Episode 46 - Mifune uses Sword Fang animated
Sword Fang






Derived Ability

Infinite One-Sword Style



Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 50

Anime Debut

Episode 46

Sword Fang (刀牙, Tōga) is a close-range offensive technique, used by Mifune as part of his Infinite One-Sword Style.[1]


After previously positioning three swords so that they stand parallel to one other in the ground, Mifune strikes all of their blades simultaneously with a powerful swing directed near their sunken tips, causing the entirety to slash upwards in a single violent movement that is reminiscent of a fang. This technique also requires to drop inside the opponent's guard. This then makes it almost impossible for the enemy to avoid the attack, without firstly releasing their weapon.[2]

Whilst performing Jumbled Lineup, the user can conducted a variation of this technique that instead featured a downwards slash. This was made possible due to the swords being suspended in mid-air at the time the attack was executed, meaning the swords were facing upwards, in contrast to their typical downwards position.[3]


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