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Tsubaki boy

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
The Camellia Blossom, Demon Shadow Arm Weapon, Dark Arm Weapon, Tsubaki the Weapon, "Tsubaki, the Scentless Flower"

"Black Star"


I am the Star! The Big Man is Showing Up Here?

Appears In

Soul Eater(Manga, Anime), Soul Eater Not!(Anime)

Voice Actors

Mamiko Noto (drama CD), Kaori Nazuka (anime)


Monica Rial

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Demon Weapon

Weapon Form

Multiple Transformations

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Nakatsukasa Clan


Skilled Combatant, Multiple Weapon Transformations


Demon Weapon Transformation


Chain Scythe, Dummy Star, Smoke Bomb

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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (中務 椿, Nakatsukasa Tsubaki) is Black Star's Demon Weapons partner. A part of the Nakatsukasa Clan, a famous family of Japanese Demon Weapons, she can change into multiple ninja weapons, plus a katana. Subsequently, she is known as a Demon Shadow Weapon (魔暗器 Maanki) known as a Dark Arm in the English dub. Presently, she is a member of the elite student unit, Spartoi, along with Black Star.


Tsubaki is a member of the Nakatsukasa Clan, a family of famous Japanese Demon Weapons. The famous trait of the Nakatsukasa Clan is that one member of each generation possesses the special ability to transform into multiple ninja weapons, whilst other members are only born with the standard ability to transform into one Weapon form. Tsubaki's older brother, Masamune, was supposed to be the one endowed with the multiple Weapon forms, but for some reason, Tsubaki got all of the Weapon forms instead, whilst Masamune only got the ability to change into the Uncanny Sword.


Everyone returned home safe and sound. We managed to get away without anyone being hurt, surely that's more important.

Tsubaki, Episode #37


Tsubaki's soul

As one of the oldest of the main cast of characters, Tsubaki is one of the most mature characters, along with Maka. However, she is not as short-tempered as the Scythe Meister, and is very patient and forgiving. She, like Maka, demonstrates a much more practical and level headed personality than most of the other characters. She has a very magnanimous, polite and gentle personality and always tries to help or comfort her friends even when she has no idea how to help. She is caring and understanding and sometimes acts as the mediator when her friends fight, and her understanding and insight sometimes makes her the agony aunt figure for people who are troubled. She cares deeply for her friends, and does not seem fond of things that might make them upset, even going so far as to suggest to Soul and Black Star to nullify the dare Maka has to do after she loses the basketball game, due to not knowing the rules. She often worries about her friends if they are in danger, and is upset when the people she cares about are hurt.

Tsubaki's soul is 'very co-operative and has a lot of space to accept people' as said by Stein. Because of her accepting nature, she can see the good in people who, at first glance, do not seem to have anything likeable about them (such as with her partner, Black Star, and Mifune, even though he had joined Arachnophobia). She deeply cares for her friends and prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict, usually being the one who diffuses any arguments between people, making her a dependable and trustworthy friend. Her patience often makes her the only calm one (apart from perhaps, Soul) in situations when everyone else has lost their temper. Even in the Wrath Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Tsubaki only briefly loses her temper, whilst everyone else is shouting and screaming at each other.

She is also generous and kindhearted, up until the point that some people even take advantage of her (Liz does this twice, once in the anime when she asks her to do an essay for her and another time when Liz pretends she cooked Tsubaki's food in order to impress a boy she likes). Her tendency to trust people at all times also hinders her once on a written test at the Shibusen, when she fails to see a trick question. She also has a habit of apologizing, even when it isn't her own fault (something which she often does when Black Star does something wrong in front of people). One of the most mature and flexible characters, Tsubaki is very amicable and gets along well with her peers and can be very understanding of their feelings.

However, some people, like Masamune, accuse her generosity and capacity by calling her a pushover, saying that she does not have the ability to show her true feelings or deny something that she thinks is not true. As a child, Tsubaki had a habit of pretending that she liked certain things in order to please others, such as when she told Masamune that she wanted to play ball when she really wanted to play house. She does suffer from low self-esteem at the start of the series, comparing herself to the camellia flower, a 'flower without a fragrance, blooming silently and looking tragic when its petals scatter.' She can also be a little submissive and reluctant to be direct. However, her confrontation with Masamune allows her to mature and be more confident with herself, and she denies that she is a flower without a fragrance, and proves it to her brother by defeating him. She learns to be more honest with herself as the series goes on. When the situation calls for it, she will put her foot down, and can be as determined and as stubborn as Black Star himself. She refuses to use the Uncanny Sword when she thinks Black Star is too injured to keep on fighting, and also shouts at Maka and Soul to stop them from fighting with each other during the battle against Free, showing that she has grown more assertive. She still can be easily embarrassed, and can sometimes be paranoid and takes things too literally, shown in the Salvage chapter, and her reaction when Maka sarcastically suggests that Black Star and Soul be partners since they seem to be such close friends.

Despite being on the calm and accepting side, she still knows when to draw a line, and can be as punishing as Maka when someone, especially her partner, does something inappropriate, such as spying on her while she is bathing (her usual retaliation is throwing a shuriken into Black Star's head, resulting in a gush of blood). Due to her overall serious nature, she still shows some dismay and shock alongside Maka when the other characters do something ridiculous.

She seems to have a talent for cooking, having been complimented on a few occasions by her friends. She doesn't seem to mind cooking even for big-eaters like Black Star and Ragnarok; mostly because she thinks it is worth cooking for someone with such a big appetite. She is also very domestic, saying that she likes cleaning as well. Black Star once leaves her to clean the entire library at Shibusen in his stead, something which she happily does.

During the Salvage mission, her personality does not change that much, even though she is male. She is still rather quiet and polite, but develops the masculine weakness for women, showing with her reaction when Black Star inadvertently rests his (well-endowed and feminine) chest against her shoulder. It is revealed that, despite her quiet personality, Tsubaki is the most lustful of Spartoi group present, just topping Liz, something which embarrasses her to no end. She is teased often for this, but Blair states that they are both about the same, so Liz shouldn't be teasing Tsubaki. Interesingly enough, when she attacks Black Star for peeping on her, the reason leans more due to him not hiding well (hinting that at some level, she doesn't mind and might even enjoy the fact Black Star does this.) Tsubaki has had sexual tension with Maka. One time, Maka states that it would be easier if girls could date girls. Tsubaki smiles and agrees.


Tsubaki is a tall, attractive and rather well-endowed young woman of Japanese descent of around sixteen or seventeen years old. [1] She wears a pale yellow, sleeveless outfit with a skirt end that has a slit down the side with a bright yellow star emblazoned on the right side of the chest. She also wears a dark brown scarf and a tight dark brown stocking on her right leg starting just above the knee and white boots. She wears a sash that looks similar to Black Star's grey riveted straps that wraps around her waist twice and hangs down diagonally from right to left. She has long black hair tied up in a ponytail and large indigo eyes. Occasionally, like when she is bathing or playing basketball, her ponytail and the strands of hair at the side of her face are tied up into 'loops.' Upon using the Uncanny Sword, her hair is loose, with tattoos that are the same pattern as Black Star's. She wears grey and black bandages on her arms from the shoulder down, and wears a sweatband with a star symbol on it on each of her wrists.

Upon joining Spartoi, Tsubaki's attire has changed completely. Like Black Star, she now wears a sleeveless white top with stitches going down the middle and a black scarf around her neck. She now wears blue shorts tied with a black belt, with a small pouch attached marked with a star symbol. Like Black Star, she wears white bandages on her arms below her shoulders, although some black bandages can be seen near her shoulders too. On her right leg, she has a long plain back stocking, whilst on her left, she has several black bands wound around her leg. Her shoes are also black, unlike the rest of the Spartoi members, who wear white shoes.

When she is transformed into a male in the Lust Chapter of Book of Eibon, she has a very masculine build, tall and muscular, resembling her older brother Masamune. She is dressed in a black Japanese-like tunic and has bandages on her arms like Black Star. Her bangs are spikier although her ponytail still remains, but it is tied lower down her head unlike in her original female form, similar in the manner of her father and Masamune.

Tsubaki's soul is pale yellow in color and has her long ponytail as the 'tail' of her soul. At one time, the end of the tail resembles the blade of her Chain Scythe form. Tsubaki has a wide variety of Weapon forms. When she is transformed into a male, her Weapon forms change a little to match her new masculine appearance.


Due to her gentle and caring nature, Tsubaki is well-liked by all of the characters at Shibusen. She often provides help to anyone in need, and she acts like an older sister, or even a mother figure to some of the younger characters. She is also rather close with her family, and even Masamune who had turned into an Evil human, manages to regain his humanity in his last moments because of her influence.


