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At some point in his childhood, Spirit joined the DWMA, taking classes at the Academy. He served initially as the weapon partner to a student about his same age, Franken Stein. As Stein's weapon, he often felt responsible for maintaining proper conduct in his meister, on one occasion preventing Stein from doing unnecessary harm to another person then chastising Stein's joke of imagining a world without a god.

Meeting His Future Wife

What Spirit did not know was that, as he slept, Stein would experiment on him, which left Spirit waking the next day to find incision scars on his body. After receiving an explanation from another meister at the Academy, Spirit broke off his partnership with Stein and became partners with this woman, who would later become his wife. Through their partnership, his wife collected 99 souls and one witch's soul, transforming Spirit into a Death Scythe. Spirit would then become Death Scythe for North America, stationed by Death's side in his chamber.

Becoming a Father

In his late teens, Spirit learned that his wife was pregnant. Around this time, Spirit joined Stein and 12-year-old Sid Barrett on a mission involving the remains of the Star Clan, where Sid came upon the clan's last survivor. On the day that Sid brought this child, named Black☆Star, to the DWMA, Spirit's wife gave birth to their child, whom they named Maka.

When Maka was very young, Spirit would read numerous books to her, which Maka considers potentially influential in her love of books. However, as a small child, Maka also saw that her father had a proclivity to cheat on his wife. For this reason, when Maka was about 12 years old, her mother separated from then divorced Spirit.

"Soul Eater"

Spirit is first seen when Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans contact Shinigami by the 42-42-564 Death Room number call. After Shinigami and Maka have a short conversation to inform Shinigami up to speed, Spirit appears from behind Shinigami, shouting at Soul. He then tells Soul to not get involved with Maka or he would "go after [Soul]" as her father. Soul responds by commenting that he is far too "cool" for a girl with no body figure like Maka. Spirit is outraged upon hearing this, and bursts at Soul, contradicting himself by asking Soul why he hasn't already "made a move" on Maka. Soul then states that he is annoying and Spirit turns over to Maka. He then tells Maka he loves her, but Maka turns her head, stating that she wouldn't even consider him as her father. Spirit is stabbed emotionally, and begins to sob as Shinigami continues his conversation with Soul and Maka. When they finish and say their goodbyes, Shinigami turns around to Spirit and uses his Shinigami Chop on him to make him refrain from crying.

Spirit is later seen at his favorite cabaret club, Chupa♡Cabra's, with Risa and Arisa, two, somewhat, strip-teasers/mild men's entertainers. Spirit is seen laughing hysterically with the two in his arms. He laughs until Arisa asks him about his daughter, Maka, to which he freezes and slowly becomes overcome by his emotions as Lisa explains that he is in the process of getting a divorce for constantly cheating on his wife, and how Maka is on her mother's side and she hates him. After Lisa finishes, Spirit bursts into tears and runs out the door of the cabaret club, screaming for forgiveness from Maka and that he loves her and her mother.

Spirit is lastly seen as he is walking into The Death Room, to which he is informed by Shinigami that Maka could die as she is facing off with Blair, to whom they believe is a Witch. Spirit worries, and partially transforms into a scythe in hopes to go and save Maka, but Shinigami stops him, and encourages his to let Maka take care of it. During the battle, Soul pretends to want to be with Blair and abandon Maka, to which Spirit rejoices at, only to be Shinigami Chopped by the disapproved Shinigami. Soul then pretends further, and tells Maka that he is not under the influence of Blair's magic like Maka had thought, and that he was simply leaving her because of Blair's body figure, to which Spirit becomes a bit aroused at now that Soul had mentioned it, only to once again be Shinigami Chopped. Maka then begins to lightly shed tears, recounting that she had placed her faith in Soul for not being a "horrible", "cheating", man like (while thinking of her father) all other men are. Spirit is seen with a serious look on his face at this, suggesting his disappointment in himself and realization of Maka's true feelings towards Soul. Soul then reveals that it was a trick against Blair, and Maka comes to the realization and defeats Blair. Soon after, it is revealed that Blair isn't a witch, but a cat with magic powers, and Spirit is lastly seen offering to be her cat toy, only to be Shinigami Chopped one last time.

