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In the world of Soul Eater, Souls are regarded as an individual's own spiritual essence and/or immaterial part of their being and is one of the most important concepts within the series.


Souls are one of the most important concepts in the Soul Eater and the centerpiece of the plot. It is the origin of all the characters' and is a manifestation of each character's personality, psyche and abilities. People with special types of soul can utilize different powers and abilities (e.g Maka's Grigori Soul enables her to fly). Souls can come in many different variations, differing in type and strength. Souls are important in the DWMA( also known as Shibusen) as Meisters can only wield Weapons that are compatible with each other's souls. The true power of Weapon and Meister can be exerted by them resonating their souls together, a Soul Resonance, which is a process of the Meister sending his/her Soul Wavelength into the Weapon, which sends back the Wavevlength to the Meister. This process is repeated until a single, even greater, Soul Wavelength is made, which enables them to use powerful attacks.

Soul Wavelength


Kid's shinigami soul's waves

Each soul gives out a sort of energy wave, called a Soul Wavelength. Each soul has its own Wavelength of a particular frequency and Meisters who can use the Soul Perception ability can identify a person by sensing their Wavelength. Some types of people, like Witches, all share a distinct Wavelength and can thus be easily identified. To prevent this, they have adopted the ability of Soul Protect.

Soul Wavelengths vary in strengths and frequencies, depending on how strong and big the soul is, and also on the health of the person concerned. Individuals who have large souls have a powerful Wavelength, and if they have good control of their Wavelength, they can generate it and exert it freely through their bodies in the form of an electricity-like surge in combat. Several moves, like Black Star's attacks, are made possible through the use of Soul Wavelengths. Soul Wavelengths, like souls, seem to have some different types with certain properties, such as Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength and Marie's Healing Wavelength.

Soul Wavelength is the key element in Soul Resonance, and is also important in a Meister and Weapon partnership. A Meister and Weapon can only become sufficient partners if their Soul Wavelengths match with each other (see article Weapons) and Soul Wavelength is also the link in between the spiritual dimensions within a person's soul. Spiritual avatars can only enter spiritual dimensions of other people if their Soul Wavelengths are resonating.

It is possible to spread a person's Soul Wavelength throughout a great distance, or resonate with people over long distances as long as there is some sort of medium that is available, like a communication device, or in Maka and Soul's case, Arachne's spider threads. It can even be transmitted via sound.

A Soul Wavelength can influence a person, or a group of people, with differing results. An Insanity Wavelength can cause havoc on someone's mental state. If an incompatible Wavelength is forced into a body, it can can be painful and, if the Wavelength is amplified with Resonance, even cause internal damage. However, there are also more positive influences, such as Soul Resonance, and if the bond between Meister and Weapon is strong, one can influence the other via their Soul Wavelength to break out of even a strong Insanity Wavelength.

Consuming Souls

In the Soul Eater series, there are three known entities that can consume souls: Demon Weapons, Evil Humans, and the Kishin Asura. In the Manga, only Demon Weapons and Kishin Asura can consume weapons.

Weapons of the DWMA only consume evil souls (Kishin Eggs in the anime) and souls of Witches. They are prohibited to eat souls of a normal human. Kishin Eggs and Witch Souls give a Weapon power and energy, and if a Weapon consumes 99 Kishin Eggs and 1 Witch Soul, his/her power grows tremendously and will be classed as a Death Scythe. A Weapon who is a Death Scythe is more powerful than an ordinary Weapon, and is granted special abilities, influenced by the magical power that a Witch Soul has.

Demon Weapons of the DWMA are not allowed to eat innocent human souls. Although the purity of a human soul grants the Weapon a massive amount of power, this power will run the risk of turning the Weapon insane (similar to Ragnarok) and this can lead to havoc.

Weapons absorb souls in different ways. Most of them collect them in Weapons form (e.g. Nygus absorbs souls by drawing them into her holster in Weapon Form). However, Soul Evans is one of the unique exceptions. He consumes souls in a similar fashion to Evil Humans, by eating them directly. According to Soul, Kishin Eggs have no taste, but they have an irresistible texture.

Shinigami like Death the Kid have a unique ability called Konso which lets them store souls in their body without actually consuming them.