Black Star
Personality-wise, Black Star is the polar opposite of Tsubaki, being loud, boastful and slightly inconsiderate of others. Tsubaki shows signs in which she is disheartened by Black Star's antics, but she manages to put up with it, something that is not easy due to his ego. She is sometimes embarrassed when Black Star does something inappropriate in front of people, and often apologizes on his behalf.
However, deep down she really cares for him. She often acts like a teacher or an older sister towards Black Star, helping him with school work, telling him off when he does something wrong, and often acting like a proud parent (Kid even points this out once) towards him. She worries for his condition when he begins overusing the Uncanny Sword, damaging his body, leading him to try and walk the 'Path of the Demon' to become stronger. Tsubaki is also greatly upset if Black Star gets hurt, and although she is usually passive towards him, she will stand her ground and refuse to obey Black Star if she thinks it will put him in danger, breaking the usual principle that a Weapon has to follow their Meister's choices and decisions, showing that she thinks of him more than just her Meister. She also shows regret for letting Black Star get involved in her fight between Masamune, thinking that she is using him. Even though she manages to defeat Masamune (her initial reason in joining Shibusen), she states that she still wants to continue being Black Star's partner. She once has a private fear of Black Star leaving her to be Soul's partner, although this fear is quickly allayed.
Whilst Black Star benefits from Tsubaki's calm personality, Black Star's confidence also has a positive influence on Tsubaki. Black Star gives her the confidence to be more honest with herself. She seems to understand him the most out of all the other characters, but admits that there are things that even she doesn't understand about Black Star, but she says that it doesn't really matter as she thinks friends do not need to understand each other all the time.
Tsubaki and Maka are shown to be very close best friends. When Maka is down or angry, Tsubaki is usually the person who talks her around. She trusts Maka to a great degree and sometimes feels sorry for her when she ends up being teased by the likes of Black Star and Soul. She is also not afraid to be firm with her, showing when she shouts at Maka and Soul when they begin fighting during their battle against Free. She also agrees to go along with Black Star to attack Arachnophobia to avenge Maka when she gets injured by them. Since both Maka and Tsubaki have headstrong partners, both of them can relate to each other in regards to the things they have to put up with them. Having a deep friendship, they can perform as Weapon and Meister partners due the compatibilities of their Soul Wavelengths, though Maka is only able to wield Tsubaki in her Chain Scythe form, which she still manages to use perfectly. According to "The Moon" (Chapter 90) of the manga series there appears to be a slight sexual tension between the two of them when Maka states "It would be easier if all girls could just date other girls" to which Tsubaki blushes and says "Yeah it would be a nice feeling" then smiles at Maka.


Sanjuro Nakatsukasa
Tsubaki and Sanjuro have a deep father-daughter bond, shown when she arrives back at their home in Japan. Her father comforts her when she tells him of her brother's death. It is also mentioned that she often sends letters back to her home, showing how close she is to her family.
Although Tsubaki's mother is mentioned but not seen, it can be implied that Tsubaki shares the same bond with her as with her father.
Tsubaki loves her brother very much, but often had a habit of agreeing with him and compromising for him ever since they had been young, because she felt sorry for him as he had not been born with the multiple Weapon forms. This instead, leads him to becoming an Evil human. Tsubaki joins Shibusen with the purpose of stopping him. At first, Tsubaki ends up only using her Chain Scythe to fight Masamune, even though she can use multiple Weapons, because she thinks it is unfair on Masamune, which leads him to accuse her of being weak and a flower without a fragrance, like the camellia flower. However, Tsubaki, determined to stop him, manages to defeat him, and thanks to her, Masamune returns to his human form before dying, and leaving his Uncanny Sword powers to Tsubaki. His death causes deep sadness in Tsubaki, even some time after his defeat. At one point, she privately asks for Masamune's help when she is worried that Black Star might end up walking to same path as him.


Being around the same age, the two get along, even though Liz sometimes takes advantage of her kindness. Tsubaki can also relate to Liz's pride for her younger sister, Patti, saying that it is just like her when she feels proud of Black Star. She is also the first to comfort Liz when she cries for Kid.
Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder
Tsubaki sometimes acts like a mother figure towards the two young twins, as the two are shown playing tag with her and Angela.
When Angela is taken in to the Shibusen, Tsubaki acts like an older sister to the young Witch. She is seen playing tag with her along with Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder.


Even though Mifune is an enemy of the Shibusen, as he is a part of Arachnophobia, Tsubaki sees that he is a nice person, and is dismayed that he would join such an evil organization. She even prevents Black Star from fighting him at one point, and entreats Mifune to not carry on fighting for Arachnophobia. She also blushes when Mifune tells Black Star that he has a great blade (meaning Tsubaki). Although she fights alongside Black Star and helps him defeat and kill Mifune in their last battle with each other, she still grieves over his death, shedding tears in his final moments, and fulfilling his last wish to bring him closer to Baba Yaga's castle where Angela is as much as she can before he dies.
The Will of Nakatsukasa
As a part of her clan and a great wise being, Tsubaki deeply respects the Will of Nakatsukasa residing in her soul, even letting the Will briefly 'borrow' her appearance when he is confronting Black Star.
Tsubaki cares for Crona very much, always acting kind towards the nervous Sword Meister. She is saddened when Crona ends up rejoining Medusa, and when she and Black Star fight him/her, Tsubaki tries to gently entreat him/her to remember his/her time at Shibusen, assuring Crona that no one would try to betray him/her.
Tsubaki is slightly annoyed by Ragnarok's rude personality, but she still manages to put up with him. She doesn't mind cooking for him, even though he is incredibly gluttonous, being used to Black Star's large appetite. She says that it is worth cooking for big-eaters like him.

Powers and Abilities

Skilled Combatant

Although her physical prowess is exceeded by Black Star, Tsubaki is shown to be very agile and a good fighter. She puts up a fair fight against Masamune, despite the fact that she is purposely going easy on him by only using one Weapon form to fight. However, this might not really count as Tsubaki is fighting with her soul and not with her physical body. However, she is shown to be very athletic, being able to keep up with Black Star when he runs or leaps from tree to tree. Shinigami states, however, that her true strength is in her soul and not in her other abilities. When using Shadow☆Star: Fourth Form - Branched Darkness, she borrows Black Star's strong Soul Wavelength and gets a boost in strength and combat capabilities. However, Tsubaki rarely fights alone, and usually fights as Black Star's Weapon.

Tsubaki transforming

Tsubaki's hair as a Chain Scythe

Chain Scythe

Tsubaki has the ability to change her long ponytail into one end of her Chain Scythe. She has not really used this offensively, only using it once to keep a hold of Sid Barett.

Multiple Weapon Transformation

A trait that sets her apart from normal Weapons, Tsubaki can change into multiple Weapon forms. She can do this freely and quickly, something which is advantageous to Black Star when he switches fighting styles. Tsubaki also later acquires the ability to change into her brother's Weapon form, and can even change the weight of her Weapon forms, making it easier for her Meister to wield them.

Puppet Shadow: In Uncanny Sword form, she can assume control over Black Star's shadow, and this ability improves as Black Star manages to master all of the Uncanny Sword's abilities. She can use Black Star's shadow to help improve his speed and movement, act as a defense against attacks, or act offensively as an extra blade to her Weapon form.


Tsubaki and Masamune lived with their family, and Tsubaki developed the habit of pretending to like what Masamune liked, and to agree with him all the time in order to please him. However, this led to Masamune's inferiority complex towards Tsubaki growing even more because of her multiple Weapon form heritage. Taking her actions of pity in a twisted way, he decided to follow the path of an Evil human.

Wanting to stop her brother, Tsubaki decided to enroll in Shibusen. On enrollment day, she saw Black Star on one of his grand speeches. Everyone ignored him apart from Tsubaki, who said that she thought he was great. Black Star, impressed that Tsubaki had been the first person to notice his 'greatness,' asked her to tell him her name. The two soon decided to become partners. The two have been a Meister and Weapon team ever since.

Soul Eater

Prologues Arc

"Black Star"

Black Star and Tsubaki are on a mission to take down Al Capone and his men. Although Tsubaki reminds him of the Way of Assassination, Black Star ends up giving himself away by making a big entrance right in the middle of the villains' banquet, using Tsubaki in Weapon form like a microphone, much to the Weapon's chagrin. Alcapone's men do not hesitate to attack them, and the two are forced to retreat using Tsubaki's Smoke bomb Mode.

Tsubaki is saddened by their failure, saying that they had not been able to acquire a single soul as of yet, but Black Star remains ecstatic, claiming that he was as 'big as usual' and made a great stage performance. The two contact Shinigami and Tsubaki tells them of their failed mission. Shinigami wonders on why they are failing so much even when they are quite skilled. Tsubaki apologizes on Black Star's behalf when his fooling around gets him a Shinigami Chop.

Shinigami then tells them that although he would like to watch over them all the time, things have become problematic recently because Al Capone and his men have begun to go after a Witch Soul of the Witch Angela Leon. He also tells them that Angela has an incredibly strong bodyguard called Mifune and that his soul is more powerful than the average human's. His soul alone will count as ninety-nine souls. Realizing that Mifune's soul and Angela's Witch Soul would immediately turn Tsubaki into a Death Scythe, Black Star eagerly dashes off to face Mifune, with Tsubaki following behind, not waiting to listen to the rest of what Shinigami has to say about Angela.

Tsubaki however, stops Black Star and tells him that in their current state, it would be impossible to defeat Mifune and Angela. They would need to go through this mission properly; angered by her criticism, Black Star attempts to prove to Tsubaki that he can easily follow the Way of Assassination, by sneaking up on Tsubaki whilst she is bathing at a waterfall. He manages to do it at first, but then ends up screaming when he sees her naked body, which causes an angry Tsubaki to throw a shuriken at him.

As the two make their way to Magic Castle Cinder where Angela and Mifune reside, Tsubaki asks Black Star if he has a plan. He confidently replies that the first thing he will do is make a big entrance, much to Tsubaki's despair. However, Black Star then swears to Tsubaki that he will make her into a Death Scythe, and she smiles and says that she knows he will.

However, as they reach the castle, they see Al Capone's men killed, and they are attacked by Mifune. Mifune asks them if they are after Angela. Mifune gives the two a chance to leave, but Black Star orders Tsubaki to change into Chain Scythe Mode. Noticing that Black Star is a person from Shibusen, Mifune prepares to attack, engaging in his Infinite One-Sword Style.

Mifune quickly proves to be more than a match, as the Meister struggles against his swordsmanship. Mifune says so to Black Star, that his Weapon is the only thing protecting him, and that no matter how potent a Weapon is, if its Meister is not competent, it will be useless. He gives one last chance for Black Star to leave, saying that he does not like to kill a child. However, Black Star, angered at Mifune for calling him a child, proceeds to attack Mifune by throwing Tsubaki at him in Shuriken Mode, followed by Smoke bomb Mode, and then attempts to cut Mifune under cover of the smoke by grabbing one of his katanas. However, his loud voice gives him away, much to Tsubaki's chagrin and Mifune strikes him down.