Notably, after these events with Blair, Spirit never shows a bitter relationship with Soul, suggesting that he no longer sees Soul in a disapproving manner. Also, Spirit is the one who first suggests a deeper relationship between Maka and Soul.

Remedial Lesson

After Sid Barrett becomes a zombie, Spirit temporarily takes his place as a teacher at Death Weapon Meister Academy. During class, he is ignored by Maka which results in bickering with Soul and secretly gives him a fail grade. After excusing Maka and Soul, as they must visit Shinigami, he suggests taking the class to Chupa♡Cabra's.

Blair and Spirit

Spirit recounts to Blair about his ex-wife and Stein

Later that day, at Chupa♡Cabra's, he tells Blair and Arisa, how he is ashamed of how little he can do as Maka's father and of the weird experiments Stein put him through. The next day, Stein takes his place as teacher, after the remedial lesson had concluded.

Demon Sword

Spirit is first seen in the Dispensary at the DWMA. He had come to The Academy to see Maka, but he was unaware that she had gone to Italy with Soul. He becomes frustrated, because coming to The Academy puts him in a possible run-in with Stein, who he hasn't seen in years, and is still dreadfully afraid of him. He tries to calm himself by saying he's not afraid, pretending as if he is talking to Maka, saying that he will confront Stein for her. He then has a contradicting change of pace in thought, and suddenly looks forward to seeing Medusa, as the school nurse, looking to flirt with her. The Dispensary door then opens, and Spirit immediately embraces the person who opened, thinking that it would be Medusa. Instead, it was Stein, and Spirit jumps into a fetal position under the covers of a bed in the room. Stein teases Spirit at first by telling him that he had swapped the middle toes on his feet, to which he pulls a "made you look" once Spirit desperately checks his feet. Stein then tells Spirit how he noticed how quickly Maka has grown up, and how he thought that Spirit's marriage would last forever, making it sound like he did not know he was divorced. Spirit then tells Stein that he has been divorced for a month in a very grief-filled manner. Stein then reveals that he is aware, and Spirit strangles him. Stein then tells Spirit that the Demon Sword has popped up, and the two head for Italy.

The two then appear while Maka is embracing a fatally wounded Soul and is about to be killed by Crona. Just as Crona is about to strike, Spirit's blade comes through the door behind Maka and stabs Crona. Stein then breaks down the door, and Spirit then comes in, hoping that Maka would appreciate how "brave and selfless" her father is. But Maka ignores him as usual. The fight then begins between Stein, Spirit, and the Demon Sword. Stein and Spirit make a very good team, and win against Crona, successfully fending off Ragnarok's Bloody Needle's by using their special attack, Experimental Ectoplasm. However, Medusa then reveals herself, and casts a parade of Vector Arrows at them. At this time, the two perform Witch-Hunt to destroy the arrows, and Medusa flees.

Ultimate Written Exam

Soul Eater Episode 14 - Spirit prays at Maka's apartment

Spirit attempts to pass good luck to Maka

As the DWMA holds the Ultimate Written Exam, a legend associated with the test says that whoever passes at the top of their class on this test is destined to create a Death Scythe. As Maka's mother was at the top of this test and went on to make Spirit into a Death Scythe, so is Maka resolved to earn that highest grade, including over last year's highest test-taker, Ox Ford, and the new student and bonafide expert, Death the Kid. Over the next few days at school and outside her apartment, Spirit stages chants and fires to wish good luck to his daughter—annoying her to the point that someone drops a bucket of water on top of Spirit.

Later, on the night after Maka has taken the test and received her score, Maka relaxes with a photo album. She explains to Soul that her father used to read to her in her childhood, which she muses may have led to her love of books.

