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Split Branches
Split Branches
Technique Data
English Title Split Branches
Alternate Title(s)
Type Piercing,
Derived Magic
Element Shadow,
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 7
Anime Debut 10

Split Branches is a technique which has been used by Masamune Nakatsukasa possessing Ryōku. It follows an attack called Puppet Thrust.


Immediately following the extended strike of the Puppet Thrust, numerous large spikes protrude outwards from the shadows body, in order to skewer the enemy multiple times at close range. Each of the spikes carries a significant amount of force as they extend, piercing through a human's flesh without much resistance, causing an amount of damage relative to how vital the area is that is hit.

Unlike the preceeding technique, this ability gives no indication to the target that it will occur. When this is combined with the positioning of the spikes, covering all directions, and its immediacy, giving no time to recover, the attack has an unusually high chance of success.



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