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Spirit, Death Scythe
スピリット, デス・サイズ
Supiritto, Desu Saizu
Papa(named by Maka), Death Scythe, Spirit

Seiyū (Japanese)

  • Hiroaki Hirata (drama CD)
  • Tōru Ōkawa (anime)
Voiced by (English)

  • Vic Mignogna
Gender Male
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Classification Weapon
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, Death scythe
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Death Scythe (デス・サイズ, Desu Saizu), formerly Spirit (スピリット, Supiritto) is Shinigami-sama's current weapon and Maka Albarn's father.


Don't you even think about touching my Maka, if you lay a hand on her, as a Death scythe... no, as her father, I WILL FUCKIN' KILL YOU!

Death Scythe, Episode 1

Spirit's cheerful personality before Medusa threatens him because she is wearing bloomers.
SamueljooAdded by Samueljoo
Spirit displays a multitude of attitudes in certain situations of his usual everyday life. He is casually silly and youthfully influenced in his personal life along with in circumstances that require no seriousness. Spirit's most obvious flaw in his personality is the way he seeks out entertainment through surrounding himself by random women. He is very perverted, because of this constant habit; he is unable to hold a long term romantic relationship with someone, shown through his divorce from his wife, Kami. Prior to the events of Soul Eater, people around Spirit are already aware that he is in the process of divorcing his wife. Strangely, Spirit is extremely regretful of the end of his relationship with his ex-wife to this day, and has frequently stated that he is still very much in love with her. Those around him find this difficult to piece together, due to the fact that Spirit still acts in the same way and does things that got him divorced regardless of his apparent guilt.

He becomes very longing for love from his daughter, Maka, who is the most important thing in the world to him, and he loves her unconditionally. Unfortunately, Maka is heavily affected by her father's actions, and consistently puts out a relationship towards him that expresses that she is disgusted by him. Spirit is well aware of this and attempts to win his daughter's love back by trying to impress her through acting like what he thinks she would admire in a person, such as a certain level of being "cool", brave, or selfless. Unfortunately for Spirit, these usually end in a comedic failure. As such, whenever his relationship with Maka is mentioned by someone around him, he often bursts into a hysterical wave of emotions and sobbing. Spirit also has a passionate outlook on being a parent as a whole as well, finding utter disgust when he sees a fellow parent being disloyal or abusive to their child. This is shown when he learned that Medusa experimented and treated her own child, Crona, as a mere tool that she is willing to abandoned anytime without any regret.

Around friends, Spirit is a very open, contently spirited person. He usually displays a calm laid-back attitude, although he sometimes can be a bit sensitive. However, he is perfectly capable of being very mature and serious, and shows a strong sense of wisdom that is usually shadowed by his usually foolishly silly personality. This side of him is only shown in serious or formal situations however.


Spirit is a somewhat younger aged man, being only around the age of 18 when Maka was born. Because Maka is about 14 or 15, it is rational to say that he is 32 or 33. His facial features consist of red shoulder length hair and blue eyes. He wears a basic black suit blazer, black dress slacks, an olive green button down shirt (which remains tucked in), a black leather belt with a silver buckle and dress shoes. The most iconic element of his clothing is his signature black cross tie; also, on the collar of his button down, there are two black crosses on each side. He's often seen with one of his hands in his pocket.