Meanwhile, that same night, after Maka earns the highest score on the Ultimate Written Exam, Spirit meets with Blair at Chupa♡Cabra's to celebrate. Spirit then hands Blair a greeting card with money: because he cannot hand Maka a gift himself lest she turn it down in annoyance with her adulterous father, Spirit asks Blair to find out which book Maka wants, to buy it, and to hand it to Maka along with the greeting card he has already written, which asks for Maka to enjoy the gift. Blair giggles at what a good father she thinks Spirit is to his daughter and happily agrees.

Unfortunately, Blair instead spends the money on lingerie (and in the manga a copy of the book Karma Sutra). Blair uses her magic to shrink the size of the lingerie to Maka's body type and presents the gift and greeting card as from Spirit. While Maka and Soul are disturbed that Spirit seemed to give his daughter sexy underwear, Maka reads the card telling her to enjoy the gift and wonders whether her father is trying to make her into a pervert. Maka rips the card and says she hates her father. Meanwhile, Spirit smiles at the thought that Maka likely is enjoying the book Blair bought, ignorant of what the cat actually has done.

The Eve Party Nightmare

Spirit first appears at Death's right hand as he begins his opening greeting to the students of the DWMA who have come to the foundation anniversary celebration of the academy.

After Death and Kid's speeches, Spirit pursues Maka in an urge to dance with her. He finds Maka about to go dance with Soul, and interrupts, shouting for her to hold on for her to dance with himself. She immediately turns him down and Spirit explodes into a cloud of disappointment. Luckily, Soul did not feel like dancing at the moment, and urges Maka to go bond with her father in an attempt to escape dancing. Maka disappointingly states that she doesn't feel like bonding with Spirit, but Spirit takes advantage of the moment and excitingly shouts that Soul is correct and drags Maka to the dance floor.

On the dance floor, Maka is noticeably upset in oddly, sad manner as the two dance, and while Spirit is in his own bright and colorful world due to how happy he is to actually be dancing with his daughter. Spirit then begins to tell Maka that he is thinking about her kindergarten graduation, the last time the two danced, and Maka's attitude switches to her usual annoyance towards Spirit. Recounting the memory, Spirit remembers how Maka was so small that she had to dance on his feet, and then after they finished that he danced with her mother. In an unexpected surprise to Spirit, Maka becomes even further annoyed by the memory, and informs him that he wasn't dancing with her mother on that day, rather, a mother of another girl she knew. Spirit sweats in realization that he had entirely ruined the moment, and is amazed at how far back Maka was able to remember such an incident. He tries to cover up his mistake by completely disregarding what he just said and states that what really matters is the fact that he is dancing with her now, and that the moment will be a great memory. He then tells Maka that he promises to be a better father, but once again, is turned down by a disbelieving Maka.

As Sid suddenly appears from the ballroom entrance shouting for everyone to escape while they had time, Spirit disappears as the main cast and Stein run to Sid. FreeMedusa, and Eruka Frog then seal the ballroom using spatial magic, allowing no one to escape for a whole hour so they can resurrect the underground Kishin. Using Compulsive Burial, Sid manages to get the main cast and Stein out of the ballroom, and they move to the Seal Shrine.

In the first tunnel to the Seal Shrine, both Maka and Stein begin to sense a soul right beyond the shadows in front of them. Maka states that she knows the "nasty, despicable" soul, and Spirit emerges from the shadows, hurt by how Maka identified his soul. Stein then asks Spirit how he had escaped from the spatial magic trap, and Spirit states that when chasing a women (referring to the runaway Medusa at the time) no one is faster than he is. Spirit then transforms and is caught by Stein and the two decide to remain partnered for the battle. Medusa soon appears from the shadows as well and Stein quickly explains the plan for stopping the reawakening of the Kishin. Once the entire main cast has passed Medusa, Stein begins his fight with her by hitting her with his soul wavelength. Before the battle extends to any further fighting, Spirit partially transforms to speak with Medusa. He states that he always enjoyed seeing her in her nurse's outfit although he would enjoy more to see her with it "off", especially if he was the one doing it. Stein immediately teases Spirit by stating that he was dancing with her earlier and Spirit becomes jealous. He then takes a turn for the serious, and tells Medusa that a great shame would come upon him as the only Death Scythe at DWMA if the Kishin was revived. The fight then commences and Spirit supports Stein when he is engaged with Medusa. However, a great majority of the time, Stein and Medusa simply share conversations about the battle the main cast is having further down the way to the Seal Shrine, watching it using their soul perception.

