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The Prologues Arc is the first story arc of the Soul Eater series. This arc focuses on and introducing some of the DWMA's most skilled Meisters and Demon Weapons within the EAT Class.


The Witch SoulEdit

Blair (Anime - Episode 1) - (44)

Blair is killed by Maka and Soul.

DWMA students Maka Albarn and Soul Eater hunt down Jack the Ripper, quickly defeating him gained their 99th Evil Human soul. The students contact their headmaster on their progress. He inform them that they require the Witch soul, the final soul needed to make Soul Eater a Death Scythe though warns them of the dangers of hunting a Witch. At the same time, Maka deals with her overzealous and affectionate father, Death Scythe, whom she resents due to having cheated on her mother. Having tracked down a suppose witch by the name of Blair, they attempt to take her soul though fails. Having seemingly had enough of clashing with Maka's personality, Soul "joins" up with Blair, only to revealed to be a ruse and proceeds to kill her and consumes her soul. However, much to their shock, they find that she was a cat with strong magical powers and must restart their quest.[1]

The BodyguardEdit


Black Star fails at his assassination attempt due to his vanity.

Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, two DWMA students, are moments away from assassinating the King of the Underworld, Al Capone. Due to Black☆Star's arrogance however, he reveals himself and fails to assassinate the mob boss as he planned to track down a Witch to kill her and harness the power of her soul to his family. Black☆Star and Tsubaki soon contact Death, DWMA's headmaster, to inform them of their failed assassination. He then offers them a "shortcut", informing them of Mifune who possess a Strong Soul that is worth 99 evil human souls and a Witch in close proximity though they leave before he is able to finish.[2]

Soul Eater Episode 2 HD - Black Star gives up

Black Star and Tsubaki spares Mifune and Angela

After some down time in which Black Star peeks at Tsubaki bathing, they later head towards Mifune's location: Demon Cinder Castle. Meanwhile, Al Capone had already arrived to take the Witch's soul though is soon killed by Mifune along with the rest of his Mafia. Black☆Star and Tsubaki later arrive, finding the dead bodies of the Mafia along with it's leader and later engage in a battle with Mifune, in which he chastises and criticizes Black☆Star due to his incompetence and the reliance he has on Tsubaki. Angry at the criticism, Black☆Star repays the Samurai by surprising him, performing Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave and injures him. Before he finishes him off, the witch is revealed to be a young girl by the name of Angela Leon. After realizing the innocence in both, Black☆Star and Tsubaki spares both of their lives, leaving with no souls.[2]

The Pharoh's WrathEdit


Kid comparing the Thompson Sister's breast size in his symmetrical rave.

The son of the Shinigami himself, Death the Kid and his weapons Liz and Patty, are in pursuit of the Phantom Thief, Lupin. As they close in and prepare to take his soul, Kid's perfectionist tendencies get the better of him and distract him long enough for Lupin to escape. As he raves to his weapons about their symmetry and their breast sizes, Liz is infuriated and insults him on his asymmetrical look. After apologizing to Kid and reinvigorating his spirit after feeling somewhat depressed momentarily on his asymmetrical look, he contacts his father and asks him on how to gain the necessary souls to turn Liz and Patty into a Death Scythe of his own specification. Death informs him on a mission involving Samantha, a necromancer using Necromancy to take wandering souls and use them to create an army of Mummies. Death the Kid along with his weapons agree to take the mission.[3]


Death the Kid kills the Wrath of Pharoh in a fit of anger.

Meanwhile, Samantha successfully revives the Wrath of the Pharaoh though is killed due to her actions in turning his people into mummies. As Kid, Liz, and Patty arrive at Pyramid Anubis in Egypt, the trio descend into the pyramid. Though Liz and Patty encounter Mummies, they later find Kid has left them to check to see If he had properly folded the toilet paper back at home and leaves Patty and Liz to fend for themselves. They're eventually captured by the Wrath of the Pharaoh and as Kid ventures back into the Pyramid, he finds them and engages the Evil Spirit in combat. He is initially unable to harm the spirit due to his symmetrical coffin but when he reveals himself, he is utterly killed and they take his soul. As the trio leaves, the Pyramid is destroyed and all of Kid's soul collection is confiscated by his father.[3]

Notable InstancesEdit

Manga and Anime DifferenceEdit

  • The anime introduces the concept of the Kishin Egg in this arc, contrasting to the manga's Evil Human souls hunted from Shinigami's List. There's also the fact that the anime also has ordinary humans consume souls, whereas it was originally in the manga only Demon Weapons can consume souls. This is one of the various inconsistencies within the anime.
  • The anime features an anime-only scene in which Tsubaki and Black☆Star go back to Death Weapon Meister Academy and look for more missions, meeting up with Soul and Maka in the process before being called to the Death Room, whereas the manga showed Tsubaki and Black☆Star remaining in the same city after their failed attempt to assassinate Al Capone and speak to death via the Shinigami Smoke Bomb. Another was featured in which Sid informs Soul and Black☆Star about Death the Kid, in which later spawned an inconsistency from Soul Eater NOT!'s timeframe, in which dictates during this time of the Prologues Arc, Sid should actually be dead from being killed by Shaula Gorgon.


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