Tsubaki watches on, horrified, thinking Black Star is dead. However, the Meister gets up, and yells at Mifune for hitting him with the back of his blade, saying that only he can do those kind of moves. Mifune instead says he feels sorry for Tsubaki, as she has to put up with him. He calls Black Star a 'small kid.' However, Tsubaki defends Black Star, saying that he can succeed if he tries, despite being a bit of an idiot at times. Black Star, now furious with Mifune, decides to take the fight seriously. Tsubaki uses her Smoke bomb and her Dummy Star mode to distract Mifune, allowing Black Star to take him down with Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave.

He proceeds to interrogate Mifune on the whereabouts of Angela. Mifune refuses to say anything and Black Star is about to lose his patience when Angela herself arrives and begs the two to spare Mifune. Black Star is startled as Angela is only a small child, and that Mifune is defending her until she can fend for herself. Tsubaki reminds them that with ninety-nine Evil humans right before them and a Witch with no powers, such an opportunity would never arise again. However, Black Star ends up sparing them, to which she agrees to happily.

Back at Shibusen, Black Star gives all of Al Capone and his men’s souls to Shinigami, who asks him why he is not taking them when the going is good. Black Star declares that someone as great as him has no need to take credit for someone else's work. He asks for Tsubaki's opinion and she happily agrees.

Later however, Black Star is back to his old tricks again, peeping on Tsubaki in the school baths, which earns him a shuriken thrown into his head.[2] I am the Star! The Big Man is Showing Up Here?

Remedial Lessons Arc

Part 1

Black Star and Tsubaki try to sneak up on Soul and Maka as they enter the Death Room after all four of them had been called there by Shinigami. However, his loud voice gives him away again, to Tsubaki's dismay.

The four meet up with Shinigami, who tells them that he is giving them extra lessons, much to the protest of Maka and Soul and Tsubaki since they all have collected no souls at all recently. Shinigami thus gives them a mission in order to defeat Sid Barett, their missing former teacher who was rumored to have died and come back as a zombie terrorizing the other students (apparently the rumor is true) and trying to get them to experience the freedom from the fear of dying. He also says that there is also the person who turned Sid into a zombie to consider. Shinigami then adds that if they fail this mission, they will be expelled.

Everyone else is distraught about the threat of being expelled apart from Black Star, whom Tsubaki tries to get to take the mission seriously. Tsubaki decides they go to Hook Cemetery, where Sid's grave is. However, almost all of the students seem to be goofing around, or too depressed to focus (in Maka's case).

However, at that moment, Sid attacks Maka, but Soul manages to save her before she is harmed. Sid picks up his gravestone and begins using it as a weapon. Tsubaki prepares to fight along with everyone else.

Maka and Soul tries to engage in a Soul Resonance and use Witch-Hunt Slash on Sid, but end up failing and almost hit Black Star instead. As they try to hit Sid, the zombie buries itself underground, appearing only to attack and disappear again. Tsubaki manages to use Trap☆Star with Black Star to catch Sid by sending Sid's Wavelength through her chains to Black Star in order to let him known of his location, but ends up catching Maka and Soul in the process.

The four then interrogate Sid as to who turned him into a zombie, and on his whereabouts. Black Star manages to coax Sid into saying that it was Franken Stein that had turned him into a zombie by flipping Tsubaki's skirt. Soul, determined not to lose, flips Maka's skirt as well, which amusingly provokes no reaction from Sid. Maka uses Maka Chop on the boys and Sid, which manages to have Sid tell him that Stein is in Patchwork lab, a place on the outskirts of Death City.[3][4]

Part 2

The students, with Tsubaki holding Sid captive, go to the laboratory, and meet with Stein, who makes a rather bizarre entrance by falling out of the building on his chair. However, he proves to be an amazing fighter, being able to use Soul Perception in order to analyze his opponents beforehand, and he takes out Black Star easily whilst still seated on his chair. Maka and Soul proceed to attack, but Stein manages to disarm Maka and prepares to start dissecting her. However, Black Star manages to get him to let go by using his Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave. But he is surprised as the attack does no effect to him. Stein explains that as he had seen Black Star's soul and Soul Wavelength, he had been able to change his own Wavelength to match Black Star's, therefore Resonating with him and making Black Star's Wavelength attack useless. He then attacks Black Star with his own Wavelength, which causes him to lose consciousness in a pool of blood. While Tsubaki in tears and is horrified, Sid tells her when he was alive, he was not the kind of man who would run away, but he tells Tsubaki she should not continue a fight if she cannot win.

Soul and Maka, the latter regaining her courage to fight Stein, manage to engage in a successful Witch-Hunt Slash. However, Stein still manages to defeat them. When it appears all is lost, Stein and Sid reveal that all of this is just a part of the extra lesson planned by Shinigami. Soul protests that he had still killed Black Star, but the Meister then regains consciousness, being tended to by Tsubaki.

The next day, the four students are in class, when Stein, much to Soul and Maka's shock, appears and tells them that he is now their new teacher.[5][6]

Black Blood Arc:

My Brother

Tsubaki took on a mission she personally felt involved in at the academy, the goal was to reclaim a kishin egg or evil human soul that has suspected to appear in the village of needles in East Asia. She and Black☆Star approach the village asking around for the Demon Blade on the mission spects, only to witness the prejudice against Black☆Star's family heritage. She hears the history about the star on her wardrobe and supports Black☆Star in his struggles, the evil blade later appears in the village before performing Soul Possession on a villager. After a long fight, they free the boy and it seems that Tsubaki and the blade know each other, they are infact siblings of the Nakatsukasa Clan before the blade, Masamune Nakatsukasa defected from his previous life.
Masamune Nakatsukasa - (48)

"Tsubaki holding Masamune's rotted Soul."

Masamune fought Tsubaki out of an inferiority complex. She and masamune are struggling to absorb one another to end the conflict as Masamune himself plans to murder Tsubaki and take her weapon transformations as customary only to first borns of their clan. Being a second born, Tsubaki wasn't supposed to inherit all that power which caused Masamune to feel cheated even at an early age, the fight ends it's bloody gore on a cheerful ending having Masamune see the light before his death while acknowledging Tsubaki's worth. She then gains his ability to transform into the Demon Blade entitled: 'Demon Blade Mode'.

The New Student and Soul Observation

Whilst attending Stein's usual dissecting class, Maka complains about how Soul and Black Star are skipping class again. She tells Tsubaki sarcastically that those two should be partners instead since they are such good friends. However, Tsubaki takes this too literally and insists that that must not happen. Soon, the two girls hear fighting going on outside, and they, along with Stein go outside to see Death the Kid fighting against Black Star and Soul.

During battle, Kid uses his partners, Liz and Patti with great dexterity and handles both Soul and Black Star with extreme ease. When Black Star expresses his frustration at Kid's long-range attacks, Kid decides to switch to close-range hand-to-hand combat, proving that he surpasses even Black Star in martial arts. The fight soon attracts the attention of the students inside the school; leading to Maka, Tsubaki and Stein having to go outside to watch the fight. Asking Maka to see if Death the Kid is Resonating with Liz and Patti, Maka sees that despite it being difficult to wield two Weapons, the three look up to each other, and thus achieve a perfect balance in Soul Wavelengths. Tsubaki and her agree that they are a great team. On the other hand, Black Star and Soul's efforts to defeat Kid are futile against him.

After failing to wield Soul as a Weapon, the two go against Death the Kid again. They almost manage to hit him. However, Kid still manages to dodge, and counter-attack the two. He then proceeds to use Death Cannon. Despite the situation looking grim, Black Star boasts that nothing will defeat him. Obviously, Kid's Death Cannon finishes both of them off.

Kid, surprisingly, loses consciousness too for seemingly unknown reasons. It is then revealed by Maka that, when Soul attempted to slash at Kid, he cut some of Kid’s bangs, with Kid not noticing his broken symmetry until after the explosion. Soul and Black Star both agree that this was their 'win from behind.'

Tsubaki then goes to Black Star and asks if he is alright, though, his only concern is if she saw him and how well he did. Tsubaki is later seen when Shinigami comes to take home.

Demon Sword Ragnarok

Tsubaki is in the girl's shower room at Shibusen, when she hears from some girls that Soul had been injured badly during a mission. She quickly makes her way to the Dispensary with Black Star (who gets a Maka Chop from Maka for trying to shake Soul awake) and comforts Maka, along with the disguised Medusa.


Black Star gets punished for not collecting any Evil human souls by having to clean up the Library at Shibusen. However, as soon as he learns about Excalibur with Kid, the two go looking for it, leaving Tsubaki to clean up in his stead, something which angers Sid. However, Tsubaki insists that she does not mind and that she likes cleaning. Later, she asks about Excalibur to Stein, who explains that Excalibur is an extremely powerful Demon Weapon, and that people who have successfully wielded him have become heroes. However, contrary to this, anyone can use him, but usually people are put off by his annoying personality. Black Star and Kid return, disgusted by Excalibur, and later agree that they have great partners, whilst Tsubaki, Liz and Patti look on, confused. They are then greeted by the recently recovered Soul, and Maka later beckons Kid and Black Star into their classroom to see huge bouquets of roses for them by Excalibur, telling them that he will be waiting for them, much to Black Star and Kid's disgust.

Uncanny Sword

When Tsubaki hears news of her brother, Masamune, from Shinigami, she takes on the mission to kill him, as Masamune, known as the Uncanny Sword has turned evil and has gone down the path of the Kishin. Shinigami is reluctant at first, since it will be a hard battle for her, but Tsubaki says that she will fight him. When Shinigami asks him how Black Star's response was, Tsubaki replies that he will put his soul in her hands for the battle. Shinigami states that she has a good partner, and she happily agrees.