Stein and Spirit have known each other for a great majority of their lives, having met at childhood or teenaged years. They both attended Death Weapon Meister Academy, originally, as
Spirit Stein
Spirit and Stein as children
LLightAdded by LLight
Meister and Weapon partners. During their more youthful ages, Spirit served as a check against Stein's violent personality, and is more than likely responsible for Stein's original diverge from his young Madness. Their relationship remained unchanged for 5 years, until Spirit's ex-wife, Kami, discovered that Stein had been secretly experimenting on Spirit's body every night after he had fallen asleep. This mortified Spirit, and the two separated for a suggested long period of time, only keeping in touch very lightly until the events of Soul Eater. Spirit, now a grown man, still feared Stein until they met again by accident one day at the DWMA shortly after Stein had been hired as a teacher. The two have since then re-established their friendship, regardless of their pasts. The two share man to man conversations in a very friendly matter, and are very familiar with one another in every aspect. It is reasonably suggested that the two are in fact, best friends. In battle, the two are very skilled and Spirit is familiar with all of Stein's scythe techniques. Spirit and Stein even share a special move together known as Experimental Ectoplasm, which is even translated into "Spirit Body" in the English Anime. The two also joke around with each other in their free time, and share a semi-comedic relationship that resembles Spirit and Shinigami's relationship. As Stein slowly starts to fall to Madness in more recent events, Spirit shows great concern for Stein, and helps him by calming him, and reminding him that he is stronger than the Madness of the Kishin.
Shinigami chopping Spirit for acting foolish
Spirit is Shinigami's current Weapon Partner. Despite there being at least 7 other Death scythes, Shinigami considers Spirit the only true Death scythe (being that he is one of the only two Death scythes who are actual scythes. The other being Soul Eater Evans). The two share a very close relationship as Meister and Weapon, and are extremely close friends. It is even rational to say that they are family friends as well, as Spirit knows Death the Kid well, and Shinigami takes great liking to Spirit's family and ex-partners. In situations that are not taken seriously, the two often share friendly conversations that have no significant importance whatsoever, such as the time they randomly decided to have a detailed discussion about bloomers in front of Medusa, who at the time, was not being taken with any concern. However, the two know when it is time to be serious, and in these situations often agree on each other's opinions. Spirit also helps Shinigami in making difficult decisions, and Shinigami always listens to Spirit's opinion very trustingly and openly. Spirit's respect and extreme friendship to Shinigami makes him very protective of him. Such as the time that Spirit stated that he wouldn't hesitate to kill Medusa if she tried to attack Shinigami while undoing her restraints in The Death Room, regardless of her holding
Death Weapon
The Grim Reaper at his finest, wielding a Death scythe
Blackstar1Added by Blackstar1
Rachel Boyd's body hostage or Shinigami having the ability to easily defeat Medusa with a flick of his own finger. In the Anime, the two are shown in battle for the first time in the fight against Kishin Asura. In battle, they're method of combat is perfect, and the two resonate in an instant. In Soul Resonance, Shinigami is capable of performing (defined by the Anime) the most powerful super skill of a Scythe Meister, and possibly by any Weapon in the world, with Spirit known as Kishin Hunter. However this battle never occurs in the Manga and they are yet to be shown in battle together. It is suggested that they may be even more powerful in the Manga than what they portrayed in the anime.
Maka is Spirit's daughter, and he has an incredible love for her. However, she treats him very scornfully, due to Spirit's actions on her mother and women in general. In the past, Maka, Spirit, and his wife Kami, were strongly suggested to be a steadily functional family, and Maka is shown to have showed a strong love for her father. In Maka's early childhood, Spirit used to read many books to Maka, and to this day, Maka believes that her love for reading came from her father. However this relationship would eventually suffer a huge downfall as Maka grew up. Apparently,
Maka and Spirit
Spirit with Maka at a young age
LLightAdded by LLight
Spirit was caught cheating on his wife, and the two would eventually divorce. Maka takes her mother's side in the divorce and believes that Spirit is utterly reprehensible for his actions, and from the moment she takes her mother's side on, she shows a great, bitter relationship towards her father. Spirit acknowledges that he has totally destroyed the family, and frequently tries to win back Maka's love. However, she turns down almost every attempt he tries and leaves Spirit in a state of utter failure. This relationship is shown in a comedic nature throughout the entire events of Soul Eater.
Spirit's ex-wife and the mother of his daughter, Maka. Little other than basic information about Kami is known in general, much less, people's relationships towards her. In the known history between her and Spirit, the two met at DWMA as students, but not originally as Meister and Weapon. Although unconfirmed, they were more likely friends or dating while Spirit was still partnered with Stein, when she found out that Stein had been conducting experiments on Spirit while he was sleeping. She immediately informed Spirit and he separated himself from Stein. The two then became Meister and Weapon partners, and it is believed that from this moment on, they became so close that they married and had their daughter, Maka. However, Spirit was caught cheating on her, and they divorced. The relationship ended so badly, that Kami actually moved out of Death City. Spirit in extremely regretful of the way his relationship with his ex-wife went, and to this day, he always states that he loves her (and Maka) "more than anything else in the world". It is actually probable to say that his ex-wife is the only person Spirit has ever legitimately loved, as opposed to the unreal relationship he has with other women. Spirit has confirmed that despite his frequent flirting with women, he will never even so much as think about remarrying.
Sid Barrett