The first battle they oversee is that between Maka and Crona. Stein immediately notices when Black☆Star's soul passes Crona's, and Maka's stays behind, indicating that she had gone against his orders and chosen to fight the demon sword on her own. Spirit immediately shows slight concern for Maka and is taunted by Medusa saying that his daughter had walked into a death trap. Spirit then smiles, and tells Medusa not to underestimate his daughter. Stein then soon asks Medusa why she has seemed to give up on her original intention to create her own Kishin through the demon sword and instead chosen to wake Asura using the same black blood. He also asks where she had abducted the child that had become the demon sword Meister. Stein assumes that it was all simply because Medusa had failed and taunts her. She then explains that her work had only pertained to the black blood in general, and informs him that Crona is actually her child. Stein then pursues to ask what exactly she plans to do with Crona if she gets her way and the Kishin is revived. He recounts that her black blood research is finished and she is done with the experiment to which she needed this child, and asks again what comes after. Spirit immediately shows signs of becoming angry as the answer are awaited. Medusa then explains that she will merely abandon Crona, and Spirit becomes furious. As Medusa begins to laugh at their anger towards her Spirit commands her to stop, and becomes so enraged that he comes out of weapon form to walk up and grab Medusa. However, he is short for words, and cannot think of what to say to her, and is flung back to Stein by her vector arrows. Spirit then begins to shed tears to the disgusting thought of parent abandoning her child, but pulls himself together in order to defeat her. As the black blood Resonance battle continues, both Stein and Spirit become very concerned as the black blood begins to activate in both Soul and Maka, however, when the battle has ended, Spirit is calmed by the news that Maka had managed to end the fight peacefully.

As the underground fight draws to a close, Stein and Spirit try to make an effort to defeat Medusa, but the struggle is drawn out longer by her in order to prevent the two from proceeding aged to the Kishin. Spirit soon asks Stein why he has seemed to lose his edge, and where his ominous "I'll kill you" vibe has gone to. As Stein begins to calm himself, Spirit can easily read that he was regaining this vibe, and remembers that he is in charge of controlling Stein. The battle soon seriously engages again, and eventually comes to Spirit and Stein being in a dead lock with Medusa, restraining her from cutting off Stein's head by blocking her nerve endings through a very complicated soul wavelength attack. They stay in this lock until suddenly, madness begins to overflow, and the Kishin begins to revive. Spirit is mortified as he realizes this, but Stein takes advantage of Medusa's guard drop, and slices her in two. Spirit is amazed that Stein was able to do this, and remains in awe until he Kishin's wavelength fades away and Stein states that he had escaped.

With Asura released, Spirit becomes incredibly disappointed in himself, stating that it is all his fault and that if he had stayed with Shinigami like he was suppose to, the Kishin could have been stopped. While both Stein and Spirit are distracted by their failure, neither notices Medusa, not quite dead, using her Vector Arrows to prop up her limbless torso to bite Stein on his neck. Stein knocks Medusa to the ground and drives Spirit's blade through her forehead, seeming to kill her. Her body then dissolves into Vector Arrows, leaving behind no body or soul, surprising Spirit. What Spirit does not realize is that Medusa had planted her soul into one of her snakes, which escaped the underground through a sewer. Medusa would later use this snake to attack a local child, Rachel Boyd, possessing her body and running away from the Boyd family so as to continue Medusa's attack against the DWMA.