The pair go to the Village of Needles located in East Asia. Enthusiastic as usual, Black Star ends up accusing every single person he meets as Masamune, which annoys Tsubaki. However, when a young boy called Ryoku notices Black Star's star-shaped tattoo on his shoulder, he realizes that he is a member of the Star Clan and angrily tells him to leave, throwing a coin at him, saying that the Star Clan will do anything for money. As the other villagers notices Black Star's heritage, the two are forced to leave and scout for Masamune from the treetops on the outskirts of the village and it starts to rain.

Tsubaki is worried and puzzled over the villagers' reaction, and Black Star finally decides to explain to Tsubaki about his history. His family were members of the Star Clan, a group of killers who would do anything for money. The Village of Needles had probably been a victim of their bloodthirsty rampages. When Tsubaki asks what had happened to them now, Black Star replies that they were all killed by Shibusen thirteen years ago, and he, who had still been an infant at the time, was taken into Shibusen. Tsubaki asks if he holds any grudges against the DMWA, but Black Star says no, in that his father and mother paid for their crimes and that is that. Tsubaki expresses her sadness on how Black Star is accused of all the things the Clan did when he had not done anything. However, Black Star replies happily that he stood out a lot back in the village. Tsubaki smiles, knowing that Black Star is lying and that he would never want to stand out for doing bad things.

Suddenly, they feel the presence of Masamune and return to the village. They see Ryoku again, now possessed by the Uncanny Sword. Tsubaki and Black Star prepare to fight. Tusbaki tells him that the Uncanny Sword possesses people and uses them to wield him in Weapon form, before devouring their souls after. If Black Star is able to send his Wavelength into the host, Masamune would be forced to let go. Black Star soon realizes how dangerous Masamune is as he is able to manipulate his host's shadow as well, turning it into a deadly weapon. Black Star ends up getting wounded several times, and Tsubaki accuses herself for using Black Star, getting him involved in her own family affairs. Black Star replies that as they are partners, Tsubaki can rely on him as much as she wants.

He tries to use Speed☆Star, but ends up sliding on the wet surface of the ground caused by the rain, causing him to hit his crotch as he slides into a statue. Frustrated, he decides to take the battle into the air, preventing Masamune from using his shadow attacks. He then uses Shield☆Star to trap Ryoku before using his Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave. Masamune lets go of Ryoku and Tsubaki goes on and ventures inside the Uncanny Sword's soul to do battle with him. In the physical world, she remains unconscious, so Black Star waits for her to come back, despite by being repeatedly beaten by the villagers, who think that he hurt Ryoku.

Tsubaki's soul enters the world inside the Uncanny Sword, in which she meets Masamune. Conjuring up their Weapon forms, the two fight. Tsubaki only uses her Chain Scythe to fight, which causes Masamune of accusing her of being a pushover, seeing that she is purposely only using one Weapon form to be fair to him. He easily begins to have the upper hand, wounding Tsubaki multiple times. Masamune explains how the path of the Kishin was the only way open to him, after being pitied so much and having been born with only one Weapon form when he was supposed to have inherited Tsubaki's multiple Weapon forms. Determined to kill her, he stabs her with the Uncanny Sword. At first, it seems that Tsubaki had lost, and Masmaune mocks her for always minding about other people and thus not showing her true feelings. He compares her to the camellia flower, the flower without a fragrance. Tsubaki, however, manages to fight back at last, insisting that she will not hold back any longer, and stabs him with her Ninja Sword. Masamune tells her it is futile and that she is a scentless flower. Tsubaki replies that even camellias have a fragrance. The two both use all of their power. In the physical world, Tsubaki's body gets sucked into the Uncanny Sword, much to Black Star's shock.

However, Tsubaki manages to defeat Masamune, who regains his humanity. He takes back what he had said about Tsubaki being a scentless flower, and that he had realized when he had come into contact with her soul. He fades away, saying that it is a beautiful fragrance. Tsubaki holds onto his soul, crying.

Tsubaki returns to her human form in front of an astonished Black Star, and apologizes for keeping him waiting. Black Star asks her if she is all right, and she replies that she is. However, sensing her sadness, Black Star offers her a hug, causing Tsubaki to break down into tears and accept his offer. However, the villagers still begin to hit Black Star. Losing his temper, he kicks one of the villagers sky-high before running off with Tsubaki, much to her shock, and runs off. Tsubaki apologizes to the villagers, saying that he is a nice person.

Back at Shibusen, Black Star asks if Tsubaki will still be his partner even after defeating Masamune. Tsubaki replies happily with a yes, seeing that she can be herself around him and has a desire to continue forward with him. The two are congratulated by Shinigami, Stein, Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, Liz and Patti in the Death Room. Later, Black Star declares that Tsubaki has acquired Masamune's Uncanny Sword Mode. He tries wielding it but ends up passing out as the sword is too strong for him to wield.

The Soul that Persisted

At the party celebrating Soul leaving the hospital and Black Star and Tsubaki's first soul, she is seen complimenting Maka's cooking. Maka then suddenly senses two Witches in the city, causing her to run off.

The Experiment

Black Star, Maka, Soul and Tsubaki are in London on a mission, with Maka and Soul ordered to be with another Meister and Weapon team after their encounter with Crona. Tsubaki realizes the tension between Maka and Soul and tries to cheer them up, but to no avail. Maka uses her Soul Perception to find their target, but realizes that he is right in front of them. Black Star immediately tries to fight him using Tsubaki in Uncanny Sword form, which worries her since they have not been able to use it properly yet. Black Star states that one minute will be enough. Although he possesses great speed and Tsubaki stops one of the man's attacks with his shadow in her Uncanny Sword form, Black Star does not even last for ten seconds and collapses.

Maka realizes that the man is the werewolf that stole Mabaa's eye. She tries to use Soul to do battle with him, but due to the tension in their relationship, they cannot wield each other, much to Tsubaki's surprise. She suggests that Maka wield her instead, with Soul covering her. However, Free manages to be too strong, and Maka, after being thrown to the ground, decides to use Soul, despite causing her physical harm. Soul immediately tells her to cool down as she is attacking too recklessly, but Maka angrily replies that she wants to become stronger, and that it is Soul's fault that they cannot match their Wavelengths, because he is too much of a coward to become stronger. Tsubaki finally 111239 1280x720

Tsubaki shouting at Maka and Soul.

breaks their argument by shouting at them to stop, causing the two to look at the normally quiet Demon Weapon in surprise. Tsubaki tells them to listen to each other, but Soul points out that Black Star always does not listen to Tsubaki. Tsubaki happily replies that she thinks that it is okay for Black Star to be an idiot.

With new resolve, both Maka and Soul reconcile and use Witch-Hunt Slash on Free, and Maka throws Soul aside to tackle Free off London Bridge, wanting to take her down with her, Free hangs onto Maka with his claws, whilst Soul tries to hold onto his Meister. However, Black Star, having regained consciousness, cuts off Free's hand with Tsubaki in Shuriken form.

Written Exam

Shibusen has issued an important written exam. Upon hearing that whoever scores the highest is said to make a Death Scythe, Black Star becomes greatly enthused and promises Tsubaki he will get first place.

Back at their apartment, Black Star's study habits are revealed: if he cannot solve a problem, he will punish himself by performing an arduous workout, and Tsubaki insists that she will help teach him. After taking a bath, Tsubaki is happy that Black Star is studying, and decides to make him some rice balls as a treat. After she returns to where she left him she finds he is missing, which leaves her puzzled.

The next day, she finds out that Black Star had sneaked into Patchwork lab to get the answers to the test and got caught by Stein and is seen the next day hanging from the class board, battered and bloody, much to Tsubaki's dismay. In the end, Tsubaki passes the exam with 81 points, mostly due to the trick question that she could not see through.

Foundation Day Eve

Tsubaki arrives to the party with Black Star, Maka, and Soul, embarrassed by how shoddy her Meister is dressed. Black Star spends the rest of the party eating a massive amount of food, which embarrasses Tsubaki.

Soon the party is ruined by Medusa, who reveals her identity and escapes, and Free traps everyone in his Spatial Magic: Independent Cube that separates everyone in the party from the rest of the world.

Sid returns from his mission just in time to perform his Compulsive Burial, sending Black Star and Tsubaki, along with Maka and Soul, Kid, Liz and Patti and Stein through the ground and away from the imprisonment. Once the group reach the bottom floor of Shibusen, Stein informs them of Medusa's goal that she is going to go and awaken Asura the Kishin sealed away at the bottom of the school. He says that he will go stop her, and says that they are free to follow him or leave, he will not judge them for their decisions, as the battle ahead will be dangerous. Tsubaki changes into her usual outfit and ties her hair back into a ponytail, and agrees to fight along with everyone else.

Eve's Fight To The Death

Proceeding through the underground of Shibusen on their way to stop the revival of Asura, they are interrupted by Spirit, who had managed to escape Free's Spatial Magic. Eventually, Medusa herself appears, with the intent of being a hindrance to the group whilst Eruka and Free go ahead to awake the Kishin. Stein informs the students of the plan to stop Medusa's group. He deduces that Crona would be also used as a hindrance, and tells Black Star and Tsubaki to fight Crona as his Wavelength-based attacks will be able to damage her/him, whilst Maka and Kid will go after Free and Eruka. He tells the students to go on ahead, as he will fight Medusa with Spirit. Medusa uses her Vector Arrow to stop the students from advancing. However, Death the Kid manages to go through the attack and Black Star forces his way through by briefly using the Uncanny Sword, cutting through the arrows. They are soon followed by Maka.

