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The Thompson mother is the mother of both Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson. She was known as the prettiest prostitute in Brooklyn.[1]


Resembling both Liz and Patty, she had long, blonde hair and is described as the prettiest prostitute in Brookyln as well as beautiful by Liz.[1]


While not much is known about her, she is known to be a terrible parent and seemingly had no qualms about abandoning both her two daughters at a very young age.[1]


  • Elizabeth Thompson: Her eldest daughter, she later abandoned her daughter to the streets of New York for unknown reasons. In turn, however, Liz herself strongly resents her mother and can only appreciate getting her beautiful looks.[1]
  • Patricia Thompson: Another one of her daughters and second born, she also abandoned Patty along with Liz and had no qualms about doing so. Although Patty's own viewpoint has yet to be expressed, her demeanor in the past might suggest also that she resents her to a degree similar to her older sister.[1]


Being known as the prettiest prostitue in Brooklyn, she later fell pregnant and gave birth to both Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson. However, at an unknown period after their birth, she abandoned both her daughters.[1]


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