Sid is one of Spirit's good friends. The two met at Death Weapon Meister Academy and just like Stein, were in the same class. They used to go on many missions together, one including the execution of a number of Star Clan members, including Black☆Star's family. Spirit is one the people who encouraged Sid to take Black☆Star in at DWMA. Spirit and Sid's relationship bares similar to the team relationship between all the members of the main cast of Soul Eater. Spirit also respects Sid because of their similar relationship towards Shinigami.
Blair is one of the many random women that Spirit enjoys being with. However, he shares a slightly deeper friendship with her, as she lives with Maka, and is a frequent person that he can find a
Blair and Spirit
Blair, consoling Spirit
RyunnKazanAdded by RyunnKazan
certain level of comfort in. Blair is one of the only people that can console Spirit and talk to him about Maka without him falling into hysteria. She consistently sends a positive attitude towards him and acknowledges his strong love for Maka, a fact that Spirit is very thankful for. Uniquely, the two also share a similar relationship with Maka, although Maka is obviously more often very friendly to Blair than constantly wanting to kill her.
Risa and Arisa
Two of Spirit's favorite women to be with whenever he visits Chupa♡Cabra's. Spirit indulges in his bad habits with these two particular women the most, and always likes to show off in front of them. He also likes to have them around his arms at the very same time. The two simply do their job, and always tell them how impressed they are by him, and how manly and brave he is, never once feeding him any form of negative attitude or criticism. Spirit, of course, loves this fact, and his addiction to constantly being around women is amplified by these two. It is even believed that he requests them specifically whenever he visits Chupa Cabra's, when he isn't requesting Blair.
Spirit has only ever seen Crona during a battle against him in Italy at Santa Maria Novella Basilica. He stops Crona from nearly killing Maka and Soul by slicing through his body from behind a locked door. Spirit's power as a Death scythe far surpasses Crona's as a Demon Sword, and Spirit finds him a surprisingly easy opponent. As the battle continues, Spirit is speechless at the sight of Crona's abilities using Black Blood. After the battle, the two never truly meet up again, however, during the underground battle for the revival of the Kishin, Medusa reveals that Crona is actually her child to the surprise of both Spirit and Stein. Knowing that Medusa merely needed Crona to experiment with Black Blood, Stein questions on what Medusa plans to do with Crona once the Kishin has revived and her research with Black blood is finished. To which Medusa responds with ominous laughter and tells them that she would basically just abandon Crona. Spirit is outraged by this, and after a failed attempt to intimidate Medusa, begins to cry in a serious manner, indicating that he feels incredibly sorry for Crona. After this battle, Crona joins the DWMA as a new friend of Maka's, to which although never directly seen, Spirit is believed to be happy for Crona.
Soul Eater
Spirit's initial opinion towards Soul was that of great disapproval, seeing him as a possible harm to Maka in terms of a bad romantic relationship. The first time Spirit appears in Soul Eater, he is seen warning Soul not to lay a hand on Maka or Spirit would "come after him, and directly insulting him by calling him an "octopus head" after. However, as time progresses, Spirit sees that Maka puts great trust and faith in Soul as an exception to her ruined view of men as a whole (due to Spirit), and never again becomes concerned, indicating that he approves of Soul by knowing that Soul is a better person that he himself is. Uniquely, the two have never truly shared a conversation throughout the entire events of Soul Eater without the conversation being started out of annoyance that has come from Spirit. Spirit also feels greatly worried for Soul after he is injured by Ragnarok and Stein tells him that Soul now has black blood.
As a school nurse, Spirit adored Medusa as yet another random women he enjoyed surrounding himself by. However, upon finding out that she was actually a Witch, his attitude towards her changes as she reveals her true personality. The defining moment of how Spirit came to hate Medusa is that of when Stein questions her on what exactly she plans to do with her child, Crona, once she is finished with the experiment that she had needed him for. Upon responding to this question with evil laughter, Spirit immediately becomes angry, and commands her to stop. And after she basically explains that will abandon Crona, Spirit leaves his Death scythe form to walk up to Medusa, grab her, and personally express his disgust towards her. He states that as a parent, he cannot believe that a person would be so evil and heartless as to abandon her own child, and that the action is unforgivable. After defeating Medusa, it is implied that Spirit shows no form of regret for defeating someone he had formerly been lightly attracted to, as Medusa is the only person that Spirit has actually shown to hate.
Death the Kid
Spirit shares a friendly relationship with Kid, seeing as they know each other because of Spirit being Kid's father's current Weapon. In a flashback, Spirit was even shown to be present, along with Shinigami, when Kid was receiving suggestions for Weapon partners from his father. Their friendly relationship is expressed through Spirit having the comfort to be himself around Kid, illustrated by Spirit enthusiastically holding up the pictures of the Weapon partner suggestions (all of which were young women) while having his unsurprising reaction of heart-shaped eyes towards the pictures in front of Kid.
Justin Law
Spirit knows Justin through the fact of the two both being Death scythes. The two share a mutual respect for each other but no significant relationship. Spirit's main action towards Justin every time he sees him is that of kicking him from behind to tell him to remove his headphones.
Yumi Azusa
Spirit and Azusa use to share a classroom while they were still students at the Academy. However, along with Stein, he did not share a friendly relationship with her, rather, one of constant annoyance on her part; constantly complaining about his flirting with girls. Along with Stein, Spirit came up with the name; "Queen of Committee Chairmen" for her, on account of her "annoying, bossy, [bratty]". This relationship with her still stands to this day.


