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Ghosts (幽霊, Yuurei), also known as Spirits, are deceased soul entities which seemingly aren't claimed and/or consumed but still haven't left the earthly plane for unknown reasons.[1]



Ghosts appear as merely translucent ghostly images of how they used to appear back when they were alive. If a circumstance such as a stabbing killed them, it's possible whatever killed them will still appear in their Ghost form. Most ghosts look rather gruesome and frightening though, even the friendly ones.

General Outlook

Ghosts of normal humans are friendly, often willing to help the living if they are troubled. However, they can get rather annoyed (some more than others) when the people they are trying to help are constantly convinced that they will cause them some sort of harm.

Evil Spirits

Just like how humans are separated into humans and evil humans, in ghosts, there are good ghosts and evil ghosts. The evil ghosts are known as Evil Spirits (悪霊, Akuyō). Both the Wrath of the Pharaoh and the Flying Dutchman are known evil spirits. These entities can vary and unlike the normal Ghosts, have physical forms and their own supernatural abilities.


Evil ghosts seem to be able to possess locations and create a symbiotic bond with it so that the ghost can manipulate the possessed building/area in any way that they wish. It may also be possible that ghosts can curse others like that of a traditional ghost in the real world. In addition, Ghosts retain the ability of levitation and the ability to pass through solid objects.

Ghosts in Soul Eater


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