Black Star and Tsubaki soon run into Crona and Ragnarok and prepares to do battle with him/her. However, Maka, who had caught up along with Soul, stops him. Black Star is at first very annoyed at Maka walking in on his fight. However, seeing how determined Maka is to avenge Soul, he allows her to fight Crona, assuring her that he will come to help her whenever she is in trouble. He then uses Speed☆Star to get past Crona and goes on ahead.

The duo later arrive just in time to get Kid to snap out of one of his depressions caused by the asymmetry of his ruined surroundings, mainly, by crashing into him. Black Star notices that Kid is battling Free, and thus proceeds to attack him. However, Kid realizes that Free, despite not attempting to dodge Kid's projectile attacks, is trying to avoid being hit by Black Star's physical attacks. Kid stops the fight and to Black Star's shock, walks through Free, proving that the Free standing before them is nothing more than a hologram produced through Free's magic. He reprimands Black Star, asking him why he had not noticed this, even when he had cut him with Tsubaki in Ninja Sword mode. Black Star laughs and declares that since he is so awesome, he would normally expect his strikes bearing no resistance towards and opponent. Kid then states that Tsubaki would have noticed such a thing, but the Weapon, embarrassed, answers that she too was preoccupied; thinking on how much Black Star had grown stronger. Dismayed by the fact that they have lost precious time, the two Meisters and their partners go on after Free and Eruka, who had reached the Kishin.

Finally, the two reach them. Death the Kid tries to attack, but Free blocks him, leaving Eruka to go and inject the sealed Kishin with the Black Blood. Black Star goes on after the Witch.

Using Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword form, Black Star tries to strike Eruka, who retaliates with Tadpole Bombs. However, she drops the syringe containing the Black Blood. Black Star tries to get it, but Otama Jackson, Eruka's Familiar, passes it to her. Angered, Black Star kicks the Familiar and whilst Eruka is pushing the syringe into Asura, attacks her. At first, he seems to succeed in destroying the syringe. However, to his shock, the Kishin begins to awaken. Kid states that in his determination to stop Eruka, Black Star had created a gap in his mental defenses for the madness to play an illusion on him. Thus, Black Star had actually not destroyed the syringe, only the shrine in front of him.

Everyone watches in horror as Asura revives. Black Star orders Tsubaki to use her Uncanny Sword, but she refuses, saying that Black Star is in no state to fight any more. Outraged, Black Star goes on his own and uses Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave on Asura. Because of the damage he had taken, his own Wavelength starts to harm him. However, he tries to keep on fighting, but Asura, with a mere swipe of the hand, defeats him in one blow. He then defeats Kid in the same way, before escaping to the surface.

Tsubaki tends to an unconscious Black Star after the Kishin escapes from Death City.

Daily Life

To change the mood after the Kishin's revival, Black Star, Soul, Death the Kid, Patti and Tsubaki decide to play basketball. Due to a shortage of one player (Liz) they force Maka into joining the game. Black Star even lets her be captain of his team, even though he obviously shows signs that he wants to be the captain. Soul brings up the idea of a bet, for each of the teams' respective captain to follow if they lose. If Kid's team loses, they will put the paintings on Kid's walls in his mansion off by 2 cm; if Maka's team loses, she has to go shopping with her father. Ultimately, Kid's team wins, and Maka has to go shopping with her father, much to the joy of Soul, Black Star and Patti, although Tsubaki, feeling sorry for Maka, tries to persuade them to nullify the bet.


Shadow Star

Black Star battles Mifune (for the second time) using Demon Blade.

Tsubaki and Black Star are seen with the rest of the students along with Nygus all visiting Maka in the Dispensary after she is paralyzed by Arachne's magic. Black Star cheerfully decides to sign her face, claiming that it will make her better. This obviously annoys Maka, and a dismayed Tsubaki tries to wipe off the permanent marker on her face.

After Black Star overhears from Sid and Nygus that they are planning on infiltrating one of Arachnophobia's bases, he decides to follow them to avenge Maka, followed by Tsubaki.

Black Star and Tsubaki successfully arrive at the facility and then starts attacking all of the guards, coincidentally helping Sid and Nygus as attention is drawn from them. Whilst fighting, Black Star sees Angela, in the company of Mosquito, come out of the facility. He then meets with Mifune again. With Angela's safety as Mifune's incentive, Mifune begins to do battle with Black Star. Tsubaki is saddened that a kind person as Mifune is working with such an evil organization. The two begin to battle, with Mifune still proving to be more than a match for Black Star. After some time, Black Star activates the Uncanny Sword, using Shadow☆Star. Mifune, however, is able to deflect each and every one of Black Star's strikes. He then manages to defeat Black Star using his Addition attack to strike Black Star twelve times, then using his Multiplication move to make the strikes total twenty-four. Mifune, however, does not kill him, and instead tells Tsubaki to take him to safety.

Tsubaki entreats Mifune, saying that a person with such a good heart such as him does not belong in an organization like Arachnophobia, and that someone who is as strong and kind as he is would suit to be a teacher at Shibusen. Mifune slightly blushes, and says that that is impossible. Tsubaki explains that the two had come here to avenge Maka, who had been hurt by Arachnophobia. Realizing the two's intentions, Mifune apologizes. Black Star gets back up, still trying to face Mifune, but Tsubaki stops him. Mosquito then orders Mifune to kill Black Star, using Angela as the galvanizer. Mifune is reluctant, but before he can strike them down, Mosquito is shot from afar by Sid and Azusa, whilst Nygus sets off the explosives they had planted, detonating the facility. With the interruption, Mifune stays his decision to kill them. Black Star tries to fight with him again, but Mifune tells him to take his time. He states that he has a good Weapon, which causes Tsubaki to blush, and that in order for the Uncanny Sword to answer to Black Star's soul, he must first feel the presence of the entity residing in the Uncanny Sword. He then gives Black Star a candy to give to Maka, before leaving.


Maka, Soul, Liz, Patti and Tsubaki discuss on having a party at Kid's mansion, but then start to wonder where Black Star is, and realize that he has gone fighting again, even though he had already beaten up to ten opponents. Stein, irritated by their conversation, throws a scalpel that just misses Tsubaki's head, threatening her that he will aim for real the next time. Liz and Maka apologize to Tsubaki, who says that it is nothing to worry about. Tsubaki says, according to Maka, that as his Weapon, it would not be right for her to interfere with what Black Star is doing.

Black Star arrives late into the lesson, having recently beaten up a student in a fight. However, Stein still tells Black Star that he is late, and tells him to stand outside. The minute he is outside, Black Star begins training, willing himself to become stronger. Meanwhile, to combat against Arachne's awakening, Stein starts the class by teaching the students about Chain Resonance. He then calls up Ox and Harvar, Maka and Soul, and Black Star from outside. He begins by explaining the importance of them matching their Wavelengths with others around them, aside from their partner. Stein then tells the students to attack him as a team. Tsubaki is seen laughing along with the others as they all fail to work together and end up hurting each other. Black Star, frustrated, ends up beating up Ox as a result.

Reunion Express

Tsubaki and the other students are at a party organized by Death the Kid at his mansion, with Tsubaki having made all the food. Liz asks Tsubaki if it is all right to pretend that she made all the food at the party, to which she agrees. Using this, Liz tries to flirt with a boy that she finds attractive, but her planned is ruined due to Black Star and Patti. She later appears with the others to comfort Crona and assure her that they are all his/her friends.

At the end of the party, Black Star invites Crona to their flat, and Tsubaki agrees, saying that it is worth cooking for someone with an appetite as big as Ragnarok's.

The Corner of the Room

Tsubaki is with her friends, trying to convince Soul to play the piano for them. When Soul protests, Maka says that she likes his songs. Soul replies that that is because Maka has a low Musical IQ. Maka tells him not to make fun of her like of 'The Pon Pon Dance,' which makes her a subject of her friends' teasing. Crona, however, is quiet, and soon decides to leave the group. Maka is concerned for him/her, but Black Star points out that Crona is always like that.

Legend of the Holy Sword

Tsubaki is with Black Star as he approaches Hiro at Shibusen and asks him to be his training dummy as usual. He ends up grievously injuring Hiro, but walks off, not really caring. However, the next day, Hiro acquires Excalibur. Black Star and Tsubaki enter the school only to see Hiro defeating several students using Excalibur. Black Star, soon irritated by Excalibur's behavior, asks Hiro how he can stand Excalibur’s one thousand requirements. Hiro replies that he is happy to comply with Excalibur's demands, and instead asks Black Star how he cannot handle such easy tasks. Determined to beat him, Black Star declares a duel with Hiro and Excalibur with Tsubaki, along with Death the Kid, Kirikou and their partners. However, even though he attacks using the Uncanny Sword, Hiro easily defeats all three of them using Hiro the Atomic.

Duel Arts

Black Star is seen in the gardens of Shibusen, with Tsubaki in her Uncanny Sword form. He tries to reach the second presence within Tsubaki. He then meets with the Will of Nakatsukasa in the Uncanny Sword, taking on the form of a giant black and white deer. The deer asks him why he is searching for power, and likens him to a demon.

Before their conversation can continue, Liz calls Black Star and Tsubaki to join Stein, Death the Kid, Maka, and Soul. Stein then tells everyone that they need to achieve a Chain Resonance within their team. If they fail, then they will be excluded from his class.

Everyone prepares to do a Chain Resonance. However, they keep on failing as Black Star's Wavelength always attempts to dominate everyone else. Maka, frustrated, begins to argue with Black Star, telling him to at least try and let them keep up. Black Star replies that he has no desire to try and slow down for people who just cannot keep up. This leads to a fight, and Stein decides to let them have a break, in which Maka goes to ask Stein to take Black Star out of their team. However, Stein refuses, and Black Star later accuses Maka for tattling to him, telling her that he is not the only one acting on his own wants. Maka, angered, tries to punch him, but Black Star easily throws her down. Maka tries again, this time Black Star lets her punch him. Black Star threatens her that even though his opponent is Maka, he will crush her if she declares a duel with him. Maka runs off, in tears. Tsubaki hits her Meister over the head, and Black Star apologizes, and leaves Tsubaki to comfort Maka.

