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Soul Eater Chapter 80 - Siren
The Siren


The Siren (誘惑の暗礁, Seirēn) is an abnormal creature that due to a series of circumstances that occurred prior to its first appearance came to reside permanently within the confines of the Book of Eibon, after Noah resolved to add its to his collection.


Upon initial observation the Siren itself appears to be a simple construction that is reminiscent of a singular loudspeaker, which may be commonly found within any typical sound system, albeit being of much greater dimensions than even those deemed necessary when conducting either a large venue or concert scenario. However, distinguishing this creature from the standard electrical appliance is a distinctive linear patterning that is present on the surround, but by far its most characteristic feature is that of a cloaked female and angelic form, that is integrated into the electronic component of the structure by both its hands and torso.


Wall of Sound: Utilising the substantial loudspeaker that is embedded into its very form, the Siren can emit a large quantity of dense sound waves that have the potential of repelling a perceived attacker or their respective ability, while inflicting damage to the immediate area directly along the trajectory of the invisible blast. During the process of the production of this screech, the normally docile female figure instead leans forward and lets out a deafening scream itself.

Part in the Story

Salvage (Part 9)

Siren Repels Black Star

The Siren repels Black☆Star using a dense wall of sound waves

During a heated confrontation against a determined and dangerous pairing of Black☆Star and Death the Kid, Noah summoned the Siren after determining that Gopher would not be capable of providing him with an adequate defence in the face of the advancing youngsters, resulting in the substantial creature erupting from beneath the ground before him. Not deterred by the significant blockade impeding his present path, Black☆Star claims that he will simply "cut right through this wall" but underestimating the Siren's subsequent screech, the small aggressor is easily repelled by the dense sound waves. By the time another opportunity had presented itself to circumnavigate the large creature, the Siren had already been returned to its prior residence within the confines of the Book of Eibon.


  • The character of the Siren is in fact derived from the demons of the same name that often appear within actual Greek mythology, where these sirens were portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. The kanji used to express the word "Siren" are usually pronounced as Yūwaku no Anshō and literally mean "Reef of Temptation", alluding to this more traditional representation of the sirens.

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