Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto) is a high-level spell in which was created by Witches to counter the emerging Meister ability known as Soul Perception.[3]


Main UsageEdit

This Magic allows the user to surrounds a their witch soul, making their wavelength completely disappear. Their soul is then camouflaged as a normal, human soul as a result.[4] The spell was created to counter the Soul Perception ability.[5] The spell is powerful enough to evade detection from even extremely skilled Meisters as well as Death Gods.[6]


Under Soul Protect, however, an individual is unable to use any of their Magic while under the spell.[7]

Other UsageEdit

Soul Protect has additional advantages as well; Eruka Frog explains to members of the DWMA that, with a sufficient number of witches, a simultaneous use of Soul Protect could prevent the Kishin from using his Madness Wavelength to infinitely regenerate Clowns, a practice that was important in the DWMA's victory against Asura and the Clown Army on The Moon.[8]


Although Soul Protect is difficult to pierce, there's only two known ways. It was speculated by Sid Barrett that a technique to piercing Soul Protect was possible, but still required one to become a Kishin for the possibility to be there.[9] And only select individuals with Super Soul Perception have the ability to see through a Soul Protect.[10]



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