The Lovers
The Lovers
Technique Data
English Title The Lovers
Alternate Title(s)
Derived Magic
Class Form
Real World Data
Manga Debut 95
Anime Debut

The Lovers is a supplementary transformation technique, used by the Death Scythe Jinn Galland alongside his meister, Zubaidah.

After emitting a considerable quantity of smoke from the nozzle of his oil lamp weapon form, the dense vapor quickly condenses into an enormous cylindrical, robotic entity with conical-shaped legs, a pair of small bat-like wings and two arms that are encircled by spikes near Djinn's shoulders. Emerging from the top of the central body is a spiral statue, depicting the embrace of a man and a woman as they are about to kiss. This body also features a large heart at its centre which, after briefly charging energy, is capable of firing a tremendously powerful beam that is strong enough to completely destroy a gigantic clown with just a single shot.[1]



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