After Tsubaki manages to find Maka, she asks him what she thinks of Black Star. Maka replies simply by saying that he ticks her off. Tsubaki pauses, before saying that Black Star actually does study before tests, which surprises Maka as he always gets zeroes. She asks Tsubaki why he never gets good grades, and Tsubaki admits that she does not know. Maka laments, saying that she will never understand Black Star if even Tsubaki cannot understand him. Tsubaki says that friends do not need to understand each other all the time. Realizing on how to achieve a true Chain Resonance, Maka eagerly decides to return to the others, and Tsubaki wonders if it was necessary for her to come in the first place. However, Maka, on the way, panics, wondering on how to apologize. Tsubaki ends up dragging her, saying that she does not need to think about it since she will probably end up fighting with Black Star again. After meeting up with Soul, the Meister returns and apologizes to Black Star. Black Star bears no malice and eagerly suggests they start training again. Their Chain Resonance then succeeds, and Stein makes Maka the leader of their team.

After their lesson, Maka, much to the surprise of everyone, tells Black Star to punch her, in return for when she had punched him. Black Star grins and says that he will not hold back. In the end, he punches her straight into a dustbin a distance away, much to Tsubaki and everyone's dismay. However, Maka smiles, despite being bruised.


Black Star, Kid, Maka, Ox, Kirikou, and Kim and their respective Weapons is the group of kids chosen for fighting to obtain Brew before Arachnophobia. The Demon Tool is located in a large magnetic field in the middle of the island, which is harmful to the human body if one is there for too long. The students' job is to prevent Arachnophobia forces from entering the field whilst Marie and Stein go inside. If they do not return after twenty minutes, they are to retreat.

When Stein and Marie, the duo responsible for retrieving Brew in the vortex of Lost Island, take too long to reappear, the group begins to worry. Ox, Kirikou, and Kim decide to stay behind and take care of the forces opposing them. With that, Maka, Black Star, and Kid enter the vortex. The first thing they notice is Death and that the vortex is a sort of frozen time anomaly repeatedly showing the events that led to the explosion on the island.

Shadow Star Gathering Cutter End

Black Star performs Shadow☆Star: Gathering Cutter.

Kid explains that what they see is Shinigami from the Grim Times, before he built Shibusen. The group then hurries to a temple. When they reach it, they notice a large mass of Witches--one of them being Arachne. The group proceeds and soon meet Marie and Stein. Because Marie and Stein are overstaying in the vortex, they are in danger of becoming a part of the time anomaly. Maka and the others tell them to retreat and decide that they will take on the mission of retrieving Brew.

They eventually bump into Mosquito, carrying Brew. He then reverts to his Form from 100 years ago and prepares to battle them. Before the battle can start, though, a hologram of Eibon appears. Despite Kid's reluctance, they all decide to ignore him and attack Mosquito. None of their attacks, however, are penetrating the tough hide of Mosquito. Mosquito then uses his immense strength to overpower the kids. Luckily, Soul comes up with the idea of Chain Resonance and augmenting it with his music. The group laugh as they hear he is going to play the piano in his soul. When Soul asks why they are laughing, Maka replies that they had finally got Soul to play the piano for them.

Soul plays the piano, giving everyone a rush of power, enabling them to maneuver flawlessly around each other and link their attacks with ease. They are easily able to overcome Mosquito with both their speed and strength. Black Star activates the Uncanny Sword, being able to Resonate better with it due to Soul's piano, and performs Shadow☆Star: Gathering Cutter, deeply wounding Mosquito's arms. Tsubaki is worried of his condition, despite the fact that their Resonance is made better thanks to Soul. Kid then manages to connect a Death Cannon, which destroys both of Mosquito's arms. Before they can finish him off, Soul stops playing, advising them to leave as their time limit for staying in the vortex is almost up. Black Star angrily says that he is still going to fight, but he shows signs of fatigue after using the Uncanny Sword. Tsubaki suggests that he leave, and he eventually agrees. Since Mosquito can revert to an even younger form of himself, he can remain in the vortex for longer, and the group have no choice but to retreat without Brew.

On their way out, they meet up with Kirikou and Ox, who help escort them out of the vortex. Kirikou realizes how exhausted Black Star is, and offers him a shoulder to lean on. They leave and watch how the Witch's research facility is destroyed by an explosion, though that, too, is a hologram from years past. When they exit the vortex they are greeted by a distraught Marie, who makes a move to strike them, but instead hugs them all for making it out safe, but soon threatens that they will all have a talking with her back at Shibusen.


Black Star and Tsubaki leave Death City at night. Tsubaki apologizes for making such a selfish decision, but Black Star happily tells her that it is okay, since he had thought school boring anyway. Tsubaki suggests that they go to her family's house in Japan. Black Star agrees.

In Between Decision and Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

After arriving at Tsubaki's home in Japan, Tsubaki and Sanjuro Nakatsukasa, her father, greet each other, and he comforts her as it is her first time visiting her home after defeating Masamune. Tsubaki's father first sees Black Star and, despite his eccentricity (which embarrasses Tsubaki), takes to the young Meister at once. Black Star takes it easy at first, but is soon back to training. Meanwhile, Tsubaki contacts Shinigami. She apologizes for not being able to help them with invading Arachnophobia's castle yet, and tells them on how she and Black Star are getting on. Tsubaki assures Shinigami that she is sure that Black Star will be okay. Nevertheless, she is still worried about Black Star, seeing that he is walking the same path as her brother. She privately asks her brother for help, which Black Star overhears.

One night, Black Star is outside looking up at the sky. He thinks of his heritage as the Star Clan. He is approached by Tsubaki, and the two talk. Black Star tells her that as a member of the Star Clan, he is always in darkness. However, he describes Tsubaki as the bright stars whilst he is the dark sky. Tsubaki teases him, saying that he is not like himself, and Black Star, embarrassed, tells her that he just wants to thank her. He then asks her if she can take him to the large deer in the Uncanny Sword. Tsubaki complies, and Black Star proceeds to meet with the Will of the Nakatsukasa Clan, intent on guiding Tsubaki.

Black Star meets with the deer, determined to show him the power of his soul. The deer decides to borrow Tsubaki's body, and instead, shows him what it means to follow the 'Path of the Demon,' by forcing Black Star to see the images of the regretful souls of those who had fallen by the Uncanny Sword, including Masamune. The Will remarks that Black Star is trembling, and the Meister is in tears. However, he claims that these tears are not his own but of the ones who failed to master the ways of the warrior. He tells the deer that he does not want to lose, and proceeds to say that he will take on the burden of the regret of the ones who had fallen. He tells the deer that the path he walks is not the 'Path of the Demon' but the 'Path of the Warrior' who revives the dead. Convinced of his power, the Will, along with a crying Tsubaki, agree to help him, saying that their souls will go alongside him.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

Black Star and Tsubaki arrives first in front of Sid's troops some distance away from Baba Yaga's Castle. However, he soon goes against orders and crashes through the forest, breaking through all of the castle's security and entering the castle's grounds, making a grand entrance. He is approached by three hundred soldiers of Arachnophobia's samurai division. Black Star prepares to attack, but Mifune jumps into the fray and tells everyone that he will fight Black Star alone.

Mifune sees that Black Star has changed. Black Star replies that his soul is now clear of indecision, and that he will overcome Mifune as he had been standing on the path that he had chosen to follow. The two agree that this is their last battle. With their newly achieved power over their Uncanny Sword, Black Star and Tsubaki perform Soul Resonance and activate a new Uncanny Sword form--Shadow☆Star: First Form - Chain of Blackness. With this new power Black Star is able to easily match Mifune's strength. After a while, Mifune performs his Infinite One-Sword Style. He then starts to beat Black Star with his moves such as Sword Fang. Seeing that the Chain of Blackness will not work against Mifune, Black Star changes it into a new form, Shadow☆Star: Third Form - Severed Shadow. This drastically improves Black Star's speed and allowed him to give Mifune several blows. However, Mifune is able to find a gap in his defenses, but Black Star manages to counter this by making Tsubaki turn into a replica of himself, engaging in Shadow☆Star: Fourth Form - Branched Darkness and performing Planet Destruction Cannon.

The two still continue fighting, with Black Star using Severed Shadow again. However, Mifune manages to wound him using his Disorderly Line. Mifune asks Black Star why he is hesitating, and that he himself has now nothing to lose. Black Star retorts that he has no hesitation, and he engages in his most powerful form, Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune. He tells Mifune that he is ready to die following the 'Path of the Warrior.' Mifune asks him if he is ready to take on another responsibility as well. If he does not have nothing to lose, he will not be able to defeat him. The two continue fighting, and although Black Star manages to wound Mifune, he himself gets grievously injured, with Mifune also breaking two of his fingers after the two lock swords. Mifune tells Black Star that he is not the only one who is prepared to die on the 'Path of the Warrior.' He asks if he is going to undermine his name as a warrior by showing indecisiveness to kill him. The Will of Nakatsukasa explains to Black Star that following the 'Path of the Warrior' means bearing misfortune and sadness onto others as well. Black Star replies by having Tsubaki make the Uncanny Sword the weight of a normal katana. She reluctantly complies. He thanks her and proceeds for the last move.

Mifune abandons all of his swords, save one, and the two clash, wounding each other with many strikes. During the last moments of the battle, Mifune makes a large cut through Black Star's right shoulder and arm, splitting Black Star's tattoo in half with a large scar. Black Star, unfazed by this, uses the opportunity to stab Mifune on his left side -- most likely through his heart.

