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The Clown Arc is the thirteenth major story arc within the Soul Eater series. During this arc, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater investigate the abandoned Borscht Seven Factory, which has renewed operations that have produced Madness incarnate. This arc ends with a cliffhanger in which Death receives an anonymous tip about witches hidden in Death City, one of whom is a student at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

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The Clown (Part 1)Edit

While Ox and Kilik prepare for a mission, Maka and Kid head to Russia, where a factory is manufacturing madness in the form of The Clown.

The Clown (Part 2)Edit

When Maka falls into the madness of The Clown, Soul shows her what is necessary to overcome madness: courage.

The Clown (Part 3)Edit

Recovered from The Clown's madness, Maka Albarn uses the new technique Demon-Hunt to dispatch this opponent, while Blair succeeds in destroying the entire Borscht Seven Factory. Meanwhile, Death receives an anonymous tip about witches within Death City, one of whom is his own student.

Notable InstancesEdit

  • This arc reveals that Madness can be given physical form, introducing the Clown. The Clown will play an important part for Justin Law's characterization moving forward, as well as serving as an infinite number of enemies against the DWMA in the numerous story arcs for Asura's final battle on the Moon.
  • In this arc, DWMA students and staff wear bands on their left arms, except for Kid who, for the sake of symmetry, wears one band on each arm. As The Clown will say to Maka, the students wear these mourning armbands in honor of Joe Buttataki, who died in the previous arc.
  • As Black Star has left Shibusen with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa to train with the Uncanny Sword technique in Japan, other characters in this arc are given more development. This arc gives more information about Kim Diehl, Ox Ford, and Kilik Rung, establishing more about their personalities and relationships with each other ahead of the challenges they face with each other during the Operation Baba Yaga Arc.
  • The ending to this arc reveals that Kim is a witch, which becomes an important plot point for subsequent story arcs and for Soul Eater NOT!
  • Following his escape from the Ghost Ship Nidhogg, the Flying Dutchman returns, only to be killed.
  • This arc reveals that, before possessing Maka, the Clown had already possessed "the other one," revealed at the end of the Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc to be Justin Law. This information explains mysteries from the previous arc, Internal Investigation: Justin was the one who killed Joe Buttataki and was responsible for the Madness that Medusa Gorgon felt in Death City. Some of Justin's handiwork under madness is discussed in the Internal Investigation Arc, in which Spirit Albarn informs Franken Stein that Joe was killed by a blade slicing through his chest. Azusa Yumi claimed Justin was away from Death City on a mission, which suggests that the time when Justin was turned occurred some time before Joe's murder.
  • This arc provides background information about Maka and Black Star's childhoods. * In Maka's madness-induced hallucination of her father, Spirit Albarn tells Maka that Black Star was taken into the DWMA on the very same day when Maka was born.


  • The Flying Dutchman returns in yet another story with Kid and the Thompsons coming to a Nidhogg facility, only his opponent in this arc is not Kid, or even Crona, but Blair.
  • Death the Kid misquotes from William Shakespeare's Hamlet famous monologue, "To be, or not to be."
  • Liz's misquoted motto to Patty while in Russia is, aptly, an allusion to Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground: "I say let the world go to hell, so long as I can have my tea whenever I want it."[1]
  • Blair survives the Flying Dutchman's attempt to melt her, whether by using her own magic to protect herself, or because, as she told Maka and Soul, she has seven souls and can spare one.
  • Sid's shirt says, as appropriate for a zombie, "Living Dead."
  • At the Witch Mass, Jacqueline's attire resembles a lantern.
  • As with many of the witches' names and chants, Maba's witch mass chant reverses each syllable. The original chant should read "majo, majo, saraba da" ("witch, witch, this is farewell").[1]


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