

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin buki): Coming from a special weapons clan and therefore a Demon Weapon. Tsubaki is capable of transforming her body into a given weapon at will.[1]

  • Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): As a Demon Weapon, Tsubaki has the natural ability to control her Meister's Wavelength. She can adjust the resonance level between her and Black☆Star, allowing her to even adjust the weight of her weapon forms by making it the normal weight of a selected weapon or making it lighter.[2]
  • Multi-Form (多変型, Ta Henkei): Multi-Form allows Tsubaki the ability to transform into more then one weapon form, unlike the usual one weapon transformation.[1] Although through an unknown cause and once speculated by Masamune to be a mutation, she inherited this ability over her brother due to being from the Nakatsukasa Clan.[3] This ability originates from the fact that Tsubaki is one of the direct descendants of the first Demon Weapons created by Arachne Gorgon herself.[4]
Episode 2 - Tsubaki uses Dummy Star

Tsubaki Mode Change: Transformation (Dummy☆Star)

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Transformation (椿のモード変化 [変わり身], Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Kawarimi"): A special mode in which allows Tsubaki to transform into a given person and/or Meister and take on their physical appearance (a "dummy"). When taking on Black☆Star's appearance, she dubs it Dummy☆Star.[1]
Episode 2 - Black Star uses Tsubaki Smoke Bomb

Tsubaki Mode Change: Smoke Bomb.

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Smoke Bomb (椿のモード変化「煙玉」, Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Kemuridama"; FUNimation "Smoke Bomb Mode"): One of Tsubaki's various transformation is that of a smoke bomb. This transformation allows her to create thick cloud of smoke to conceal her Meister's movements.[1]
Episode 10 - Tsubaki transforms to Ninja Sword

Tsubaki Mode Change: Ninja Sword.

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Ninja Sword (椿のモード変化 [忍者刀], Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō: Ninjatō; FUNimation "Ninja Sword Mode"): One of Tsubaki's forms takes the appearance of a ninjatō. Due to it's small size, it is used most often for quick movements.[5]
Episode 2 - Tsubaki transform into a large shuriken

Tsubaki Mode Change: Shuriken.

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Shuriken (椿のモード変化 「手裏剣, Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Shuriken"; FUNimation "Shuriken Mode"): One of Tsubaki's weapon transformation in which transforms her into a large shuriken and is the common fictional shape of a five-point star as well as being light grey in colour with three dark grooves along one side of each point, the other sides having a dark grey edge, and two yellow dots in the center of the shuriken, resembling a face. The shuriken weapon form can be throw like that of ordinary ninja star with capabilities of cutting through Human[1] and Werewolf flesh.[6]
Episode 2 - Tsubaki transforms into a Chain Scythe

Tsubaki Mode Change: Chain Scythe

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Chain Scythe (椿のモード変化 [鎖鎌], Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Kusarigrama"; FUNimation "Chain Scythe Mode"): A transformation of Tsubaki in which she takes the form of a long metal chain with each end of the chain tipped with a yellow handle that has a small double-edged and double-pointed scythe blade attached. Three dark grooves appear below each blade. This weapon can be used in both close-range combat and also long-range as the scythe blades can be thrown at an opponent as an attack, or as a means to trap them to make them wide open for a close-range attack. Tsubaki's Chain Scythe form is also used by Black☆Star to execute a number of other special moves. The chain on this Weapon form can alter, becoming long or shorter.[1]
Episode 13 - Tsubaki transforms to Uncanny Sword for Black Star

Tsubaki Mode Change: Uncanny Sword.

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Uncanny Sword (椿のモード変化「妖刀」, Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Yōtō"; FUNimation "Enchanted Sword Mode"): Absorbed from her brother after consuming his soul, this is perhaps Tsubaki's most powerful transformation. Being exclusive to the members of the Nakatsukasa Clan, this lets her take the form of a Nodachi (a really long katana) with a black blade and a bandage-wrapped hilt and the power of controlling her Meister's shadow.[7]
Episode 28 - Tsubakis Shadow Star appearance

Tsubaki's appearance during Shadow☆Star.

  • Shadow☆Star Form (影☆星の[型], Kage☆Boshi no Kata): After gaining the Uncanny Sword transformation from the consumption of her brother's soul and unlocking the usage of the Uncanny Sword, Tsubaki is capable of entering inside the Uncanny Sword as well as bring her own Meister, Black☆Star, into said place. While doing so, her appearance change. In this appearance, she appears to have a golden body and retains most of her physical features with the exception of black tattoos around her eyes. While in this appearance within the Uncanny Sword, she can control her Meister's shadow.[8]

Enhanced Reflexes: Tsubaki's reflexes enables her to be able to dodge gunfire at near point-blank range even when closing her own eyes.[9]

Enhanced Speed: Tsubaki is quick enough to keep up with Black☆Star's own speed.[9]

Intellect: Tsubaki is noted to be rather intelligent and competent. She understands the Meister/Weapon combination and how to stop the Uncanny Sword's ability.[10] Her competence has been noted by Mifune to have saved Black☆Star[9]

Chapter 50 - Tsubaki (transformed into Black Star) sneaks attack Mifune using Branched Darkness

Tsubaki (in Branched Darkness) attacks Mifune.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Tsubaki possess some skill in hand-to-hand combat similar to her Meister, Black☆Star. Capable of mimicking his own style of fighting when using the Shadow☆Star: Fourth Form - Branched Darkness technique, she was capable of performing a successful sneak attack on Mifune. The former even praised her capability in her movements being graceful.[11]

  • Martial Arts: Much like her Meister, Tsubaki has skill in martial arts.[9]
  • Art of Assassination (暗殺術, Ansatsu Jutsu): Tsubaki herself is aware of the rules of assassination and unlike her Meister (for a time), was a dutiful follower of it's rules. Her skill in it' supplementary uses seemingly surpasses Black☆Star, capable of controlling her breathing to the point Mifune could barely sense her.[9]

Weaponry Combatant: Tsubaki is capable of using various weaponry such as a ninjato, shuriken, and a chain scythe in combat.[9][12][13]

Disguise: Combined with her Mode: Dummy☆Star, Tsubaki is capable of disguising herself as other individuals, namely Black☆Star. This includes mimicking their mannerism.[9]

Exceptional Soul: Death himself noted that Tsubaki's strongest quality is not within her multi-form ability, but the strength of her soul. This is seen when she resists the Soul Possession capability of the Uncanny Sword.[13]

Throwing: Tsubaki is skilled at throwing shurikens, having hit Black☆Star on the head with one multiple times.[9]


Shinigami Smoke Bomb: Tsubaki carries a special smoke bomb capable of contacting Shinigami's Mirror in the Death Room with the smoke used as a refelcting surface.[9]

Shurikens: Tsubaki carries standard shurikens on her persons.[9]

Ninja Swords: Tsubaki carries two, dual ninja swords on her persons.[9]


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