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The Traitors (道場破り, Doujouyaburi) were a group within Death City who were brainwashed individuals under the control of Shaula Gorgon. Their purpose was to challenge their skills against DWMA[1] and assist the witch, Shaula Gorgon, and her plans to take down DWMA.



According to Clay Sizemore, Traitors are normal human beings who've been brainwashed into the service of Shaula Gorgon. These humans have been infected presumably by her venom, which has elements of mind control, endowing those with no combat training and unremarkable physical ability with a huge spike in potential. In addition, they all experience insomnia and are unable to sleep. By preventing the subject from sleeping, the leader can remove the fear within an individual, creating a "soldier" who never rests or sleeps. This would, in turn, be an ideal fighting force.[2]




Shaula discusses her plans with her Traitor

Shaula awaits for the results of her experiment.

Not much is known on how the Traitors first came around. The witch, Shaula Gorgon, began practising her experiments on brainwashing at some point. She eventually used Meme Tatane as her experiment for a more advanced brainwashing and placed her in DWMA to serve as a sleeper agent and spy for her. 

Shaula also begins creating a stimulant, which is able to craft people into the "perfect soldiers". The stimulant puts anyone she infects under her control and raises their physical ability. 

Rise of the TraitorsEdit

Akane and Traitor

Akane encounters the first prototype.

As time passed by in DWMA, the number of traitor appearances began spiking. DWMA eventually captures one of the traitors. Shaula orders her second prototype to kill the first one, who was being held in a DWMA prison, to cover her tracks. Despite her efforts, DWMA does pin the rise of traitors on Shaula.

Death Bazaar IncidentEdit

Hoang Thi ''Eternal Feather'' Mai - (18)

Eternal Feater is forced to attack innocent bystanders.

Going in under a disguise as a seller of scorpion-related jewelry, Shaula eventually attracts the N.O.T Senior, Eternal Feather. Placing her under her hypnosis and control with the use of the poison ring, she forces Eternal Feather to attack the people in the Death Bazaar at random. Her actions force the intervention of the E.A.T class members, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans. Feeling the need to cover her tracks, she forces Eternal Feather to kill herself. Despite her efforts, Eternal Feather miraculously survives the order without memory of what actually transpired. Tsugumi, prior to passing out, sees the poison ring fade away. 

The wait till HalloweenEdit

Shaula infects Sid

Shaula infects Sid.

As Halloween approaches closer and close, Shaula herself remains hidden from DWMA's attempts of finding her, having figured she was planning on making her move on the same day of the Battle Festival. Despite their best efforts, DWMA is not successful in finding her and were running out of time. As days passed, Shaula occasionally used Meme in order to steal documents for her. Eventually, DWMA finds a connection between Meme and Shaula. Sid Barett, who was in charge of the investigation, plans to use Meme to lure out Shaula. 

Sid's Death in the manga

Sid is killed by Shaula

On the day before the Battle Festival, Shaula sets her plans in motion. She went to retrieve Meme Tatane, who was caught while acting out as her spy by Akane and his weapon, Clay. However, Meme succeeds in escaping as she is then controlled by Shaula. DWMA gives pursuit and Shaula infects some of Sid's forces. As he gives chase to Meme, he is cornered by his own men, who were under the mind control of Shaula. Despite his best efforts, he is infected by Shaula and killed, impaled on the head by a replica of the Statue of Liberty.


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Attack on Death CityEdit

Traitors attack Death City

Traitors attack Death City and its citizens on the streets.

During the Battle Festival, Shaula launches her attack on the city, having a much larger number of Traitors at her side. As the Traitors attack Death City, DWMA scrambles to quickly contain the problem and attempts to locate Shaula with no avail. However, N.O.T Students Tsugumi and Anya manage to succeed and track her down with intention of bribing Meme back to their side. Shaula watches as they attempt to sway Meme from her control. The girls succeed in regaining their friend and attack Shaula.


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End of the TraitorsEdit

Shaula killed in the manga

Shaula killed by the trio's triple soul resonance.

The trio began battling the witch leader, Shaula Gorgon, with everything they got. Though the leader is impressed,  the trio knows that even with the three of them together isn't enough to put her down. The battle interrupted by Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore, who join the battle with the girls. Together, they pose more of a threat and corner Shaula. As she gains some distance from her opponents, she is surprised to see that all of the eight Death Scythes from around the world have come to reclaim their city. She also finds that Death himself and his son, Death the Kid had arrived to take her down. Anya, Tsugumi, and Meme pull off the triple resonance at the same time, Shaula being distracted long enough to recieve the killing blow. With her dead, the mind control stimulant is nullified and the threat of the traits end. Her soul is this claimed by Death the Kid.


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List of Traitors in Soul EaterEdit

Name Position Status
Shaula GorgonLeaderDeceased
Meme TataneBrainwashed SpyDefected
Traitor (Prototype 2)Brainwashed MemberUnknown
Traitor (Prototype 3)Brainwashed MemberUnknown
Traitor (Prototype 1)Brainwashed MemberDeceased


  • The term "traitor" is written with the kanji for "dojo destroyer", which refers to one who visits dojos that teaches martial arts or weapon disciplines and challenges.

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