Spirit partially transforming
  • DeathScythe Weapon—Scythe:
    Spirit Weapon Form
    Spirit in Death scythe Weapon form
    GohanRULEZAdded by GohanRULEZ
    Out of all the Death Scythes, Spirit is the only one called "Death Scythe" as a mark of his authority. Despite his personality, his position is apparently not undeserved, as out of all the death scythes he was assigned to be Death's personal weapon. It is also strongly implied by himself, other Death scythes, and even Shinigami himself, that if he had been present beside Shinigami at the time of Asura's revival, then the two would have been able to defeat him and prevent him from escaping.It is possible that the actual status of being a death scythe is specifically called "Death scythe" because Shinigami is at his highest level of power when wielding a Weapon that is an actual scythe. Spirit so far has only been seen performing basic Scythe and Death Scythe abilities. However, he is suggested to be much more powerful. In Weapon form, Spirit is a large, plain black scythe with the handle resembling a cross and is capable of blocking/canceling out powerful attacks dealt by Ragnarok, Medusa, and Vajra.
  • Wavelength Control: It has been shown in the manga that Spirit is especially adept at reading and controlling the Wavelength of his Meister's soul. He is able to attack using his Meister's Wavelength, even if the person wielding him is not a trained Meister. With one slash, he unleashes a powerful wave, although the range of this wave is dependent on the "radiation range" of the Meister wielding him. Stein has commented that this is why he attracts other women. It has been noted that Maka inherited this type of soul. 
  • Form Manipulation: Spirit has also been shown using "form manipulation", a basic Death scythe ability. During form manipulation, Spirit is shown simply to not have a blade. Instead, he appears to be a simple cross, with the area where his blade is suppose to be longer than the other parts to the cross besides the handle. It is unknown why Spirit chose to use this form when he did, as the situation was considerably dangerous. It is possible he was simply on a safe-mode because he did not want to show his blade in front of Maka and the main cast.
  • Skilled Combatant: Though he hasn't physically engage many times, He was seen fit enough to climb onto the Moon. He's seen to be able to block an attack from Crona's to save Maka in the Manga[1] and was able to take Medusa's Vector Arrows at point blank range and was unharmed, possibly due to his ability to sprout Scythe Blades from his body giving him additional durability.

