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The Eternal Cave (悠久の洞窟 Yuukyuu no Doukutsu in Japanese), also known as the Fairy's Paradise (妖精の楽園 Yousei no Rakuen), Priten Island, and the Cave of Eternity, is a cave in the northern British Isles where the legendary Holy Sword Excalibur dwells.


Appropriate for Excalibur's roots in British legend, the cave is located in the northern part of the British Isles.


It's precisely written that after we climb up here, there will be a cave. The sword is in there.

Death the Kid, Chapter 6

  • Fairies in the Eternal Cave after Excalibur leaves
  • Excalibur's resting place
  • Pedestal
  • Entrance above the waterfall
  • Black Star and Kid find a Fairy inside the cavern
  • Pedestal
  • Ox approaches the Eternal Cave
  • The entrance to the cavern in the manga
  • Fairies flee from Excalibur
  • The pedestal from afar

The Eternal Cave rests in a land that once was a meadow in the twelfth century, now more rocky and dry.

Yet the entrance to the cave is marked by a tall waterfall spouting fresh, clean water. At the top of the tall cliff alongside the waterfall, the water originates from within the cave. Stones assume the shape of pillars, forming almost a gateway that the water runs through. This water flows from inside the cave, with a number of passages within, one leading to the pedestal upon which Excalibur rests.

The cave itself appears strange in shape, cast from pale rock. After entering the cave, there is a tunnel, the ground being muddy from the water (in the anime, the ground is flooded up to the knees with water), and water also dripping from the stalactites above. The cave walls, in contrast to the outside, are a dark blue.

At the end of the tunnel is a great chamber with a hole in the domed ceiling, letting in sunlight. (Oddly enough, it looks as if Excalibur crashed through the ceiling, ripped open). The sunlight shines upon the stone platform upon which Excalibur, in Weapon form, has its blade stuck into stone platform, rather like the Sword in the Stone from Arthurian legend.

When Excalibur is not present, fairies return to the Eternal Cave, where their presence coaxes flowers to bloom from the cave itself.

Part in the Story

The cave serves as Excalibur's dwelling, where he awaits any meister wishing to wield him--provided that this meister follow the weapon's 1,000 provisions. During visits from outside guests, or when speaking with one of the fairies occupying the Eternal Cave, Excalibur will give long-winded, rambling accounts of his history and his philosophy, as well as instruct all on proper life based on his extensive years of experience.

Although the Eternal Cave is Excalibur's home, he occasionally leaves, either due to a Meister wanting to wield him (Hiro) or someone actually capturing him (Noah). In the anime, Excalibur leaves on his own accord to witness the battle of Asura against Lord Death.

The Eternal Cave is also inhabited by one fairy, since it is a Fairy's Paradise and, when Excalibur is not present, is a resting place for many fairies. However, due to Excalibur's obnoxiousness, only one chooses to live in the cave at all times, while in the anime other fairies visit only when Excalibur departs. During Excalibur's absence, many fairies gather in the cave to celebrate. However, Excalibur almost always returns, causing all except one to flee.

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