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Stephanie Young

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Names::English name::Stephanie Young



Stephanie Young

Professional Status


April 3rd, 1973



Full Name

Stephanie Young Brehm






Baylor University[1]


Actor, singer, songwriter

Years Active




Notable Roles

Arachne Gorgon (Soul Eater)
Nico Robin (One Piece)
Lizbell (Casshern Sins)
Clare (Claymore)
Olivier Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Personal Information


David Brehm


One child

Stephanie Young Brehm is a United States actress, singer, and songwriter at Funimation.[2] She has acted in numerous video games and in English versions of Japanese anime series. She is the English voice of Arachne Gorgon of the anime Soul Eater.


Young is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in theatre performance and was nominated twice for the Dallas Theatre League's Leon Rabin Award.[1]


At Funimation, Young has acted in almost 100 anime series and films, portraying Nico Robin in One Piece, Lizbell in Casshern Sins, Clare in Claymore, and Olivier Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist.

She has also appeared on the Lifetime film and web series Inspector Mom.[3]

She also has acted in numerous video games, including Borderlands[4] and Ms. Splosion Man.

Young and her husband David Brehm perform in the Dallas Jazz band, The Brehms.

Soul Eater Voicing

Main article: Arachne Gorgon

Soul Eater Opening 2 HD - Arachne 1

Young as Arachne Gorgon

Young voices the witch Arachne Gorgon, the creator of demon weapons, the leader of Arachnophobia, and an antagonist in the first Soul Eater anime series. Young is currently the only English voice actor for Arachne.


  • Young's husband, David Brehm, is an animator, director, and illustrator, known for his work on Jimmy Neutron, Olive the Other Reindeer, and The Ant Bully.[5]


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