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"You idiots!! You're too young to embrace death!! The strength you gain from a willingness to sacrifice your life is smaller then you think!! Don't give up hope! Cling to life until the moment you die!!"

— (Chapter 100)

Spirit Albarn
Spirit Spirit as he appears in Soul Eater.
Name Spirit Albarn
Alias(es) Deathscythe
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Age 31
Race/Species Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Weapon2Demon Weapon
Type of Soul
Theme Cross
Classification Death Scythe
Weapon Form(s)
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Instructor
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Shibusen
Place of Origin
Residence Death City
Team/Group N/A
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s) Franken Stein (formerly)[1]
Maka's Mother (formerly)
Relation(s) Maka's Mother (Ex-Wife)
Maka Albarn (Daughter)
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Chapter 0.1
Anime Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Episode 1
Game Debut(s)

Spirit Albarn, commonly known as Death Scythe (デス・サイズ, Desu Saizu), is the father of Maka Albarn and former partner and husband of her mother. He was also formerly Franken Stein and currently Death's weapon partner until his demise in the manga.


For a number of years, Spirit served as a Demon Weapon partner to Franken Stein and looked after him. However, after his future ex-wife found out he was conducting experiments on his, he would partner up with Maka's mother, who made him the most powerful Death Scythe. Gradually, they fell in love and he became a father at eighteen.[3] Throughout the years, he maintain a relationship with his wife and daughter until he would be caught cheating multiple times, causing him to be divorced.



Spirit's cheerful personality before Medusa threatens him because she is wearing bloomers.

Spirit displays a multitude of attitudes in certain situations of his usual everyday life. He is casually silly and youthfully influenced in his personal life along with in circumstances that require no seriousness. Spirit's most obvious flaw in his personality is the way he seeks out entertainment through surrounding himself by random women. He is very perverted, because of this constant habit; he is unable to hold a long term romantic relationship with someone, shown through his divorce from his wife. Prior to the events of Soul Eater, people around Spirit are already aware that he is in the process of divorcing his wife. Strangely, Spirit is extremely regretful of the end of his relationship with his ex-wife to this day, and has frequently stated that he is still very much in love with her. Those around him find this difficult to piece together, due to the fact that Spirit still acts in the same way and does things that got him divorced regardless of his apparent guilt.

He becomes very longing for love from his daughter, Maka, who is the most important thing in the world to him, and he loves her unconditionally. Unfortunately, Maka is heavily affected by her father's actions, and consistently puts out a relationship towards him that expresses that she is disgusted by him. Spirit is well aware of this and attempts to win his daughter's love back by trying to impress her through acting like what he thinks she would admire in a person, such as a certain level of being "cool", brave, or selfless. Unfortunately for Spirit, these usually end in a comedic failure. As such, whenever his relationship with Maka is mentioned by someone around him, he often bursts into a hysterical wave of emotions and sobbing. Spirit also has a passionate outlook on being a parent as a whole as well, finding utter disgust when he sees a fellow parent being disloyal or abusive to their child. This is shown when he learned that Medusa experimented and treated her own child, Crona, as a mere tool that she is willing to abandoned anytime without any regret.

Around friends, Spirit is a very open, contently spirited person. He usually displays a calm laid-back attitude, although he sometimes can be a bit sensitive. However, he is perfectly capable of being very mature and serious, and shows a strong sense of wisdom that is usually shadowed by his usually foolishly silly personality. This side of him is only shown in serious or formal situations however.


Main Article: Spirit Albarn/Relationships


Spirit is a somewhat younger aged man, being only around the age of 18 when Maka was born. Because Maka is about 14 or 15, it is rational to say that he is 32 or 33. His facial features consist of red shoulder length hair and blue eyes (They have been shown to be green in the manga[4]). He wears a basic black suit blazer, black dress slacks, an olive green button down shirt (which remains tucked in), a black leather belt with a silver buckle and dress shoes. The most iconic element of his clothing is his signature black cross tie; also, on the collar of his button down, there are two black crosses on each side. He is often seen with one or both of his hands in his pocket.


  • In the official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Spirit ranked 11th.


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