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About Crona's Gender:

In episode 45, after Crona risked his/her life to save Maka, Stein and Medusa both refer to Crona as a "he". I have heard "he" mentioned multiple times, but never one "she". 15:17, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

crona is a boy and he super adorable!!!!

-You are referring to an English translation; There is a lack of he / her in Japanese

Plus Crona wanted to play with Makas hair when they first met which only a guy would like to do.

I kinda figured "it" was both male or female or that "it" is genderless, as according to Ohkubo, he doesn't know or care about what gender Crona is, so I guess it is safe to assume that it doesn't have one and is whatever, as those genderless tend to act either feminine or masculine at different times but never actually hint--Naruto fan 6 (talk) 19:08, July 25, 2013 (UTC)Nfan 6

A better insight on the reality behind Crona

Crona's gender is suppose to be ambiguous or unknown. However, due to the fixation the English company had on dubbing the product after its purchase, the manga decided to go female, while the English Company (Funimation) went free to take a different route and chose male. Manga has priority over anime, so you should always stick with what the manga says unless it differs in the Japanese original material, considerably. Moreover, the pronoun "he" is sometimes used for ambiguous characters who have yet been determined as he or she. Take in religion, God. God is refer to as a "he," but is not a male. The use of the word "he" like with the word "guy" can mean male or female, while "she" implicitly means only female. The reason why Funimation choose this is to allow the gender to remain ambiguous as done in the Japanese. Nevertheless, as Western society differs extraordinarily from the Japanese as we don't like ambiguity as much and prefer things confirmed. It is quite clear that the manga sought to get the actual answer from the Japanese and the Japanese author for the series confirmed it was actually a girl, but the fact Crona was center of so much abuse (of such was made often as comical jokes) and was notably stronger than most of the male characters that it might cut sales if it was made quite clear about Crona's gender. So the reason why Crona perhaps was left to be shown as ambiguous in her gender was to prevent a fall in sales. It was a market tactic. After all, people who read the English manga are less likely to care about Crona's gender than people who watch the anime (kids and their parents) or people who still live in the static conservative mentality of how to view girls and boys.

Now what is funny is that it is on Toonami during the very late part of the day. So who would watch such stuff so late as a child is rather bizarre. Nevertheless, it could easily turn off young adults who are less liberal or open to such a confirmation like their Japanese counterparts when revealed such about Crona's actual identity as a girl.

Besides if Crona was a boy, Medusa as the horrible person she was would be trying to force him to do what she wants out of her own perversion and sexual seduction. If Crona is a girl, Medusa wouldn't hold the same incentive in mind and might even feel more disgusted by her child, more willing to punish Crona, simply by being a girl.

Remember this is also a Japanese production and in Asia, boys are preferred over girls even in the eyes of their mothers. So it makes more sense for Crona to be a girl.

n the anime+Manga, Crona has notably a chest, which is more apparent in the manga. In the anime, its just BARELY larger than DTK's. But in the manga Crona later develops an actual bust.

Crona's finger length may be the equivalent to a heterosexual man, but at the same time, can qualify with being a homosexual women. And Ragnarok's perverted interest in girls with busts and such could have made Crona homosexual, if your actually thinking that s/he isn't socially anxietic
Oh, and I forgot to add-Crona is CLEARLY a victim social anxiety . Did you know that is is more likely for a women to be affected than a man? 
Referring Crona as a 'he' doesn't automatically equal a man. According to the Japanese translation, they refereed Crona as a pronoun that can qualify for a man AND woman. They were wanting the audience to do the same. However, in English, you don't necessarily refer a human as 'it', for that is potentially offensive, and face it, most people who can't figure out an animal's gender just label it as a he in the first place. 
Crona has no masculine features, hermaphrodite or not. A man would not be born with a feminine set of hips if there was nothing inside to sustain the shape. Crona in anime+Manga has notably shaped hips, possibly possessing female reproduction organs inside, which explain her size and shape.

Ragnarok being male doesn't make Crona one as well, because blood doesn't carry gender cells or anything gender relevant

In reality, it doesn't matter. The author has not made a clear statement on what Crona is and he is the author. In a interview, he stated himself he didn't know and doesnt care(Ill see If I can find that article if needs be). The anime has referred to Crona as a male due to a policy. And the manga's translation cannot be accounted for, as they're not 100% translated correctly and as far as I know, I haven't met anyone who has read the entire Japanese manga and speaks English well enough to tell me the gender. As far as we known to this point, the gender of Crona is still ambiguous.Jharis10 (talk) 23:10, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Please do not change Crona's Gender

If you even decide to do so, don't! Crona gender has not been specified. Everyone has their own theories or headcannons! But fact is this: unless youre Okubo, your theory isnt correct! It's never been clearly stated nor has the author of Soul Eater even wanted to elaborate on it. Cause he doesn't really know himself. Until conclusive evidence from the Author or anything from the Soul Eater manga/show has been stated(Not a big chance seeing as it's finished), Crona will forever be remained "Unknown". Jharis10 (talk) 00:43, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

i dont know how to deal with people knowing this much about me

--Crona the demon swordsman (talk) 22:34, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

Crona Is Female with proof

Ok Clearing this up for everyone CRONA IS A FEMALE

Now for the explanation: at a very young age crona had her blood replaced with the black blood (Ragnarok) Ragnarok is a boy together crona and ragnarok make up one entity. for the majority of crona's life ragnarok is the dominate half of the entity which is why see seems like a guy at first, but when makas like hey yo lets be friends crona AFTER she defeated RAGNAROK THE MALE HALF (black blood/ madness/ whatever you want to call it) RAGNAROK gets smaller like way smaller signifying that he is no longer the dominate half of the entity anymore, and what happens then? Crona gets all emotional and feminine then if you still had problems understanding that crona was female ragnarok started sexually harassing crona (Japanese people are super weird amirite?). After the anime came out and people still had trouble telling weather crona was male or female they started putting real obvious things pointing twords crona being female in the manga, BUT insted of being like OOOOHHH crona is a GIRL people were like wow that must mean that crona is a girl in the manga but a guy in the anime. FALSE THAT IS NOT TRUE CRONA IS FEMALE IN BOTH THE MANGA AND THE ANIME. (sorry for the shitty grammar and stuff its just this is like the millionth time ive explained this to people)

File:Cronas a girl.jpg
From Vol. 15

Crona X Maka

So based off what I have read about the ending, we won't see Crona ever again? Because that is just wrong because (whatever gender Crona is) Maka was made to be with Crona! I mean they are perfect for each other! So who here believes that they should have ended the storyline with them getting married (or something around that line of Crona possibly returning). FinnXMarcy (talk) 04:17, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

  • In my honest opinon, no. But that's beside the point. The Talk Pages are not for discussing your favorite ships. They're there to talk over the article about the said character. The Forums are for that. Specifically, the "Death Cafe" portion. Please use that in the future when discussing your Shippings. :) Book of Eibon JayAaerow Talk Book of Eibon 06:18, January 30, 2014 (UTC)

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