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The Reunion Express Arc is the tenth major story arc in Soul Eater.

In Death City, a girl named Rachel Boyd finds herself possessed through the bodily invasion of a snake.

Meanwhile, Stein determines to improve his students' fighting skills—if they could only learn to cooperate. Meanwhile, Death inspires concern in Sid Barrett, Mira Naigus, and Death the Kid with his goal of acquiring more demon tools, especially as Kid discovers his father has a history with some of the tools' creator, a sorcerer named Eibon.

Finally, Crona is confronted by the return of Medusa Gorgon, who coerces her child to betray friends and harm both Marie Mjolnir and Franken Stein.

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The following refers to events as they unfold in the manga, in which the order of events differ from the anime. Please refer to the pages for the anime episodes for additional information on Manga and Anime Differences.

Medusa Possessing Rachel

Medusa taking over Rachel's body in the manga

In Death City, a girl named Rachel Boyd pets a stray dog, whose mouth opens to reveal a snake, which enters into Rachel, possessing her. Over the next few days, the will of Medusa slowly claims ownership of Rachel's body. But upon finding a spider observing her in the Boyd residence, Medusa realizes her identity has been found. Holding Rachel's body hostage against the Boyd family, Medusa escapes to confront her older sister, Arachne, directly.

After reuniting with Eruka—and threatening to kill her--Medusa directs her, Free, and the Mizune Family to infiltrate Arachnophobia as new members. Upon locating Arachnophobia's secret headquarters in Baba Yaga Castle, Medusa reunites with Arachne, as each witch reminds the other to stay out of their affairs. As Medusa leaves instructions for Eruka on how to undermine Arachnophobia, she departs to reunite with her child.

After her paralysis during the fight against Arachne in Loew Village, Maka Albarn returns to classes. Meanwhile, Death is prepared to amass demon tools in the fight anticipated against Arachnophobia, as he orders Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus not to destroy the blueprints they acquire from Arachnophobia's Morality Manipulation Machine but to store them in the Secret Vault underneath the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Death also directs Justin Law to assist Azusa Yumi in locating the Kishin. Finally, Death directs Franken Stein to train his students in Duel Arts in preparation for inevitable battle with Arachnophobia, although the lack of cooperation among his students slows the progress of his lesson.

Later, Death the Kid holds a party at Gallows Mansion to celebrate Maka's recovery and Crona's enrollment at the Academy, but he is called away from the party to a mission in the Sahara Desert to acquire the Eternal Spring, a demon tool that powers the Runaway Express, a magic train that needs no tracks. Kid defeats both Mizune and the Fisher King, an Arachnophobia agent, but he is surprised when the defeated Fisher King teases Kid about the potentially wicked relationship Kid's father had with the Eternal Spring's creator, a sorcerer named Eibon. Before Kid can learn more, the Fisher King is killed by Sid Barrett, who arrives with the DWMA to seize the Eternal Spring. Frustrated at his inability to learn what the Fisher King was going to reveal, Kid cannot find more information about Eibon at the DWMA library, as the one book about him has been checked out by someone named "M." Because his book was checked out right before the the Eve Anniversary Party and the Kishin's revival, Kid worries that this "M" is none other than Medusa.

Soul Eater Chapter 31 - Medusa finds Crona

In the alleys of Death City, Medusa finds Crona.

As the party at Gallows Mansion concludes, Crona returns home to the DWMA but is confronted by the arrival of Medusa. The witch orders Crona to locate the DWMA's Secret Vault of demon tools. When Crona refuses in fear of betraying friends at the academy, Medusa asks, "You'll do it for your mom, right?" Even as memories of Maka flash by, Crona assumes a look akin to a previous mad appearance, agreeing to fulfill the requests of Medusa. As Medusa leaves Death City, she turns back, chuckling upon discovering that a madness swirls through that city. She looks forward to what this madness will cause to transpire within Death City.

Upon reaching the underground of the Academy, Crona is worried about being caught in restricted area downstairs and is discovered by Marie Mjolnir. Ragnarok intervenes, pretending that he and Crona are lost finding their bedroom. Marie sympathizes, because she herself is lost downstairs, and offers to help the two find their way back to their room—which takes two hours thanks to Marie’s inability to navigate the Academy. Upon learning Crona could not locate the Secret Vault due to Marie's interruption, Medusa has an idea to “exploit [Marie's] kindness.” Medusa orders Eruka to hand Crona a pen, which contains within it “a bug” to plant into Stein’s lab.

The next day, Crona meets with Marie for tea at Patchwork Lab. Marie sets tea for herself and Crona, but Ragnarok voices his displeasure, as no tea was served to him. As Marie leaves to prepare a beverage for Ragnarok, Crona is able to plant the bug. When Marie returns, Crona has left the pen hidden among Stein’s beakers. Crona and Ragnarok watch in anticipation as Marie drinks her tea. Crona and Ragnarok concludes their meeting with Marie, but as they leave, Marie stops them to return the pen that they left behind. Nervous, Crona accepts the returned pen and departs.

Upon leaving Patchwork Lab, Crona enters an alley in Death City where Eruka waits with a radio. Upon turning on the radio, Eruka can hear inside Patchwork Lab, as Marie welcomes Stein home. Ragnarok confirms that the mission was successful: Crona opened the pen, which contained inside it a tiny snake containing within itself a listening device, which not only can listen to Marie’s conversations with others, but also can negate her healing wavelength and in fact augment the madness within Stein. While Eruka is pleased with the successful operation, Crona listens as Marie tells Stein how happy she is to teach such good students like Crona and that Crona is making friends at the DWMA. Conflicted upon hearing Marie’s remarks through the radio, Crona excuses himself/herself, but not before Eruka reminds them how proud Medusa will be of Crona. Crona says nothing and departs back to the room at the Academy.

Soul Eater, Chapter 32 - Crona cries

Crona cries to sleep

Upon arriving to their overnight room at the Academy, Crona takes a pillow from the bed and crawls into the corner of the room. Feeling the presence of madness around them, the pressure from Medusa, and the guilt for infecting Marie, Crona, despite wearing a crazed smile, cries.

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  • Although there may be debate about whether Rachel was living in Death City, later evidence in Chapter 113 suggests that the girl and her family were residing in that city. 
  • Maka's concern for Tsubaki and confusion about Black☆Star's behavior foreshadows her argument with the ninja later in this arc regarding his seemingly arrogant bellicose demeanor.
  • Chapter 29 identifies Medusa as Arachne's younger sister.
  • In Chapter 38, Azusa Yumi informs Joe Buttataki that she received notification on May 22 that Justin Law would join her in locating the Kishin. She also states that Kid's mission to retrieve the Eternal Spring from the Sahara Desert was the day before, May 21. Therefore Kid's mission as well as his party for Crona occur on May 21.
  • In the Yen Press English translation, Medusa refers to Crona as “something” left behind in Death City, rather than “someone.” This dialogue choice may indicate how little Medusa thinks of her own child.
  • A later chapter during the Moon battle will reveal part of Soul’s introductory piano performance for Maka.
  • Medusa informs Crona that in this chapter she sensed that madness circling Death City, hinted later to be associated with Joe Buttataki's killer.
  • Kid reveals that the Kishin's revival took place on April 1, as did the Eve to Shibusen's founding, which means Shibusen was founded on April 2.