With a Meister

  • Witch Hunt: Spirit, being a scythe, can thus perform Witch Hunter when held by an able meister. Spirit's 'Witch Hunt' form is different from Maka's own use of the technique, though this was possibly an adaptation under the circumstances; as Death Scythe and Stein were attacked by Medusa's Vector Arrow at the time the Witch Hunt was used. It may also be due to the differences between Maka and Stein as Meisters, and between Soul and Spirit as scythes.
  • Majin Hunt: When weilded by an able scythe-meister such as Kami, Maka, or Death, Spirit is able to go into the Majin Hunt. It's effects depend on the meister, but it is able to kill the likes of immortals at least.
  • Kishin Hunt: In the Anime, Spirit is shown partnered with Shinigami, and even using what is suggested to be a Death scythe attack. In the fight against the Kishin, Spirit is able to perform Kishin Hunter, which is supposedly only possible to perform by a Death scythe partnered with Death himself. This attack is capable of killing beings up to a Kishin.
  • Wavelength Beam: He is also shown performing a beam-like attack in his blade-less cross form.
While in his cross form, Spirit can blast a Soul Wavelength beam.



Spirit is first seen when Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans contact Shinigami by the 42-42-564 Death Room number call. After Shinigami and Maka have a short conversation to inform Shinigami up to speed, Spirit appears from behind Shinigami, shouting at Soul. He then tells Soul to not get involved with Maka or he would "go after [Soul]" as her father. Soul responds by commenting that he is far too "cool" for a girl with no body figure like Maka. Spirit is outraged upon hearing this, and bursts at Soul, contradicting himself by asking Soul why he hasn't already "made a move" on Maka. Soul then states that he is annoying and Spirit turns over to Maka. He then tells Maka he loves her, but Maka turns her head, stating that she wouldn't even consider him as her father. Spirit is stabbed emotionally, and begins to sob as Shinigami continues his conversation with Soul and Maka. When they finish and say their goodbyes, Shinigami turns around to Spirit and uses his Reaper Chop on him to make him refrain from crying.

Spirit is later seen at his favorite cabaret club, Chupa♡Cabra's, with Risa and Arisa, two, somewhat, strip-teasers/mild men's entertainers. Spirit is seen laughing hysterically with the two in his arms. He laughs until Arisa asks him about his daughter, Maka, to which he freezes and slowly becomes overcome by his emotions as Lisa explains that he is in the process of getting a divorce for constantly cheating on his wife, and how Maka is on her mother's side and she hates him. After Lisa finishes, Spirit bursts into tears and runs out the door of the cabaret club, screaming for forgiveness from Maka and that he loves her and her mother.

Spirit is lastly seen as he is walking into The Death Room, to which he is informed by Shinigami that Maka could die as she is facing off with Blair, to whom they believe is a Witch. Spirit worries, and partially transforms into a scythe in hopes to go and save Maka, but Shinigami stops him, and encourages his to let Maka take care of it. During the battle, Soul pretends to want to be with Blair and abandon Maka, to which Spirit rejoices at, only to be Reaper Chopped by the disapproved Shinigami. Soul then pretends further, and tells Maka that he is not under the influence of Blair's magic like Maka had thought, and that he was simply leaving her because of Blair's body figure, to which Spirit becomes a bit aroused at now that Soul had mentioned it, only to once again be Reaper Chopped. Maka then begins to lightly shed tears, recounting that she had placed her faith in Soul for not being a "horrible", "cheating", man like (while thinking of her father) all other men are. Spirit is seen with a serious look on his face at this, suggesting his disappointment in himself and realization of Maka's true feelings towards Soul. Soul then reveals that it was a trick against Blair, and Maka comes to the realization and defeats Blair. Soon after, it is revealed that Blair isn't a witch, but a cat with magic powers, and Spirit is lastly seen offering to be her cat toy, only to be Reaper Chopped one last time.