The last attack by Black Star is enough to conclude the battle and ultimately end Mifune's life. As he proceeds to collapse, Mifune catches him and gently lays him down, congratulating him. Apologizing to Angela, he proceeds to collapse, but Tsubaki returns to her human form to help him up. Mifune tells her to bring him closer to the castle as much as she can, and she obeys, crying. She and Black Star watch as Mifune's soul is scattered into the wind.

Tsubaki soon starts crying for Black Star, worried of his injuries. Nygus attends to Black Star and Sid tells her that he will be all right, but then, Arachne starts spreading madness across the land, causing everyone, Tsubaki included, to start falling into madness. Black Star, however, is the only one in his area unaffected. Despite his wounds, he manages to stand up and 'blow' the madness away from his area and tell the others to strengthen their minds.

Tying Things Up and New Beginnings

Tsubaki is with Kim, Jacqueline, Angela and Sid meeting with Shinigami in the Death Room. The three girls try to persuade Shinigami to accept Angela into Shibusen, despite worries of her becoming destructive due to the Sway of Magic. However, Shinigami quickly says that it will be no problem at all, much to their surprise. Angela asks Tsubaki when Mifune is going to come and get her. Tsubaki smiles but does not reply.


Tsubaki and most of the other students are training at Shibusen, sparring with each other. Everyone is in awe at Patti's surprising strength as she beats Kim and several other opponents without a drop in form. Liz expresses her pride for her little sister, and Tsubaki says that she would feel the same with Black Star. Black Star decides to face Patti to give her a taste of how tough the real world can be. His fight is also watched by Angela.

As soon as the match begins, however, he asks for a time-out and he turns his back to Patti and asks Tsubaki to tie his hands together, intending to make the match more interesting by have him not use his hands. Patti uses the opportunity to kick Black Star in between the legs, defeating him, much to Tsubaki's dismay. After a while, Liz begins to worry about Kid, but Black Star and Tsubaki reassures her on Kid's safety. Sid then comes to talk to Nygus. Tsubaki asks her partner if he can hear them, and Black Star says that Marie and Stein have come back.

Tsubaki is next observed having joined Spartoi.

I'm Going To Be An Angel

Tsubaki is seen playing tag with Fire, Thunder and Angela, with Harvar quietly watching.


Tsubaki is with Black Star, Liz, and Patti eating ice cream at Death City. Tsubaki is worried about Maka as she seems to be a little side-tracked recently. Liz comments on how Maka appears to be slacking off after she had made Soul into a Death Scythe. Black Star points out that Liz is always slacking off. After finishing his ice cream, he reassures them that Maka will be back to normal soon.

The Witch's Research

Black Star and Tsubaki Spartoi

Black Star and Tsubaki in their Spartoi uniform.

Whilst Kirikou, Kim, Fire, Thunder, Liz and Patti are investigating Medusa's old laboratory, Black Star and Tsubaki are tasked with discovering her actual current location, something which greatly irritates Black Star. Tsubaki tries to explain that his advanced five senses make for the best counter against a Medusa's Soul Protect but he is unrelenting in his annoyance, claiming that the 'human radar' Maka should be here instead, mainly because Crona might be here. Just as he says this, he detects the approaching sound of unstable footsteps, which are instantly recognizable as belonging to Crona. He quickly orders Tsubaki to transform into Severed Shadow, before meeting with Crona, having advanced in his/her madness once more. Black Star angrily asks her what is with her new look, saying that Maka would cry if she were to see him/her.

Abyss, Uncleanliness, Darkness

The Black Clown then appears and fuses with Crona — creating three Demon Swords wielded by Crona and Ragnarok. Black Star retorts that he too wields three swords — Severed Shadow, his own hand, and when Tsubaki questions the third he refers to 'the ultimate weapon every man has down there.' Tsubaki is of course embarrassed. Black Star asks Crona if he/she in fact has 'four swords', which leads to Ragnarok asking if Black Star wants to check himself, pulling up Crona's skirt. Humiliated, Crona uses Scream Resonance decides to attack and the battle begins.

Crona shows her improved fighting ability, but Black Star easily dodges her attacks and then suddenly begins shouting, his voice loud enough to drown out Crona's screaming. He punches Crona, despite Tsubaki telling him to stop as he will only hurt his fists because of the Black Blood, and demands an answer from Crona, asking him/her that she/he had betrayed Maka to get such a poor power. However, much to his surprise, Crona asks him who Maka is, and begins to have an inner conflict regarding his/her motives for leaving Shibusen. The conflict aggravates Crona and he/she begins attacking again, using Screech Delta to counter Black Star's Severed Shadow. Black Star then uses Shadow☆Star: Second Form - Leaf of the Moonlit Night, and using its power, manages to crack Crona's Black Blood armor.

As Tsubaki entreats Crona again, he/she still only argues with him/herself. Black Star tells her that what is important now is not courage, or power, or even friends. What is important is for Crona to trust him. He calls Crona an idiot for not trusting him, the most trustworthy man in the world. Crona replies that he/she does not know how to deal with trustworthy men, and says that he/she will kill him.

Soon, Mizune and Eruka, sent by Medusa, join in the fray, in order to give Crona a chance to escape. Black Star ends up fighting all of them, with relative ease.

Love Triangle

Black Star and Tsubaki is busy taking on the Mizune and Crona simultaneously. Eruka shouts at the three that their current goal is to take Crona and escape, not continue fighting. Eruka proposes to cover their escape by throwing numerous Tadpole Bombs. Black Star, of course, is not pleased and, once the smoke clears, sneaks up on Eruka and threatens to kill her. Eruka fears for her life and attempts to escape, transforming into a frog. She does not travel far, though, before Black Star captures her. He wonders if fried frog tastes like chicken, which causes Eruka to beg for mercy.

Business Trip

Black Star is sauntering through the hall with Tsubaki, declaring his arrival. Once they reach the door to the Death Room, Tsubaki notes that there is a sign telling them not to enter. This does not stop Black Star, though, as he kicks the door down while commenting that he can pass through any door.

The Former Ruler

Shinigami is speaking to the Risa and Arisa about Kid being locked up in the Book of Eibon. Before he can continue with his explanation, Black Star rudely interrupts by shoving Eruka in his face. This only serves to elicit a Shinigami Chop to Black Star and Tsubaki frantically apologizes.


Black Star is chosen alongside Tsubaki, Kirikou, Fire, Thunder, Liz, Patti, Maka, Soul, and Blair to enter the manuscript of the Book of Eibon to rescue Death the Kid, who had been captured by Noah in the mission to capture Baba Yaga's Castle. With the help of Risa, Arisa, Eruka and Kim, they enter the manuscript of the Book of Eibon, which, thanks to the Witch's magic, is connected to the real Book that Kid is in.

Upon entering the book, the team find themselves in the Introduction of the book. Here, they meet the Index, the entity in charge of keeping the Book of Eibon in order. The Index explains that Death the Kid is in the seventh Chapter of the book, and to reach him, they would have to traverse through all seven Chapters in the book, with each one having its own dangers. Everyone says that they will go and save Kid, no matter what.

The Index acknowledges their determination and sends them on to the first Chapter, Lust, where everyone has their genders switched, taking on the form of their idea of a perfect sexual partner. Black Star is transformed into a girl, who is well-endowed, which he does not hesitate to declare. He also adopts a female-like personality. As the Succubus appears, the 'male' members of the team (who are originally female) begin to be allured by the creature's sexual appeal. Black Star, now having the personality of a clingy attention-seeking young girl, clings to the male Tsubaki and asks her if she is not aroused, even with someone as great as him around. He rubs his chest against Tsubaki's shoulder, much to Tsubaki's embarrassment. Blair defeats the Succubus by making it fall for her in her male form, and the magic cat uses the opportunity to blast the creature away using her Halloween Cannon. As Blair states that they should be getting on to the next Chapter.

As the team continue on to the next Chapter, Gluttony, everyone realizes that even though they had left the Lust Chapter, they are still in their opposite genders, although their personalities have returned to normal. The Index explains that they will change back to their original form after leaving the Lust Chapter, and that the speed of the transformation depends on the individual's sexual desire: the stronger the desire, the slower the transformation. Tsubaki is horrified, saying that it will be embarrassing for the last person to change. Kirikou, however, finds this quite amusing, which Tsubaki furiously denies. She grows paranoid, wondering on what to do if she was the last one to change.

Black Star and Patti begin to help themselves to the platters of food laid out in the Chapter, and the team are confronted by a monstrous pig that is about to eat them. The team prepare to fight. Black Star comments that Tsubaki's Weapon form feels slightly different in male form. After the pig states that its own flesh is of exceptional quality, Black Star, along with Kirikou and Patti, decide to eat the pig instead. Black Star slices off one of the pig's arms, and Kirikou fries it with Pot of Thunder, before taking a bite out of the roast meat. Black Star slices up the rest of the pig, and Kirikou fries the pieces again. He gorges on the meat alongside Kirikou and Patti. Before they can get drawn further into the sin of Gluttony, Soul has the Index move onto the next Chapter.

Maka and Soul now get separated from the group and end up one Chapter behind. The rest of the group move on, and are next seen in the fourth Chapter, Wrath. Suffused with the color red, and wrought with lava, the area influences them and places them in an enraged and easily irritable mood. The chapter ends up aggravating everyone, making them all fly into a rage. Since Tsubaki is still in her male form whilst everyone from her and Liz have changed back, Black Star furiously calls her a pervert for no reason, and even Tsubaki ends up losing her temper (albeit briefly). However, everyone manages to calm down a little.

