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Tsubaki is a extremely formidable and rare type of weapon.

Part of the Nakatsukasa Clan, Tsubaki is an extremely formidable weapon despite not having attained the status of Death Scythe. Due to her incredible Multi-Form Ability, she can transform into a multitude of weapons, labeling her a "Multi-Form High Performance Weapon".[1]


Special WeaponEdit

Demon Shadow Weapon (魔暗器, Maanki): As a Demon Weapon, Tsubaki possesses the ability to transform at will and, in addition to this, has an special advantage over other Demon Weapons due to being a High Performance Multi-Form Weapon, as she can transform into more then one weapon type.[2]

Episode 11 -Uncanny Sword transformation

Tsubaki transforming into Mode: Uncanny Sword.

  • Mode: Uncanny Sword (モード「妖刀」, Mōdo "Yōtō; FUNimation "Enchanted Sword"): Absorbed from her brother after consuming his soul, this is perhaps Tsubaki's most powerful transformation. Being exclusive to the members of the Nakatsukasa Clan, this lets her take the form of a Katanna with a black blade and a bandage-wrapped hilt.[3] It's power is renown throughout the world, with those including Death, Mifune, and Mosquito aware of it's capabilities.
Tsubaki - Kusarigama

Tsubaki in Mode:Chain Scythe.

  • Mode: Chain Scythe (モード「鎖鎌」, Mōdo "Kusarigama"): A transformation of Tsubaki in which she takes the form of a long metal chain with each end of the chain tipped with a yellow handle that has a small double-edged and double-pointed scythe blade attached. Three dark grooves appear below each blade. This weapon can be used in both close-range combat and also long-range as the scythe blades can be thrown at an opponent as an attack, or as a means to trap them to make them wide open for a close-range attack. Tsubaki's Chain Scythe form is also used by Black☆Star to execute a number of other special moves. The chain on this Weapon form can alter, becoming long or shorter.[2]
  • Mode: Smoke Bomb (モードけむり玉, Mōdo Kemuri Dama): One of Tsubaki's various transformation is that of a smoke bomb. This transformation allows her to create thick cloud of smoke to conceal her Meister's movements.[2]
  • Mode: Ninja Sword (モード, 忍者刀): One of Tsubaki's forms takes the appearance of a Ninjatō. Due to it's small size, it is used most often for quick movements.[4]

Special ArtsEdit

  • Shadow☆Star: Third Form - Severed Shadow (影☆星・参ノ型[絶影], Kage☆Boshi: San no Kata "Zetsuei"): A powerful transformation which transforms the weapon into a small, black kunai knife. [5]
    • Severed Shadow (絶影, Zetsuei): This allows her Meister to move at such high speeds that they break free from their own shadow and created after images called "Severed Shadows", with the severed shadows left behind having retain actual traces of real matter. These after images have been fast enough to catch Mifune off-guard despite his quick reflexes.[6]

Other Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Athletic Conditioning: Unlike most Demon Weapons present in the series, she's one of the few who have very excellent athletic conditioning. Like even Black☆Star, she's seen to be very athletic. She's easily able to keep up with him.[7] In addition, she can easily dodge gunfire bullets.[7]

Exceptional Intellect: Tsubaki is noted to be rather intelligent and competent. She understands the Meister/Weapon combination and how to stop the Uncanny Sword's ability.[8] Her competence has been noted by Mifune to have saved Black☆Star[7]

Multi-Form (多変型, Ta henkei): Multi-Form allows Tsubaki the ability to transform into more then one weapon form, unlike the usual one weapon transformation.[2] Although through an unknown cause and once speculated by Masamune to be a mutation, she inherited this ability over her brother due to being from the Nakatsukasa Clan.[1] This ability originates from the fact that Tsubaki is one of the direct descendants of the first Demon Weapons created by Arachne Gorgon herself.[9]

Exceptional Soul: Death himself noted that Tsubaki's strongest quality is not within her multi-form ability, but the strength of her soul. This is seen when she resists the Soul Possession capability of the Uncanny Sword.[10]

Throwing: Tsubaki is skilled at throwing shurikens, having hit Black☆Star on the head with one multiple times.[7]

Special ItemsEdit




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