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Song Info

Abingdon Boys School

Release Date

February 25, 2009 (CD, Digital Download)[1]

Ending Number


Starting Episode

Episode 40

Ending Episode

Episode 50

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Ao no Kaori
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Strength is the fourth and last ending theme for the anime Soul Eater. It is performed by the band Abingdon Boys School, fronted by TM Revolution, with lyrics by TM Revolution, composition by Toshiyuki Kishi, and arrangement by Epic Records Japan.[2] The song served as the ending theme for Episodes 40 to 50.

This ending demonstrates how far Asura's Madness has spread globally, with both heroes and villains injured while their world collapses into chaos.

Featured AppearancesEdit

Song LyricsEdit

Japanese Rōmaji Edit

kawaita kuchibiru itetsuku taiyou ni sarasarete

afureru namida ga shitataru mabushisa de boku o nazoru kara

tarinai kasho o tada umeau you ni kimi o motometeita

fureau yubi ni tsutawaru setsunasa dake o kakiatsumete

kodou no oku ni kazasu negai o

sadame to iu nara

nokosareta kioku to nakushita kimi no omokage ga

ima mo okizari no mama...

kasuka na toiki to furueru manazashi ni yurameite

kosureru tamashii o me o iru kirameki ga futari o tsutsunde

deawanakereba kizutsukeau koto sae mo nakatta no ka na?

mogareta hane no itami ni yorisoi nagara sotto nemurou

modorenai kara kaerenai kara

inochi o karashite

toozakaru ano hi to nakusu bakari no kono ude ga

kimi no nukumori ni kogarete...

dare mo ga chigau sabishisa mochiyotte asu o hoshigaru kedo kimi ga mezashita yogorenaki sono tsuyosa de boku o kowashite

koe ni dekizu ni taeta inori o

sadame to nazukete

nokosareta kioku to nakushita kimi no omokage ga

ueta kono mune ni ima mo okizari no mama...

English Translation Edit

My dry lips are bleached by the frozen sun

My overflowing tears trace me with a dripping brilliance

As if trying to bury the things we lack, I was seeking you

Scrape together whatever sufferings we can communicate in our touching fingers

The wish held out from deep within my heartbeat-

If you call that fate-

Then the remaining memories and the lost traces of you

Are still, even now, deserted

I waver at your faint smile and trembling glance

The shine that strikes the eyes of a grating soul envelopes the two of us

If we'd never met, do you think we could have kept from hurting each other?

Let us sleep quietly, snuggled up to the pain of our plucked wings

We can't go home, can't go back

So shout your life hoarse

This arm of mine longs for the long-gone days

And your warmth, which I keep losing

Bringing together everyone's different kinds of loneliness, you longed for the morning

With the uncorrupted strength you sought, break me

Take the prayer that died out without being voiced

And label it "fate"

The remaining memories and the lost traces of you

Are still, in this starving heart, deserted even now

Watch NowEdit

YouTube link by Funimation


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