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The Sun (太陽, Taiyou), is a notable part of the Soul Eater world. Like The Moon, it is shown to have a face and seems to exhibit various personality traits.


The Sun.


The Sun appears in the sky at all times except night. Uniquely, the clouds in the sky are actually shown sometimes behind the Sun, giving the impression that it is in the planet's atmosphere. For a long period of time, it was a mystery as to how and why the clouds seem to be placed sometimes farther away from the surface of the planet than the actual Sun; however, in recent chapters, it has been confirmed that The Moon is actually in the Earth's atmosphere. This most likely also applies to the Sun. In Episode 26, Black☆Star yells "The sun has come out from behind the clouds!" which is ironic considering that the clouds are always behind the sun.

As a very common image of what is in the sky, the Sun has also appeared in people's Souls. This includes Crona's Soul, where it appeared sleeping lifelessly before Crona encountered Maka for the first time.


  • Sun sweating in heat
  • Setting Sun about to fall asleep

A large orange spiky ball, the Sun almost always has an expression of determination or anger on its face. In the anime, it is always laughing, but in the manga, it always looks like it is shouting. It has two large eyes, a long conical nose and a wide mouth set with large square white teeth. It occasionally breathes fire.

When the sun is setting, its usual intense facial expression is replaced with a very lethargic and dopey one, drooling and sniffling as it tries to stop itself from "sleeping" or setting.

In hotter regions of the world, such as Africa or the Sahara Desert, the Sun's spikes grow longer, its expression appears fiercer and it blazes up as if it is on fire. This shows that the Sun has different appearances in different temperatures. As well, when in the desert around Death City, the Sun has been shown to sweat, as if it itself is hot from the heat.[1]

When appearing in Crona's soul, which is a sandy shore with no ocean, the Sun is seen in a similar depressed state as Crona, looking sad and drooling as it faces towards the ground.

Part in the Story and Symbolism


The Sun, Chapter 22


Atsushi Ōkubo, the author of Soul Eater, gave the Sun some 'dialogue' despite it not being an actual character. In contrast to the dark and sarcastic Moon, the Sun is lively and full of vigour. Whilst the Moon represents the dark antagonists' villainous deeds and schemes, the Sun seems to represent the burning passion and determination of the protagonists. It is frequently present when the protagonists are winning, fighting a battle, or about to embark on a great mission. Its occasional 'dialogue' seems to cheer or goad the protagonists onwards.


  1. Soul Eater Anime: Episode 39

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