Death Scythes Reconvene at Death City

Following his failure to stop Medusa, Spirit attempted to return to Death's good graces by cleaning the hallways. Although mocked for such efforts by Stein, Spirit explained that he was terrified that Death would reassign the North American Death Scythe to a new continent, meaning he would lose any custody of Maka to his ex-wife and would likely not get to see his daughter very often.

Spirit and Stein's discussion was interrupted by the arrival of two other Death Scythes: Azusa Yumi of East Asia and Marie Mjolnir of Oceania. Spirit and Stein agreed that Azusa had always been an annoying tattle-tale: she would trail Spirit as he flirted with multiple women, and she would stop Stein from vivisecting others (although Spirit admitted that he agreed with that action). Upon reuniting with Spirit and during their meeting with Death, Azusa emphasized that Asura escaped thanks to Spirit's failures, goading him for his irresponsibility.

Although Spirit feared Death would reassign him, the Shinigami explained that he could not afford to have his Death Scythes outside of Death City and hence outside of his grip, seeing as Death could not leave the city. Death also explained that Spirit was technically his only Death Scythe who was actually a Scythe. This news led Spirit, along with the recently returned Death Scythe Justin Law, to genuflect and praise their god. As Spirit would be re-assigned to Death and no longer Stein's weapon, Death re-assigned Marie to Death City to serve as Stein's partner and as an Academy teacher, and for Azusa to take over for Marie's post in Oceania while staying on as East Asian Death Scythe.

While Death concluded the meeting and dismissed Stein and the Death Scythes, he asked Spirit to stay behind. Death explained that the release of Asura's madness would threaten Stein; therefore, although Spirit would no longer be Stein's partner, Death expected Spirit to keep an eye on his friend.

Spirit followed Stein and Marie to the Death City basketball court, where his daughter Maka and her friends were playing a game. While Spirit complained that the students should be resting from their injuries sustained in the fight against Medusa's Army, Stein thought of the basketball game as combat practice, leading Spirit to complain that Stein has no understanding of children. Spirit was interrupted by Maka, who approached him because she lost a bet: she asked whether Spirit would have a parent-child date with him that weekend, leading Spirit to feel overjoyed—before vomiting onto the court.

During this parent-child date that weekend, Spirit had to avoid many Death City shops that Maka wanted to visit, because he had engaged with the women working at those shops. Recounting how annoying that weekend was to Marie, Maka was annoyed when the new Academy teacher then wondered aloud why Spirit never tried to date her.

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Spirit, Lord Death 1

Spirit passes along Death's orders to lip-reading Justin

Now serving by Death's side at all times, Spirit was called upon by Death during a meeting with Justin Law. As Justin's earbuds played music too loud for him to hear conversations, Justin listened through lip-reading. Because Death's mask obscured any lips, Death said aloud his orders and had the annoyed Spirit repeat them, exactly in words and tone, to Justin. Under these orders, Justin was to use his abilities to follow the madness wavelength to locate Asura.

Battle on Lost Island

Death assigned DWMA agents and students to Lost Island, Alaska, where a Demon Tool facility once stood, to recover its powerful creation: BREW, a device sought after by the newly awaken organization Arachnophobia, led by the witch Arachne Gorgon. Because Arachnophobia agent Mosquito seemed to procure BREW before the DWMA could (actually only a replica left by the Mizune Family who procured the actual BREW for Medusa Gorgon), the DWMA students left Lost Island in defeat. Sid tasked Maka to use a small mirror to contact Death—and who appeared on the mirror instead was her father, crying out of worry for her safety. Maka, deadpan, assured her father she was fine and told him to get off the mirror so she could update Death. While Maka and Death spoke, Spirit curled up into a ball away, happy to know his daughter was safe (in the anime, also depressed that she did not want to speak with him).

