Shadow Star - Third Form - Servered Shadow
Technique Data
English Title Shadow☆Star:Third For - Severed Shadow
Katakana 影☆星・参ノ型[絶影]
Alternate Title(s)
Type Soul Resonance
Derived ability
User(s) Black Star + Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 50
Anime Debut N/A

Shadow☆Star: Third Form - Severed Shadow (影☆星・参ノ型[絶影], Kage☆Boshi: San no Kata "Zetsuei") is an enhanced form of Tsubaki's Ninja Sword form after combining it with the power of the Uncanny Sword . It is used in the final fight against Mifune, and the fight against Crona.


Shadows gather around Tsubaki's Weapon form, transforming into a large black kunai-style dagger with white ornate patterns and a long strap of cloth tied to it.

The main characteristic of this form is speed. Using this technique, Black Star moves with great speed, moving so quickly that he creates countless after-images of himself as he moves. Unlike regular afterimages, these images still contain mass, allowing Black Star to pull off numerous blows to his opponent from all angles. This mass also provides a limited amount of resistance when the afterimage is cut, which can decieve an opponent into believing that they have struck the original.

However, the disadvantage of this technique due to the ability to move at increased speed, results in Black☆Star's movements following a typical pattern. Since the after-images are not moving independently to each other, it means that the movements are related, thus if an opponent observes closely enough they can derive what the next move will be and where it will land. However, this problem can be solved through the use of Shadow Star: Fourth Form - Branched Darkness. Crona also proves that an attack with a considerable attack radius can erase all of the after-images in one blow.[1]



  1. Soul Eater Manga: Chapter 68

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