Episode 47 - Azusa's Thousand Mile Eyes finds Asura.
Thousand-Mile Eyes







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Eye of a Thousand Ri


Magical-Like Abilities


Azusa Yumi

Manga Debut

Chapter 27

Anime Debut

Episode 28

Thousand-Mile Eyes (千里眼, Senrigan; FUNimation "Clairvoyance") is a special technique utilized exclusively by the Death Scythe, Azusa Yumi.[1]


With the use of Telesynchronization, a unique ability in which allows her direct mutual communication between her soul and another through a device such as a telephone or a wireless radio,[2] a user can use a Meister as a synchronizing medium in which allows her to see a viewing radius of at least fifty meters.[1]

This allows the user to also perform accurate calculations, analyze the area and even able to draw a diagram at high-speeds based on what she has observed, and even use it similar to the likes of Soul Perception and accurately gauge the power of an individual via their soul and to distinguish the type of person a being might be.[1]


  • "Senrigan" derives from a Chinese phrase in which means the ability to see things from far away.
  • Mira Naigus hinted that this ability was gained when she consumed a witch soul and is a Death Scythe ability.[1]


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