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Perhaps you were looking for Resonance, the first opening of the anime?

Soul Resonance - MakaSoul Split
Ability Data
English Title Soul Resonance
Romaji Tamashii no Kyōmei
Katakana 魂の共鳴
Alternate Title(s) Soul Symphony
User(s) Meisters and Demon Weapons
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 3
Game Debut

Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashii no Kyōmei; Literally meaning "Resonance of the Soul") is a special technique used by Meisters and Weapons, in which they synchronize their Souls' wavelength. By doing so, they can release highly powerful techniques and, more often than not, change the tide of a battle.


Soul Resonance - Souls

Souls resonating while using Soul Resonance

Resonating Souls is the foundation of Meister and Weapon relationships. Resonation is the act of linking Soul Wavelengths. A Meister matches their soul wavelength with their Weapon's wavelength. When the wavelength's are synchronised, this results in a powerful technique unique to each Weapon and Meister pair. Maka naturally has the Witch-Hunt technique from her mother, so when she resonates with Soul, her mother's ability awakens.

Soul Resonance works by the Meister channeling their soul wavelength into the Weapon, the Weapon amplifying it and channelling it back to the Meister resulting in short but deadly burst of energy. Resonating requires both Meister and Weapon to be calm and of one mind. Should one of the souls not be in sync, techniques can not be performed. If a technique is being used and one soul loses focus, the technique will lose power or direction, as seen with Maka losing her footing when she lost focus while using Witch-Hunt against Sid. Common reasons for souls not to sync are fear, arguing, stress, etc. In addition to those factors, Maka couldn't match wavelengths with Soul, much less hold him, due to the "Special" training Maka asked Stein to put them through, the arguments they went through caused their wavelengths to become out-of-sync.

Soul Wavelength Synchronization

It is possible to resonate with more than one soul at a time, but it is noted to be a hard technique to control and use effectively. Kid and Kilik are the only two Meisters that have been noted to wield and resonate with more than one soul at once.
Chain resonance

A Soul Wavelength Synchronization/Chain Resonance in action.

Soul Wavelength Synchronization, also known as Chain Resonance and Resonance Chain,[1] is a kind of resonance that involves a team of Meisters matching their wavelengths with one another in order to empower each other. It is extremely difficult to maintain, unless all the team members can easily keep their souls on a balanced level.[2] There is no set number to the amount of Meisters required to perform the Chain Resonance, but it is more powerful yet more difficult in a larger team.


Soul Eater NOT Episode 6 - Liz wields Demon Pistol

Liz, from a bond, is able to hold Patti.

Bonds are a method of resonating exclusive to that of family members and any immediate/direct relative such as that of a parent or sibling. No matter the circumstances, it seems that a family member can always wield another should one be a Meister and another a Weapon. Even Soul Resonating attacks are possible. However, despite that, resonating between family members isn't as strong due to a similarity in wavelength.[3]

Other forms of Resonance

Screech Resonance

Scream Resonance

Crona using Screech Resonance.

Screech resonance is the form of resonance that Crona and their Demon Sword, Ragnarok, use. When initiating the resonance, the mouth that appears on Ragnarok (as a weapon) opens wide, screaming out a loud sound wave. This sound wave makes Ragnarok vibrate like an electric saw, increasing his cutting power, and can also radiate through the air causing internal damage to an opponent and even other Weapons. This is shown when Soul felt pain and was injured even in weapon form just from being in contact with Ragnarok. Beside the piercing sound wave, this resonance is just the same as a normal Soul Resonance.

Engineered bond

Main article: Engineered bondAn Engineered bond is a bond in which a Weapon and Meister are permanently bonded into each other artificially.[4] Only Crona and Ragnarok are the only two individuals in an engineered bond within the series.

Soul Menace

Main article: Soul MenaceSoul Menace is a form of "self resonance" with one's soul, meaning that the user's own soul becomes powerful enough that it is not restricted to using the amplification of a Weapon in order to attack. This allows the user to use attacks that cause damage to a target internally.[5]


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