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle

Death and Spirit make a deal with Medusa

Death and Spirit listen to Medusa's deal

When Sid Barrett received an anonymous tip regarding three witches hidden in Death City, he and Spirit confronted two of the witches, the proprietors of Spirit's favorite club Chupa♡Cabra's, Risa and Arisa. After disabling the two and discovering that they were Arachnophobia allies, Spirit reported to Death that the information seemed to be correct. Spirit then met with the informant, who had surrendered herself to the DWMA: Medusa Gorgon.

After Medusa's supposed death, she had drawn upon the newly released madness immediately present underneath Death City upon Asura's escape in order to transfer her soul into one of her snakes. Medusa then transferred her soul through that snake into the body of the child Rachel Boyd, whom she held as hostage to prevent Spirit from killing her. Medusa used this opportunity to propose a deal with the DWMA, demanding a meeting with Death. Although Death initially swatted Medusa with a Shinigami Chop in retaliation for her actions, he listened to her proposal: as Medusa knew the location of Arachne's headquarters, Baba Yaga Castle, she could lead a force of DWMA students, including Spirit's daughter Maka, to kill the witch and destroy her organization. While Spirit was hesitant to agree to this deal, Death decided to ally with Medusa, in exchange for receiving from her Brew, which she had taken from Lost Island during the DWMA's failed battle at that location, and the opportunity to choose Medusa's DWMA students.

There is Someone to Admire

He was shown to be still in Death's room discussing about the plan to battle the Kishin. He knows that Death can't leave the city due to his soul being bounded to the ground. Kid's full awakening is needed for the battle as it's essential for their victory. At that same time the last two remaining death scythes have arrived. It appears that all of them have come. Death told them to say their good-byes to their loved ones and they will leave as soon as the preparations are done. Spirit looked down.

Spirit is at the top floor of the school outside waiting and looking up at the sky. Maka came out. She told him that it's an abuse of authority to call using an public announcer to call her plus it was embarrassing to say. He said that he was sorry and that he wanted to meet her no matter what. She asked if he was going to the moon as well. He signed and said yes, but it was for an important mission plus it's his first foreign trip in a long time run. He said that Liz and Patty are making a will and Maka said, "I see." He said sorry about putting her in a tough situation with Crona's research and all. She said it was fine since they stopped for today. She was thinking to herself that a father and daughter doesn't need to met up in an place like this.....but if it was then she was just a little rude just now. She asked if he needed something from her. He said that he wanted to give her something before going to the moon. She thought it was a will, but to her surprise it was a ring. It turns out to be her mother's wedding ring. She sent it back to him after the divorce. Back then he was young and broke, so he went to buy a cheap ring off the street from an old lady. According to the old lady, there is an charm written on the back side of it that is to say that it could purifies madness and misfortune. It was brought for Maka from all the hard work she is doing for them and who was born to them. He gave her the ring. Her mother is strong enough to not fall prey to madness so she probably knew that the world is surrounded with madness right now. She probably wants Maka to have it. Maka thanks her father as she wears the ring.

Spirit then mentions that when her mother was pregnant with her that he wanted a boy. She asked why. He though that girl likes her father would have inexhaustible source of worries. She was like are you kidding me. However he was glad that it was her.

Spirit hugs his daughter, saying that she has grown strong and well. He said that Crona was a poor child. He was a bad father, but Crona was a poor child that was raised by Medusa. He and Stein shouldn't have stopped her back when they first met at Santa Mario Novella Basilica. Maka felt relieved at making this discovery, confusing Spirit, who thought his daughter reminded him of her mother's straight-forwardness.

Battle on the Moon

Spirit accompanies Stein and many of the other Death Scythes and Meisters on the airship to the Moon. Once they are on the Moon, Spirit notices that Stein is being overcome by his Madness, and compare him to the Kishin himself. While fighting against the endless army of Clowns, Spirit shows himself to be an extremely powerful Weapon even without a skilled Meister. He helps the soldiers by being passed amongst the ranks and attacking with Soul Wavelength attacks.

The Dark Side of the Moon


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