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Soul Menace (魂威, Kon'i; FUNimation "Soul Force") is an advanced Meister-exclusive attack in which users attack with their Soul Wavelength.[6]


Contrasting to the usual usage of a Demon Weapon to amplify one's Soul Wavelength to attack, Soul Menace is a attack which allows the user to strike their opponent by channeling their own Soul Wavelength without the usage of a weapon. This results in an electrical-like attack with powerful concussive force capable of even damaging a weapon in their weapon form.[6] This technique can also be used underwater, which is more powerful to the point it produces a powerful linear shockwave from one hand if performed by a proficient user.[7]


Franken Stein's VariationsEdit

Black☆Star's VariationsEdit


  • The confusing second kanji used in this move is also the same as the one used in Kakashi Hatake's Kamui technique in the Naruto series.


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