Notably, after these events with Blair, Spirit never shows a bitter relationship with Soul, suggesting that he no longer sees Soul in a disapproving manner. Also, Spirit is the one who first suggests a deeper relationship between Maka and Soul.

Remedial Lesson

After Sid Barett becomes a zombie, Spirit temporarily takes his place as a teacher at Death Weapon Meister Academy. During class, he is ignored by Maka which results in bickering with Soul and secretly gives him a fail grade. After excusing Maka and Soul, as they must visit Shinigami, he suggests taking the class to Chupa♡Cabra's.

Later that day, at Chupa♡Cabra's, he tells Blair and Arisa, how he is ashamed of how little he can do as Maka's father and of the weird experiments Stein put him through.

The next day, Stein takes his place as teacher, after the remedial lesson had concluded.

Demon Sword

Spirit is first seen in the Dispensary at the DWMA. He had come to The Academy to see Maka, but he was unaware that she had gone to Italy with Soul. He becomes frustrated, because coming to The Academy puts him in a possible run-in with Stein, who he hasn't seen in years, and is still dreadfully afraid of him. He tries to calm himself by saying he's not afraid, pretending as if he is talking to Maka, saying that he will confront Stein for her. He then has a contradicting change of pace in thought, and suddenly looks forward to seeing Medusa, as the school nurse, looking to flirt with her. The Dispensary door then opens, and Spirit immediately embraces the person who opened, thinking that it would be Medusa. Instead, it was Stein, and Spirit jumps into a fetal position under the covers of a bed in the room. Stein teases Spirit at first by telling him that he had swapped the middle toes on his feet, to which he pulls a "made you look" once Spirit desperately checks his feet. Stein then tells Spirit how he noticed how quickly Maka has grown up, and how he thought that Spirit's marriage would last forever, making it sound like he did not know he was divorced. Spirit then tells Stein that he has been divorced for a month in a very grief-filled manner. Stein then reveals that he is aware, and Spirit strangles him. Stein then tells Spirit that the Demon Sword has popped up, and the two head for Italy.

The two then appear while Maka is embracing a fatally wounded Soul and is about to be killed by Crona. Just as Crona is about to strike, Spirit's blade comes through the door behind Maka and stabs Crona. Stein then breaks down the door, and Spirit then comes in, hoping that Maka would appreciate how "brave and selfless" her father is. But Maka ignores him as usual. The fight then begins between Stein, Spirit, and the Demon Sword. Stein and Spirit make a very good team, and win against Crona, successfully fending off Ragnarok's Bloody Needle's by using their special attack, Experimental Ectoplasm. However, Medusa then reveals herself, and casts a parade of Vector Arrows at them. At this time, the two perform Witch Hunter to destroy the arrows, and Medusa flees

The Eve Party Nightmare

Spirit first appears at Shinigami's right hand as he begins his opening greeting to the students of the DWMA who have come to the foundation anniversary celebration of the academy. After the speech, Spirit pursues Maka in an urge to dance with her. He finds Maka about to go dance with Soul, and interrupts, shouting for her to hold on for her to dance with himself. She immediately turns him down and Spirit explodes into a cloud of disappointment. Luckily, Soul did not feel like dancing at the moment, and urges Maka to go bond with her father in an attempt to escape dancing. Maka disappointingly states that she doesn't feel like bonding with Spirit, but Spirit takes advantage of the moment and excitingly shouts that Soul is correct and drags Maka to the dance floor. On the dance floor, Maka is noticeably upset in oddly, sad manner as the two dance, and while Spirit is in his own bright and colorful world due to how happy he is to actually be dancing with his daughter. Spirit then begins to tell Maka that he is thinking about her kindergarten graduation, the last time the two danced, and Maka's attitude switches to her usual annoyance towards Spirit. Recounting the memory, Spirit remembers how Maka was so small that she had to dance on his feet, and then after they finished that he danced with her mother. In an unexpected surprise to Spirit, Maka becomes even further annoyed by the memory, and informs him that he wasn't dancing with her mother on that day, rather, a mother of another girl she knew. Spirit sweats in realization that he had entirely ruined the moment, and is amazed at how far back Maka was able to remember such an incident. He tries to cover up his mistake by completely disregarding what he just said and states that what really matters is the fact that he is dancing with her now, and that the moment will be a great memory. He then tells Maka that he promises to be a better father, but once again, is turned down by a disbelieving Maka.

