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Great Old One of Power Profile
Great Old One of Power



Chikara no Kyū Shihai-sha


Gender Sign - MaleMale


over 800+[1]


Great Old One[2]



Soul Wavelength

Madness Wavelength[1]

Professional Data
Former Occupations

Warlord of the Eight Shinigami Leigions


Book of Eibon[1]

Former Team/Group

Eight Shinigami Legion (Icon) Eight Shinigami Legions[3]

Real World Information
Manga Debut

Chapter 72

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The Great Old One of Power[4] (力の旧支配者, Chikara no Kyū Shihai-sha) is the mysterious entity within the Book of Eibon who's affiliation in Madness is "Power".[5] Formerly one of the Eight Shinigami Legions,[3] he was later captured at an unknown point by Noah though chooses to reside within the Book of Eibon as part of an self-imposed exile.[6]

Cultural References

The Great Old One of Power may be a nod to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu, a similar fictional and cosmic entity, with an association to the capability to gain power at the cost of one's sanity. Another connection may be found in the water that surrounds Black☆Star and Death the Kid as they fight, due to Cthulhu also being said to sleep under water.


As its numerous conversations with Black☆Star and Death the Kid insinuates, this entity has become defined by the tremendous power it possesses. However, despite its preoccupation with the concepts of power and the seemingly flippant attitude in which it distributes this quality amongst those that it encounters, the Great Old One of Power is well aware of the true complexities behind the acquisition of power and the consequences that may arise from its pursuit. Much of this wisdom has been acquired through great adversity, due largely to the part that this entity played in the devolution of Asura into the first Kishin, which ultimately lead to the creature's decision to seek permanent confinement within the Book of Eibon. It is from this prison that it resolved to evaluate those who desire to become new rulers in the absence of the Great Old Ones, determining who amongst these candidates is most worthy to fulfil the role, while making them understand that having power does not automatically equate to being just, no matter how good their intentions may initially appear.[7]


Soul Eater Chapter 71 - Kid meets the Great Old One of Power

Great Old One of Power's appearance.

The entity is comprised solely from a viscous dark liquid of unknown origin, which appears to remain in a constant state of flux. In spite of this perpetual motion, due to the creature's will the substance still retains a largely humanoid form, comprising of two threadlike arms and a definitive face. These defined facial features consist from two eye sockets, created from the absence of the liquid in distinct places, and a mouth formed by a tight formation of numerous tendrils. Due to the considerable quantity of the substance involved, the entity dwarfs the majority of organisms in existence including humans, who don't even equal the creature's head in size.[8]

Powers & Abilities


Great Old One of Power bestows Kid with Power.

The Great Old One of Power bestows Kid with the Madness of Power.

Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): Being a Great Old One, he emits a Wavelength similar to that of Asura in which perpetuates Madness. According to him, his very presence drives men into Madness.[9]

  • Madness of Power (電源の狂気, Dengen no kyōki): which in its particular case is the quest for power. Even by just simply coming into direct physical contact with the dark liquid that comprises this creature's body, one can unleash the full potential of the latent abilities residing within them but this comes at a considerable cost to the individual's own sanity.[10] Any afflicted person almost immediately succumbing to the enticing prospects of power while neglecting anything else, as they are consumed by their own dormant insanity.[11] His own wavelength emits at a level similar to Asura.
  • Magic Distortion: Having a Madness Wavelength on par with Asura,[12] the Great Old One of Power also distorts Magic such as Spatial Magic and Snake, Magics in which have specific weaknesses against Magic.
Great Old One of Power paralyzes Kid

The Great Old One of Power paralyzes Death the Kid by simply looking and exerting his will.

Will Overriding:The Great Old One of Power itself has demonstrated various abilities which attest to its own tremendous capabilities. For instance, despite not being the current wielder nor creator of the object of its imprisonment, it still manages to exert some authority over the Book of Eibon that even Table of Contents must adhere to. This influence most prominently manifests itself in the deepest chapter of the tome, which can only be entered upon express permission from the Great Old One of Power and can also be entirely submerged under water if deemed necessary, all in accordance with the entity's will.[13] He also once froze Death the Kid in place with ease[citation needed] and later overrides the Calculation Spells Kim Diehl, Eruka Frog, Arisa, and Risa performed.[14]


Immense Power:Asura once commented on Black☆Star's own power when he used Madness Takehold, in which "reminded" to that of the ancient entity's own strength.[15] Such a comment hints that even Asura holds him to a considerable degree.


