Chapter 39 - Joe breaking through Soul Protect using Super Soul Perception
Super Soul Perception



Chō Tamashii Kanchi


Joe Buttataki[1]

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Manga Debut

Chapter 39

Super Soul Perception (超魂感知, Chō Tamashii Kanchi) is an upgraded version Soul Perception[1] and speculated to be the new evolution of the Soul Perception ability.[2]


A user of Super Soul Perception not only has the ability to greatly distinguish the Soul Wavelength including any issues that may arise whereas a normal Soul Perception users wouldn't notice,[3] but also break through Soul Protect, although even doing so takes concentration and a clear mind. It also allows them to sense Madness at a greater magnitude, even entities in which aren't normally sensed such as the Little Ogre.[4]


  • With the dangers of Soul Perception (and Super Soul Percpetion), those who developed high level of Soul Perception are potential targets from both Witches and Agents of the Kishin alike.[5]


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