As Sid suddenly appears from the ballroom entrance shouting for everyone to escape while they had time, Spirit disappears as the main cast and Stein run to Sid. Free, Medusa, and Eruka Frog then seal the ballroom using spatial magic, allowing no one to escape for a whole hour so they can resurrect the underground Kishin. Using Compulsive Burial, Sid manages to get the main cast and Stein out of the ballroom, and they move to the Seal Shrine.

In the first tunnel to the Seal Shrine, both Maka and Stein begin to sense a soul right beyond the shadows in front of them. Maka states that she knows the "nasty, despicable" soul, and Spirit emerges from the shadows, hurt by how Maka identified his soul. Stein then asks Spirit how he had escaped from the spatial magic trap, and Spirit states that when chasing a women (referring to the runaway Medusa at the time) no one is faster than he is. Spirit then transforms and is caught by Stein and the two decide to remain partnered for the battle. Medusa soon appears from the shadows as well and Stein quickly explains the plan for stopping the reawakening of the Kishin. Once the entire main cast has passed Medusa, Stein begins his fight with her by hitting her with his soul wavelength. Before the battle extends to any further fighting, Spirit partially transforms to speak with Medusa. He states that he always enjoyed seeing her in her nurse's outfit although he would enjoy more to see her with it "off", especially if he was the one doing it. Stein immediately teases Spirit by stating that he was dancing with her earlier and Spirit becomes jealous. He then takes a turn for the serious, and tells Medusa that a great shame would come upon him as the only Death scythe at the DWMA if the Kishin was revived. The fight then commences and Spirit supports Stein when he is engaged with Medusa. However, a great majority of the time, Stein and Medusa simply share conversations about the battle the main cast is having further down the way to the Seal Shrine, watching it using their soul perception.

The first battle they oversee is that between Maka and Crona. Stein immediately notices when Black☆Star's soul passes Crona's, and Maka's stays behind, indicating that she had gone against his orders and chosen to fight the demon sword on her own. Spirit immediately shows slight concern for Maka and is taunted by Medusa saying that his daughter had walked into a death trap. Spirit then smiles, and tells Medusa not to underestimate his daughter. Stein then soon asks Medusa why she has seemed to give up on her original intention to create her own Kishin through the demon sword and instead chosen to wake Asura using the same black blood. He also asks where she had abducted the child that had become the demon sword Meister. Stein assumes that it was all simply because Medusa had failed and taunts her. She then explains that her work had only pertained to the black blood in general, and informs him that Crona is actually her child. Stein then pursues to ask what exactly she plans to do with Crona if she gets her way and the Kishin is revived. He recounts that her black blood research is finished and she is done with the experiment to which she needed this child, and asks again what comes after. Spirit immediately shows signs of becoming angry as the answer are awaited. Medusa then explains that she will merely abandon Crona, and Spirit becomes furious. As Medusa begins to laugh at their anger towards her Spirit commands her to stop, and becomes so enraged that he comes out of weapon form to walk up and grab Medusa. However, he is short for words, and cannot think of what to say to her, and is flung back to Stein by her vector arrows. Spirit then begins to shed tears to the disgusting thought of parent abandoning her child, but pulls himself together in order to defeat her. As the black blood Resonance battle continues, both Stein and Spirit become very concerned as the black blood begins to activate in both Soul and Maka, however, when the battle has ended, Spirit is calmed by the news that Maka had managed to end the fight peacefully.