Everyone's anger is further put to the test when Excalibur appears in the Chapter. Although Black Star, along with the others, laugh at the Weapon for being captured, they are soon annoyed by Excalibur, and are further aggravated when Excalibur prevents the Index from continuing to the next Chapter. Black Star and the others manage to distract Excalibur long enough for the team to move to the fifth Chapter, Pride. However, to everyone's despair, Excalibur follows them.

Excalibur offers the team a chance to save Kid quicker by using him as a Weapon. Liz decides to wield him and manages to open a crack into space with Excalibur. Black Star watches on with the others. However, Liz's pride gets in the way, and she ends up throwing Excalibur out the Book of Eibon. Liz laments over her mistake, as Black Star and the others stare on, not really concerned about the mistake.

In the last Chapter of Greed, Tsubaki and Liz slowly start changing back into their female forms, and Liz transforms just a bit faster than Tsubaki, making her the most lustful out of the group. Everyone teases her, much to her annoyance. Blair points out that both of them are still incredibly lustful. Liz wonders if Blair is still male, and Tsubaki vehemently replies that she definitely still is.

After reaching the end of Greed, everyone asks the Index to take them to where Kid is. The Index answers that he can only take them this far. The rest, is up to them. He asks them what they are searching for and Black Star responds with 'Power- to fight my enemies, to protect my friends, and to save Kid.' A portal is then opened for him and only him to go. Everyone senses madness coming from the portal. Everyone worries for Black Star, reassures them that he will bring Kid back, patting Tsubaki on the head before jumping into the portal. Whilst waiting for Black Star, Liz remembers on how she and Patti met Kid, and cries, saying that she had not been able to thank Kid yet for all he had done for them. Tsubaki and Patti both hug her. Soon, Black Star manages to bring Kid round and the Black Mass decides to free them from the Book of Eibon.

When all the Spartoi members arrive in the real world, they come upon Noah's battlefield, with the Death Scythe Tezca Tlipoca dead, and Sid, Marie and Nygus all wounded. Noah's monster attacks them, but Black Star and Kid defeat it in one blow. Black Star and everyone prepares to do battle with Noah. Although Sid tells them to run away, Black Star tells them that this is Kid's battle, and tells them to watch over them.

Both Kid and Black Star, with their Weapon partners, use Madness Release, relying on Maka and Soul to support their sanity through a Chain Resonance. They do battle with Noah's monsters, including the Horror Dragon. Black Star shows his new power by defeating one of Noah's monsters, The Cyclops, with ease, using Black Star ☆ Zeroth Form "Masamune" Initiation Technique - Infinity, an attack loosely based on, if not inspired by, Mifune's Infinite One-Sword Style. However, Kid finally manages to kill Noah using Parent's Seven Rays, but Gopher manages to escape with the Book of Eibon.

The Hunt

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Witch Trial

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Battle on the Moon

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Dark Side of the Moon

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Versus Asura

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In the Anime

The Anime plot line diverges from the Manga's storyline after the fight on Lost Island. Black Star and his friends are all back in Shibusen, all depressed about their defeat at Lost Island. Tsubaki tries to cheer them up, saying that nobody managed to get hurt and surely that is what matters.

Tsubaki sees that Black Star had taken his recent defeats to heart and tries to comfort him, saying that she knows that he will be able to surpass the gods. She approves of her decision to fight Kid, and even stops Maka from intervening, saying that this is Black Star's choice. The fight is watched by Tsubaki, Maka, Sid, Nygus, Liz and Patti. During the fight, Kid starts to notice that there is something wrong with Black Star, as he starts being unable to use Soul Menace due to his recent doubts. Frustrated, Black Star starts showing signs of madness similar to his father White Star. Realizing this, Kid finishes the fight quickly, by beating down Black Star violently with blows to the head. As he lies unconscious, Kid asks him what has happened to him and asks him if he is still aiming to surpass the gods. Tsubaki later approaches Kid and apologizes, but Kid forgives her, saying that he has faith in Black Star

Tsubaki is next seen with her friends plus Crona in a picnic, being a little annoyed by Ragnarok's rude comments. After Crona's cover is blown, she is seen with Black Star and the others witnessing Medusa being freed from Shibusen after being taken into custody.

Soon, Arachne uses Asura's Insanity Wavelength to start to plunge the entire world into madness. The sky is filled with red clouds, and many people take shelter inside. Black Star however, is outside with Tsubaki. As Tsubaki comments on the lack of people, Black Star expresses his disdain for the people afraid to come out because of the madness. He soon meets Soul, and the two exchange a high-five, still optimistic despite of the madness. Tsubaki asks him where Maka is, and Soul replies that she is at home, depressed about the recent situation. Black Star and Tsubaki go to her to invite her to a game of basketball. Soul states that the first person to score a basket will be the one to defeat the Kishin, which immediately awakes Black Star's competitive side. With everyone's encouragement, Maka joins in the game, and manages to score the basket. However, they are soon met by Death the Kid, Liz and Patti, who inform them that Medusa had gained her freedom by bargaining with Shinigami.

The time finally comes for them to attack Arachne's castle. Maka is still troubled as to what she wants to do. Soul finally convinces her to go the way she wants to, which is to help Crona, Marie and Stein. Maka apologizes to Black Star for leaving and Soul entrusts the invasion of Arachnophobia to him. Black Star grins and states that although she may be breaking the rules, Maka is still a top student, and Tsubaki smiles in agreement.

He and Tsubaki plow through the forces of Arachnophobia with ease, arriving at the castle grounds, where Mifune is waiting for them. Agreeing that this will be their last battle, the two battle. Mifune at first easily shows that he has the upper hand, as Black Star, frustrated once more, shows the same madness as White Star in his eyes. Mifune recognizes those eyes, and explains to Black Star how he knew his father. After trying to stop him from falling onto the 'Path of the Demon,' he was eventually forced to kill him. Black Star instead retorts that his father was weak, which was why he fell. Deeming Black Star as doomed to follow in his father's footsteps, Mifune strikes him down as Tsubaki screams out his name in horror.

However, Black Star meets with the Uncanny Sword's spirit, and proving himself to the spirit, both he and Tsubaki swear to follow his soul.

Black Star revives, and Mifune, seeing the difference in his eyes, agrees to fight again. Using the Red Uncanny Sword, Black Star manages to deeply wound Mifune. Black Star however, decides to spare him, and instead invites him to Shibusen to work as a teacher, following Tsubaki's wishes. But first, they need to find Angela. Mifune smiles and agrees.

The three manage to infiltrate the now abandoned castle, and manage to find Angela. After doing so, Asura, who had recently devoured Arachne's soul, begins to form a barrier around him to replenish his power after fighting with Shinigami. Telling Mifune and Angela to flee, Black Star and Tsubaki manage to enter the barrier before it closes, with Death the Kid, Liz, Patti, Maka and Soul. They all face Asura, now in the form of a giant.

Soul uses Chain Resonance using his piano, and everyone attacks. However, they do little to no damage to Asura, even with Maka's Majin Hunt. To make things worse, Soul collapses as he uses too much of his power and is devoured by the Black Blood and Little Ogre. Black Star and Death the Kid assure Maka that they will protect both of them whilst she go and bring back Soul. Maka thanks them and tunes into Soul's Soul Wavelength.

Meanwhile, Black Star, Kid and their partners battle Asura. Kid tells Black Star that he will use all of his power to strike Asura, and asks Black Star to provide him with a distraction, which disgruntles the Meister, as he likes to be on center stage. However, he still agrees, but Asura stabs Kid before he can initiate his attack, supposedly killing him. Enraged, Black Star attacks Asura, but sees that Kid is still alive, and overwhelmed with energy, connects all of his Lines of Sanzu and fires a super-enhanced Death Cannon. Black Star uses his Uncanny Sword to overwhelm and distract Asura from Kid, whilst he fires his Death Cannon, supposedly blowing Asura to pieces.

Kid collapses after the attack, but Black Star assures that Kid is not dead. However, Asura, now appearing in his true form, is still not dead. Tsubaki is distressed, but Black Star is calm, and instead says that this means that he is the one chosen to surpass the gods. However, when Maka and Soul return to the real world, Tsubaki is lying unconscious with the others, forcing them to face Asura. Soul is soon knocked out protecting Maka, and she is forced to face Asura alone. However, her courage soon starts to frighten Asura, and Tsubaki awakes to cheer her on as she finally defeats the Kishin.

Tsubaki and the others are all happy that the Kishin is defeated. However, Death the Kid warns them that as long as people hold dark feelings in their hearts, a new Kishin can never be impossible. However, Maka assures them that they will be there is something like that happens, and tells them that they all have courage in their heart as well. Tsubaki smiles along with everyone.

In the credits, Tsubaki is seen with Black Star visiting her family, and then playing basketball with everyone, before sitting looking over Shibusen with Maka, Soul, Black Star, Kid, Liz and Patti.


  • 'Tsubaki' (椿) is a reference to the Japanese camellia flower. The kanji in her last name, 'Naka' (中) means 'inside' whilst 'Tsukasa' (務) is a word usually used as a verb, meaning 'to endeavor.'
  • In the Official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Tsubaki ranked 7th most popular character.
  • Her theme song is 'Camellia.' She also has a character song with Black Star called 'My Star.'
  • In Volume 18 of the Soul Eater manga (which contained the Spartoi's adventures through the Book of Eibon), Atsushi Ōkubo created a horse-racing style table of the Soul Eater characters who have had their genders switched, and made a race as to who is the most lustful out of them all in a 'Lust Race.' Tsubaki's racehorse name was Tsubaki Ooh La La. Her popularity level was 40.
  • Tsubaki shares a similar trait with Soul Eater Evans, as another weapon who obtained a special power after her encounter with a Demon Sword aka Masamune Nakatsukasa. With her gaining that special power, another entity now duels within her soul (The Will of Nakatsukasa). By the end of the series, both anime and manga, they themselves and their respective meisters master that power.


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