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Tarot Cards (タロットカード, Tarottokādo) are used in an art in which a person, presumably psychic, can forsee future events and even put them in motion through the cards. While most perform for fortune-telling sake, others often involve how that person is perceived as in how they look or who they are.


The deck of cards used by Kana to create these prophecies consists mainly from those of the Major Arcana used in tarot, as well as some other more distinctive and questionable additions. The known cards utilized by Kana include:

The Tower: The sixteenth card of the Major Arcana, it portends to failure or catastrophe occurring in the directed individual's life, when shown in the correct position. When upside down, it is instead symbolic of currently being in a harsh and chaotic situation but exiting it in a good manner. The card was first used to predict the "terrible calamity" to befall Tsugumi, due to the psychotic behaviour of Misery.
The Fool: An unnumbered card of the Major Arcana, it represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us and our childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world, when shown in the correct position. When upside down, it is instead symbolic of a person's immaturity and stupidity. The card was first used to insult Anya, after she disrespected and dismissed Kana's capabilities.
The Pig and The House: Two fictitious cards that represent a person's ugliness and an indication to leave respectively. Both were first used against Anya, after an infuriated Kana refused to even acknowledge her. The Pig being meant as an insult, The House telling Anya to "Go home."
The Flat: Kana presents this fictitious card when referring to Tsugumi's flat chest (in the manga, this is when Tsugumi inquired about the original cards Kana draws; in the anime, this is when Tsugumi requested a fortune teller regarding her chances of finding love).[1][2]
The Flower, The Sasumata, and an unnamed laughing person card: Tsugumi sees Kana drawing these original cards.[1]
The Pen: Kana presents this fictitious card to Meme Tatane, who desires something to use to write down information before she forgets it. Meme is not impressed.[3]
The Tablecloth: When Tsugumi spills a drink on a table, Kana retrieves this card--and uses it to sweep the liquid off the table and onto the floor, shocking Tsugumi.[3]
The Money: Kana offers this card to pay for a delivery, which prompts the delivery person to ask whether one of Kana's parents is around.[3]
The Balloon and The Candy: One warm day, Kana attempted to retrieve a child's balloon caught in a tree. Unable to reach this balloon, Kana offered this card to the child, which only confused him. Embarrassed, Kana tried offering The Candy card, which still confused the child.[4]
The Old Man and The Dirty Old Man: As Tsugumi admires Anya's cooking, she desires to squeeze her from behind, prompting Kana to hold up The Old Man to criticize Tsugumi's supposed lustfulness. In the bathhouse, when Meme's towel is hardly to cover her increased weight, Tsugumi admires her "bo-yo-yoing" and thinks she is "ripe for a good boing-boing," prompting Kana to hold up The Dirty Old Man to criticize Tsugumi's apparent lustfulness.[5]
The Pumpkin: In the anime, Kana helps fellow residents of the girls' dormitory decorate for Halloween by displaying this card.[6]
The Cross, The Monster, and The Banishment: After delivering a letter from Tsugumi's mother to Tsugumi, Kana is disturbed at Anya's horrifying Jack O'Lantern. Referring to the pumpkin as a "monster," Kana shows The Cross card to protect herself (in the anime, The Monster card is used to identify the monster and The Banishment card to send the monster away), and, in the manga, proceeds to fling cards at Anya. Anya threatens not to give Kana any Halloween candy.[7]
The Morning: In the anime, Kana holds up this card to Tsugumi as the latter departs for another day of school without Anya, who is back at Yngling Castle, and Meme, who is undergoing medical examination by Franken Stein.[8]


  • Soul Eater also alludes to tarot cards in other instances. For example, Kana's card the Tower is an actual Tarot card from the Major Arcana, which is alluded by Jinn Galland's technique The Tower.


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