As the underground fight draws to a close, Stein and Spirit try to make an effort to defeat Medusa, but the struggle is drawn out longer by her in order to prevent the two from proceeding aged to the Kishin. Spirit soon asks Stein why he has seemed to lose his edge, and where his ominous "I'll kill you" vibe has gone to. As Stein begins to calm himself, Spirit can easily read that he was regaining this vibe, and remembers that he is in charge of controlling Stein. The battle soon seriously engages again, and eventually comes to Spirit and Stein being in a dead lock with Medusa, restraining her from cutting off Stein's head by blocking her nerve endings through a very complicated soul wavelength attack. They stay in this lock until suddenly, madness begins to overflow, and the Kishin begins to revive. Spirit is mortified as he realizes this, but Stein takes advantage of Medusa's guard drop, and slices her in two. Spirit is amazed that Stein was able to do this, and remains in awe until he Kishin's wavelength fades away and Stein states that he had escaped. Spirit becomes incredibly disappointed in himself, stating that it is all his fault and that if he had stayed with Shinigami like he was suppose to, the Kishin could have been stopped.

There is Someone to Admire

He was shown to be still in Death's room discussing about the plan to battle the Kishin. He knows that Death can't leave the city due to his soul being bounded to the ground. Kid's full awakening is needed for the battle as it's essential for their victory. At that same time the last two remaining death scythes have arrived. It appears that all of them have come. Death told them to say their good-byes to their loved ones and they will leave as soon as the preparations are done. Spirit looked down.

He was at the top floor of the school outside waiting and looking up at the sky. Maka came out. She told him that it's an abuse of authority to call using an public announcer to call her plus it was embarrassing to say. He said that he was sorry and that he wanted to meet her no matter what. She asked if he was going to the moon as well. He signed and said yes, but it was for an important mission plus it's his first foreign trip in a long time run. He said that Liz and Patty are making a will and Maka said, "I see." He said sorry about putting her in a tough situation with Crona's research and all. She said it was fine since they stopped for today. She was thinking to herself that a father and daughter doesn't need to met up in an place like this.....but if it was then she was just a little rude just now. She asked if he needed something from her. He said that he wanted to give her something before going to the moon. She thought it was a will, but to her surprise it was a ring. It turns out to be her mother's wedding ring. She sent it back to him after the divorce. Back then he was young and broke, so he went to buy a cheap ring off the street from an old lady. According to the old lady, there is an charm written on the back side of it that is to say that it could purifies madness and misfortune. It was brought for Maka from all the hard work she is doing for them and who was born to them. He gave her the ring. Her mother is strong enough to not fall prey to madness so she probably knew that the world is surrounded with madness right now. She probably wants Maka to have it. Maka said thanks. She puts it on. He then mentions that when her mother was pregnant with her that he wanted a boy. She asked why. He though that girl likes her father would have inexhaustible source of worries. She was like are you kidding me. However he was glad that it was her. He hugged her. He said that she has grown strong and well. He said that Crona was a poor child. He was a bad father, but Crona was a poor child that was raised by Medusa. He and Stein shouldn't have stopped her back when they first met at the Santa-marianovera's church. Maka then relieved. Spirit was confused. How could she have missed it. Maka hurried along her way. He then said that she reminds him of her mother's straight-forwardness.

Battle on the Moon

Spirit unleashing a Soul Wavelength attack.

Spirit accompanies Stein and many of the other Death Scythes and Meisters on the airship to the Moon. Once they are on the Moon, Spirit notices that Stein is being overcome by his Madness, and compare him to the Kishin himself. While fighting against the endless army of Clowns, Spirit shows himself to be an extremely powerful Weapon even without a skilled Meister. He helps the soldiers by being passed amongst the ranks and attacking with Soul Wavelength attacks.

The Dark Side of the Moon

Versus Asura


  • In the official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Spirit ranked 11th.
  • The word spirit can overlap with the word soul as they are similar.
  • According to Stein and Marie, Spirit has a special soul wavelength that allows him to slightly control the soul of whoever is wielding him. This may be one of the reasons he was initially partnered up with Stein, as it would make him able to curb Stein's inner madness. (Stein has also mentioned this special wavelength is why he is so popular with the ladies.)
  • There is sometimes a mistake in animation where when Spirit utilizes his partial transformation he has patterns similar to Soul prior to becoming a Death Scythe, but instead of the bottom being red it is gray.

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  1. Soul Eater Manga Chapter 106

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