Eight Centuries Ago

Around eight centuries ago, the Great Old One of Power was affiliated with the group known as the Eight Shinigami Legions. During this time, it was possible he was present when learning of the Witches in the East's demise from Asura.[16] However, playing a role in Asura's defection to some unknown degree,[17] he would later sever all his ties into the Eight Shinigami Legions at some point.

Collection from Noah

At some point, the Great Old One of Power encountered the Icon whom was the personification of greed and was subsequently captured by the Sorcerer. Despite having the means to escape, however, he chose to reside within the Book of Eibon as a sort of self-imposed exile, feeling a Great Old One like himself belongs in such a place.[18]

Business Lunch Arc

Relinquished to the blank interior of the Book of Eibon by Noah's decree, for the sake of his own preservation in the face of an infuriated Gopher, a panicked Death the Kid encounters this particular imposing black entity amongst the pages of his prison.[8]

Salvage Arc

Chapter 72 - Great Old One of Power asserts not being Kid's ally

The Great Old One of Power corrects Kid, stating to not be his ally.

Likened to Asura in regards to the sensation of its wavelength, the strange entity confirms that the similarities are present due to it too belonging to the same category as the Kishin: Great Old One. Identifying itself towards this "fragment" as one of the remaining five original Eight Shinigami Legions, after the consumption of three at the hands of Asura; the entity includes itself amongst the likes of Death, Eibon and one other of whom Kid already knows. Amused by Kid's mistaken presumption that because of its history, it was also an ally of his, the creature instead explicitly asserts that it shares no such allegiance with him. Listing the words "Order, Knowledge, Power, Anger, Fear", the Great Old One of Power explains that the very existence of the Great Old Ones drives men to madness, before drenching Kid in the dark liquid that comprises its body.[19]

Chapter 77 - Great Old One of Power meets Black Star

The entity approaches Black Star.

Having revealed Death the Kid's madness, he questions of what he thinks of it.[20] He goes further to tell him that what he has is power, completely unfettered by reason or restraint. As Kid answers his questions, he senses another individual who seeks power. Wanting to put the test of the power of Kid's "Nothingness",[21] he later creates a portal to the hidden chapter for only Black☆Star to cross.[22] He interrupts his battle with the intention of infecting the assassin with his Madness. When Death the Kid orders him to not interfere, he is then paralyzed and the entity states he can grant power to whoever he pleases. Questioning Black☆Star of the power of seeks, he infects with him the Madness of Power also.[23]

Chapter 79 - Great Old One of Power hears Kid and Black Star's answers

Black Star and Death the Kid speak of their answer to the Great Old One of Power.

As a result, the assassin reveals his desire for the reason he wants power: he has no reason and just wants to be able to beat anyone no matter who they are.[24] Reappearing after the assassin regains himself, he once again asks the nature of the power both seek.[25] The God of Death's answer is "Ultimate Order" and the assassin's answer is the fact he wants to gain power to assist Kid in creating the ultimate order. However, the entity and questions if the notion of imposing order by force is no different then to rule by fear and asks Black☆Star what would possible be a new, deadly sin since he experienced the chapters and went further to inform him that the answer is the secret chapter itself in which they're in. With Kid learning of his status as the Great Old One governing power, he deduces the answer would be Justice. Agreeing, the entity claims any justice taken too far itself is evil and that even justice can drive people into Madness, just like Asura.[26]

Chapter 79 - Great Old One of Power freeing Kid and Black Star

The entity begins freeing both Kid and Black Star.

The entity informs Kid that Death himself did not create him to make the same mistakes he made. When the assassin claims that there's others with power in which he names Maka and Soul, he learns the assassin refers to those in the Sloth chapter. Seeing as they speak of "harmony", he is convinced into having faith into them and then grants them release from the book, much to the surprise of Kid. He tells him that while the Book of Eibon is a fitting place for a Great Old One like him, he is sure the God of Death does not wish to let Noah abuse his power. As he begins freeing them, he reassures a worried Kid that his friends will be fine and overrides the Calculations Spells around them to free them from the Book of Eibon.[27]


  • It's possible that the Great Old One of Power himself possess a human form yet unknown. During the A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration Arc, seven out of eight individuals in which represent the Eight Shinigami Legions is shown.[28] Out of all of them, the only two in which are supposedly "missing" are both Excalibur and the Great Old One of Power (even though seven individuals are shown, meaning one isn't actually present.) and four unknown individuals are seen. According to the entity himself, only three perished.


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