All souls, however different they are in appearance, all share the same basic shape: a round ball about the size of a grapefruit (this may vary) with a flame-like tail, similar to the Hitodama depicted in ancient Japanese myth. Each person's souls differ in appearance, color, size, strength, the strength of the Soul Wavelength etc.

With enough power, an individual can cause their souls (along with their Soul Wavelength) to increase in size, up until they completely engulf their body itself. When resonating, their souls are also known to change shape.

Inside a Soul

As well as containing a person's thoughts, emotions and personality, a soul in the Soul Eater series also seems to contain a sort of spiritual dimension within itself. These spiritual dimensions seems to reflect the person's personality. For example, Soul Evans's spiritual dimension is The Black Room, a dark room with a red and black checkered floor with red curtains, a record player, and a piano surrounded by tall eye-shaped candlewicks with blue flames. This reflects his sarcastic twisted personality, as well as his affiliation to music and it also takes in the insanity from the Black Blood into account as well. In their soul's spiritual dimension, the owner of the soul resides inside it as a sort of spiritual avatar. Both the physical person and this avatar seem to be linked and of one and the same. The avatar in the spiritual dimension takes on a certain appearance and wears a certain attire, to match the environment around it. So Soul Eater Evans in his Black Room wears a black pin-striped suit with a red dress shirt and tie when in The Black Room. However, especially in the anime, the avatar's appearance sometimes changes, and is sometimes the same as the person in physical form. Crona's original spiritual dimension is described by Maka as being, "very dry, like a beach with no ocean". Crona's avatar is him/herself as a child.

When someone resonates with the person, their avatar can enter the other person's spiritual dimension. In doing so, their appearance and their attire also changes to match the spiritual dimension of the person they are resonating with. When Maka enters The Black Room, she wears a black dress, and her attire matches with Soul's in terms of atmosphere and formality. When she entered Crona's spiritual dimension, she became herself as a child.

It is possible for a separate entity, such as Little Ogre and Masamune to exist in a person's spiritual dimension. Also, depending on the person's situation, mental state etc. the spiritual dimension is shown to alter in appearance from time to time, although almost always reverting back to normal.


There are many types of souls within Soul Eater. 

  • Cat Souls
    The soul of a cat is purple in color, and every cat has nine of them. (Only one cat's soul has actually been seen and since it belonged to a magic cat, a real cat's soul is probably a different color) its been stated that cats have nine Souls which basically gives them nine lives. this is shown when Blair was killed in the first chapter but is still alive for the rest of the series.
    Grigori Soul
    Is the term given to souls which have a unique shape. Grigori Souls are incredibly rare and are said to appear in only one in five million people. Only two people in the Soul Eater series have a Grigori Soul: Maka Albarn and Gopher.
    Human Souls
    The soul of an ordinary human. Although individual souls vary greatly in this category (a Meister's soul is considerably more powerful than a normal human's soul), all humans (Demon Weapons included) are under this category and are a deep blue color.
    A Strong Soul
    Is a Soul that is equal to 99 pure Human Souls. Possessors of Strong Souls are very rare, and only one character has officially been shown to have a Strong Soul throughout the entire Soul Eater series.
    Witch Souls
    A Witch Soul is very powerful and has magical properties. Because of this, all Witches share a similar Wavelength. Witch souls are typically purple. A weapon must eat a witch soul to become a Death Scythe, and will get new powers depending on where the witch the soul came from.
    Shinigami Souls
    The soul of a shinigami is human-like but is naturally more powerful since they are gods. Also, they have the ability to reproduce by fragmenting their soul.
    Immortal Souls
    The soul of an immortal. It is green in color and is more powerful than a human's soul. 
    Kishin Eggs (Anime only)
    The soul of an Evil human. The soul of an Evil Human was once a normal human soul. However, by becoming evil and through consuming other innocent human souls, the soul of the human loses its humanity and turns into a Kishin Egg. If the Evil Human is left alone to eat more souls, it shall come under the risk of becoming a powerful Kishin like Asura. Kishin Egg Souls are Deep red with hexagonal plates attached to the outside and an even deeper red core at it's center, most likely the Kishin embryo.
    Monster Souls
    Not much is known about the souls of Monsters,although they seem to have varying characteristics like witches depending on their theme.


  • Death seems to have the ability to release souls that have previously been devoured. Examples of this are Ragnarok and Soul Evans in the start of the series. How he does this, however, is unknown.

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